[Secret Chat] You quietly told [Unknown] that you were going to Canglang Port.

I don’t know if I’ll talk to you again. The streamer will pass through a wetland, water plants, gulls and birds. The lake is clear and reflects the sky, the clouds and shadows are quiet and auspicious. The streamer has a very wide field of vision here. She must be more spiritual. She is exposed to everyone’s eyes. Anyone who hunts her at a distance can release her skills and attack her.
Time flies into an S and then into an arc. Only in this way can we go beyond the scope of some people’s attacks and minimize the damage caused by hitting ourselves.
She’s in a lot of danger, but there’s good news. Can an iron rider chase her four legs with the No.11 bus in this wetland? You can’t even get out of the swamp with people and horses later.
This is the time!
Those fighters have just cooled down their skills of marching in haste, leaving them for marching in haste! In the eyes of other players, the broom suddenly changed to rocket biu and went out.
"…" Leave them with a dust and go to the background to speed up, bring up the rolling smoke and give them a face-to-face gift.
"Bah! md! This bitch runs really fast, "said Pei, who wants to eat meat."
"It’s not easy to chase people here. I don’t believe I can’t catch her after waiting for the wetland!"
I don’t know if it was a joke given to her by the system or because there was something wrong with the network, or because the people who were after her complained too much. It was always difficult for her to pull the distance because she was a little longer during the delivery process, so it was not much different from when she was after her!
“! ! !”
Hello, my name is Liuguang, and now I’m facing an unprecedented crisis. I’m surrounded by hostile players, and even the trees are hung. It’s a little difficult for hostile players to fly out. How to deal with this situation and wait online?
"Ha, ha, ha, you can run very well, but you keep running."
She heard their fingers clicking.
She squandered all the backpack sect products along the way, and now she can be her skill. Elena doesn’t have much medicine left, so I don’t know how long she can last.
Canglang Port gathers in Zhenhu Lake, flows into Qingjincheng Lishui and Yuze Water, and finally flows into the sea. The land and water transportation is convenient. Several water veins gather in Canglang Port’s intricate river network, and shipbuilders can be seen everywhere in Harbour City.
The streamer smells the sea, salty and salty, and hears the waves of the sea.
Hey, is there a sea here?
Unknown invites you to join his team. Do you agree?
"Run! The flood is coming!"
The streamer looked up three meters high, and the waves had been pushed in front of her, clawing their teeth and brushing their heads, and the sea water washed over her body. She didn’t receive any harm. On the other hand, the others were killed on the spot, and the rest of them couldn’t stand it. They were washed away by the sea water over and over again, leaving a sentence, "I don’t know, remember that I will come back for revenge!" This kind of people will get farther and farther away and can’t hear clearly.
A lot of evil values are counted in the unknown, and he becomes black, red, black and red. All players can attack him and kill the famous equipment.
Unknown stumbled to the streamer, pulled her over and ran.
This scene is familiar.
"I don’t know, you don’t look well." Streamer intuition is unknown. Maybe the spell skill has been used to finish the negative effect. "Is that the sea skill just now? How is it finished?"
"I can insist on throwing them behind the waterfall over there. There is a water curtain cave. It’s convenient for us to hide there and then go back to the city." Unknown shows the streamer the way.
You can’t tell anything by looking at the unknown blood volume. The stability of blood volume is that he can’t see buff and debuff.
Time ran after him, and then she helped the unknown run.
But it’s still being chased
Those four-legged fighters
"More bullying and less bullying?" Time to help the unknown calmly asked
"Ha, ha, ha, you tube I whether you bully less I can get a reward for the game is bullying less you this is river’s lake or something! ?” Laughing around their fighters.
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Tell you quietly that I still have a group of injured sect products, and I will throw a nail at the front person, so you should run quickly.
[Secret Chat] What will you do if you whisper to [Unknown]?
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Tell you quietly to let them kill once, and then please take a look at them after I hang up.
I don’t know if I plan to let the streamer run, but I don’t have this plan to destroy one. One can destroy two. She earned one and went back to the original line of the resurrection point. There is nothing to be afraid of.
Road to ups and downs clap "say yes, the game is a place where more bullies are less". That’s a few dark crow floor players watching them quietly. The jade wet nurse is protected behind her, and jade clothes can be seen from everyone’s gap.
The first is a sister with a long sword and a man with a face covered and a dark crow floor.
Mei Lang has just finished speaking, and the players in the Dark Crow Building behind him attack them. In a blink of an eye, four legs have advantages, and the fighters have been rolled to the ground.
"Do you want to protect time? !”
"This shows that you haven’t seen it yet. Alas, this IQ is to be continued."
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22 strength friends and relatives to help out ()
"What kind of guild are you? Just wait for the guild war with the streamer!" Colleagues and god-killing players saw a silver fox head embroidered on the guild pattern of their clothes. After a long time, they didn’t come up with the guild logo as the name of the silver fox guild. Think about what the dirty guild could not become a climate, so they threatened to retreat.
The woman seems to have heard a joke and laughed so hard that she burst into tears. The man beside her wiped her tears gently, and she got goose bumps all over. She said, "You are all dead, and you have the nerve to ask us the name of the guild. We are really not afraid of killing God for revenge. Time comes to our’ Silver Fox’ guild."
She held out her hand to invite streamer.
Liuguang crossed those lying on the ground and still greeted her ancestors for ten generations. The player put his hand in the woman’s hand and accepted her invitation. Her clothes were decorated with a sprouting silver fox head guild pattern.
When the resurrection arrives, they seem to have agreed to jump up and attack at the same time.
Silver fox is also prepared to prevent them from playing this trick. Another batch of dark crow buildings have been invisible for a long time. This is the time to break the stealth state. After the first skill assassination, they bring their own crit and a knife. A child is under great pressure. They just got up and lay down again.
The streamer is unscathed
"Streamer, our guild covers us and dares to fight the guild, so we dare to pick it up. Just release your horse and come and see if you die or streamer dies. Let’s go." The female hook shoulder straps with streamer to leave a natural and unrestrained back for those who kill her.
The man who has just left their sight beside the woman has had enough of "pa", so he takes the streamer off the woman’s shoulder and throws it to the unknown with his hand like a chick.
"Stuart, you have gone too far!" Liu guang tiaojiao
"This is my wife," said Stuart Ren, stressing that after wiping the snow cloud, he held her in his arms and swore to the Lord, "It’s my injustice to hold back or find your boyfriend."
"She is still my half sister!"
I was so angry that streamer declared war on Stuart Ren on the spot. I didn’t know that people around me seemed to be used to it. Streamer shouted that name. This is Xiao Xueyun and Stuart Ren. They came into the game and lowered their appearance settings. It took them a long time to recognize their original eyebrows.
Snow clouds are in distress situation.
Stuart Ren didn’t give streamer water, but he ended up with Stuart Ren’s provocative way, "You can run at this level."
Time corners of the mouth twitch she endure.
Canglang Port Harbour City structure houses and villages are very different from other main cities and other settled villages and towns. There are many merchant ships coming and going, and the ports are also absorbing foreign cultures from afar. In Harbour City, she has also gone abroad, and the white walls and sky blue roofs are no longer tiled, walking in clean streets, shops with a window np trading with players outside the window.
Xiao Xueyun’s familiarity led them to their present residence-Silver Fox rented a mansion in the city, which can be described as a garden villa. In the far distance of the flowery garden, it is blue as the ocean. Look at sailing out of the port, dragging its tail like a swallow tail and braving the wind and waves.
"You’re really nice here." The streamer pulled the unknown corner to finish visiting the temporary residence of Silver Fox.