Yang Ye was startled when two sudden impacts sounded. The first one was the effect sound of the mine pickaxe, and then the other one … Suddenly, there was a loud announcement at this time, which resounded through China District, and the players were being upset by the founding letter of the guild.

【 All mineral deposits in Delos have been discovered! The vast mainland has been buried in the ground for thousands of years, and Delos has exhausted its mineral resources, and she will be rich in the end! Now, after the vice industry level reaches the corresponding demand, all players can mine in the mineral resources in Delos, where you can find precious stones, gold and even diamonds! Thank you! In order to reward the discoverer, 1% of the minerals produced by everyone in Delos’s mineral deposits will be given to this hero for his courage and fear to make this continent more brilliant! 】
Delos is full of minerals!
It’s good to be able to announce how big the mine is … All players are excited no matter how big it is!
At present, most of the mineral deposits in os are in the low-level area, and players seem to have decided that things such as mineral deposits and herbs will be in the low-level area, which is why Yang Ye, a player who crouches in the low-level area and does not upgrade his mind to mine, is bound to break this trend when Delos tries his best to mine, which will prompt more players to explore and find more treasures!
Yang Ye is sitting in a mine hole, and his heart is like a storm. The sea is calm and calm. This horse is actually a mineral deposit! !
Once upon a time, he also needed to dig in the mineral deposits discovered by others. It took him so long to work hard every day, and finally some of them had to be extracted, which made him feel heartbroken. Now he has discovered a mine himself, and it is also a super-large mine. Now Yang Ye has an idea in his mind!
Rectified a thought. Yang Ye put away the pick and walked out of the mine, then sat by the mine and remembered it.
Needless to say, the value of this mineral deposit is definitely a lot for Yang Ye to profit from, but this is also a lot. The advantage of finding mineral deposits is that they are mined first, and Yang Ye is now grasping this opportunity. Although Delos has made a unified announcement about the emergence of mineral deposits, it has not told players the location. Yang Ye does not say that they still have to find it, but it does not mean that a large number of players can’t come to mine. Yang Ye’s 1% profit can’t be maximized. It is simply impossible for him to dig this mine alone. Even if the top ten guilds are called to dig together, I don’t know when it will happen.
In this way, you can call someone yourself and dig up more of your own as soon as possible, and then wait for the players to find it themselves.
It’s strange that this miner’s hat led Yang Ye to this large mineral deposit. Why didn’t you tell him about Yang Ye before so many mineral deposits? Too small? Mostly the miners’ hats look down on those small mines …
Calm down for a while before Yang Yecai got up. He still needs to find another goal. He is the main goal of Yang Ye’s coming here this time.
However, when the mine needs to be refreshed, Yang Ye is a little uneasy, so that Lilina can stay in place until the mine is refreshed, and then come to him, while Yang Ye himself goes to the only dotted line …
The discovery of mineral deposits in Delos has excited all life professionals, especially the miners. The appearance of large mineral deposits means that the more mines they harvest every day, the higher their income will be. How can this not be exciting? But the excitement is especially premature.
When a large number of people in the deputy job transfer place were upset about what vice industry the Lord chose, the sudden announcement directly made these hesitant players step on the road of miners. At this time, the largest number of vice industry appeared in the game-miners!
It can be expected that the consequences of a large number of players changing jobs as miners will be a sharp drop in the price of minerals, which will make the traders who are reselling minerals step up their efforts to sell minerals that are about to depreciate, thus further aggravating the price reduction of minerals. However, these will not prevent players from digging for minerals. After all, no matter how low the price is, it will definitely not let the value of a commodity fall to the lowest point. Even if there are too many stocks, it can be regulated by raising the mineral yield, which is also the advantage of the game market.
There is no doubt that miners have more minerals and lower mineral prices, and at the same time, they can also give birth to others by making mineral equipment props vice industry appear in large numbers
And their appearance will also consume a lot of minerals to stabilize the market.
These are all things later.
Yang Ye, the mastermind, was too lazy to go back directly after he lost Lilina. He first sent it to the main city, and then sent it from the rainy city to the west tower, and then transferred to the oasis city and ran towards the goal.
Going west along the west tower domain, there will be no more cities, except that the monster level is getting higher and higher, and the line of sight will become darker and darker. Players will come here to ensure that they will die one step at a time.
Further west, I don’t know where it is. Maybe it’s another world. Maybe there is nothing but darkness.
There is also a farewell party here.
I don’t know for what purpose, in the game, the easternmost Gaerhai City has a send-off at the rightmost corner of the anchor and the leftmost corner of the west tower. They can send each other, which is convenient for the player and the player with the guild founding letter.
Looking at the dotted line of the miner’s hat, Yang Ye keeps approaching the target and the distance indication is getting shorter, which proves that the distance between Yang Ye and the target is gradually decreasing-the guy didn’t move.
"I wipe the level 6 monster Nima …" A player not far from Yang Ye’s left looked at a strange wild monster and exclaimed that his level 39 level was just like an ant in front of this level 6 monster. The monster was unceremoniously going into its territory, and the ant was directly crushed to death.
"Oh, my God, this flower is poisonous …" Poof, another player died when he fell to the ground. Why doesn’t the poison attack of that strange flower increase his memory? This flower has killed more than one player.
A casual party took away the letter of founding the guild, and of course the major guilds will not miss this opportunity, and they have sent a large number of personnel to search by dragnet.
Be careful to avoid the scope of monster hatred. Yang Ye has to be glad that he has a miner’s hat, an artifact that can roam around among many powerful monsters, but at the same time he is impressed by the player with the "guild founding letter". He is still ahead.
When I looked at it, Yang Ye’s feet were two points faster. I looked at the dotted line again and suddenly found that the dotted line distance display was moving!
The target is gradually distancing itself from Yang Ye-the player is moving forward again!
Eyebrows a wrinkly Yang Ye dozen spirit faster thrown forward.
The front is the westernmost part of the West Tower …
A few quick steps, Yang Ye has seen the sending array shining with white awn over there, and what surprises Yang Ye more is that there is a woman in the sending array … to be continued.
Chapter 116 I blx
"Shua" a light shone in Yang Ye’s sight, and the dotted line above the head indicated by the miner’s hat immediately turned in one direction and pointed behind Yang Ye.
That female player is the one with the founding letter of the guild!
Yang Ye doesn’t know what’s so remarkable about this player that many players can’t find it. If you can’t catch up with her, you’ll know!
It’s a miracle that the rushing two steps have also arrived at the sending array, which is more worn out than the main city and has not been broken by the wind and rain in the wild.
[Is the system sent to the eastern part of Gar Haicheng? 】
Unlike other sending arrays, this sending array root has no choice but to send the force to the other side, so it is strange for both sides to go back and forth.
Make sure to send it!
Familiar with the effect of white light flashing Yang Ye has reached the other side of heaven and earth-
【 Tong you came to the east of Gar Haicheng! 】
This is the east of Gar Haicheng. If it is said that the array in the west tower area is "Tianya", then this is the "promontory". Yang Ye is located behind a seaside cliff. At the horizon, a large number of ships can be seen swimming in the Wang Yang Sea. The sound of waves beating against the rocks is clearly audible. Various seabirds fly in the blue sky and sing a few birds from time to time. Monsters here are mostly marine creatures, crabs, shrimps and seaweed. When you walk along the coastline, you can see a huge dam blocking the ocean. After the dam, a magnificent main city stands there-Gar Haicheng.
A city built at sea level in Jiaer Haicheng is also the largest among the top ten major cities. It is hard to imagine that the ancestors built this male city while resisting the sea. The traded seafood in Jiaer Haicheng is famous, and half of Dalian’s seafood comes from Jiaer Haicheng, such as sea salt, which is very popular. The most popular one among players must be a mermaid.
There are not a few mermaids in Gaer Haicheng, but most of them are poor. Those mermaids who are really beautiful and have good temperament are all deep in the bottom of the sea. As far as players are concerned, they can’t get them at all
The average player can be proud to get a mermaid to follow.
But Yang Ye didn’t come to see the sea view, let alone the mermaid.
Looking up, the dotted line seems to be much longer and the distance indicates-sure enough! That guy is running and fast!
Yang Ye was slightly surprised at this speed. The two highest speeds in Yang Ye add up to be afraid of not catching up with her! Is entangled with Lilina suddenly words mine refreshed!
So fast! Yang Ye is even more surprised by the rapid refresh rate. How big is this mine? Hold back the excitement. Yang Ye gave instructions to let Lilina come over. With Lilina, how can he chase it?
At the same time, Lu Ye also sent a message that the other party had arrived in Gar Haicheng.
It’s good to be well informed and have many people. For consideration, Yang Ye still asked a few questions, such as the skill of the other party and the number of people chasing her now.
In terms of skills, it seems that there is not much knowledge. It seems that the other party has an acceleration skill that can increase the movement speed for a long time, which is the main reason why other flatterers are not; In addition, she also has a stealth that is different from that of ordinary assassins. This stealth is even more powerful. She can’t see the manifestation skills and props such as Li Yan, which is why everyone feels difficult. But it seems that that guy is not good at it-attacking that guy is weak.
In the pursuit of the number of people in one word-more than ten guild departments have been dispatched, and other guilds have also been dispatched. It is simply a matter that tight encirclement can run for so long.
More than this, Yang Ye can also clearly feel that he is now looking at this outside the easternmost part of Gaal Haicheng. At ordinary times, almost no one makes the array appear a white light every few seconds, which shows that there are many pursuers.
At present, the most fierce chase is seven nights, and the guild has even dispatched its president for seven nights, which is simply enough.
After waiting for a while, a handsome figure appeared in Lilina.
"Brother!" See Yang Yeli Lina cheering a direct jump to Yang Ye hanging on his neck and holding his head and smiling at Yang Ye.
Yang Ye gently kissed her cheek to make Xiao Ni’s face blush, and then buried her face in Yang Ye’s arms. Yang Ye thief Xi Xi smiled. "Brother Lilina gave you an important one! If you finish, your brother will take you to buy clothes! The most beautiful clothes "Lilina clothes but haven’t changed for a long time some old.
Although the gift has no attribute bonus, it looks even worse. There is a value that will be worn out as long as the equipment attribute, and Lilina’s gothic dress is already a little old and the little princess hat is a little deformed and not good-looking.
"Thank you brother! Lilina must work hard! " Lilina came from Yang Ye with a small fist, and he was determined to win.
What did Yang Ye give her? Simple! Just keep chasing the female player with the guild founding letter with the propeller according to the instructions of Yang Ye route, so that she can’t go back to the city if she wants to go back!
Pale blue tail flame across the sky, Lilina went with ambitious expectations for new gifts, and Yang Ye was not idle to go in another direction …