"I’m thinking about how we can go back."

"Did you think of it, Meow?" Meow meow excited asked.
Longye nodded. "Do you remember the little broken diamond you met in the mirror cave before? I suspect that the whole mirror cave is actually a branch of the kingdom of small broken diamonds. Maybe you don’t know that there is a sacred diamond in the place where the small broken diamonds live. There is huge energy in the sacred diamond.
I suspect that the entrance to connect different worlds will be formed by the place of Mirror Cave because the sacred diamond forces of different worlds interfere with each other in the same place.
I have just carefully calculated that the interference should be periodic. Although we can’t see the entrance of our world through the mirror hole today, we will succeed if we try again in a few months. "
This is when Longye spent five minutes in the system to come up with a reason to involve all aspects of the situation. Thinking of this, Longye admired his own imagination, which would be really blind if he didn’t write novels.
Longye calculated that if everything goes smoothly, he should be able to earn enough opportunities to exchange the piercing rope in a few months. If it doesn’t work, he can also challenge the world champion and the four kings against them, but he can get a lot of battle points.
Nazi took a look at Longye. She intuitively told herself that Longye was hiding something, but through Longye’s eyes, Nazi saw a deep confidence, which means he must have found a way to return to the original world.
Sonazi didn’t get to the bottom of it. She believed that Longye’s promise would be fulfilled.
"So what shall we do now? Go back to Mushi Town? "
"Yes, let’s go back to Mushi Town. If the situation in Carlos area is as bad as that Officer Jenny said, Mushi Town should be our best place to stay."
In a world where conflicts may occur everywhere, it is obviously impossible to live for a few months only by relying on Longye, Nazi and Miaomiao, so it is the best strategy to return to Mushi Town.
Chapter 67 providence
Mushi Town watched Longye, and they were still paralyzed from Officer Jenny. She didn’t know how to face those residents who finally welcomed hope.
However, if she doesn’t tell the "Mr. Longye" about the mirror point, her own conscience will be uneasy and tangled, and the feeling of strength will continue to fill Officer Jenny’s brain
"Officer Jenny, are you all right?"
A gentle sound sounded, but the sound sounded like thunder in Officer Jenny’s ear. She suddenly raised her delicate face, which was stained by tears, and a figure that she had been looking forward to appeared in front of her.
Officer Jenny hand rubbed his eyes that figure is still in her sure she didn’t appear hallucinations.
"Mr. Longye, how did you come back?"
"I think it is the most important thing to help the residents in Carlos area solve their problems. I can sacrifice everything. I am a noble person, a pure person, a moral person, a person who is free from low tastes and a person who is beneficial to the people," said Longye, trying to control his expression.
Nazi couldn’t help poking him at the back when she saw Longye’s antics. Yi Long Yeyi couldn’t help but show an embarrassed smile.
"All right, all right, I’ll tell you the truth. We’ve been to the mirror cave before, and as a result, the sun went down and the door to the original world closed, so we came back."
"But … you don’t seem sad at all?" Officer Jenny wondered how he could have left so decisively just now if he really didn’t care whether he could go back.
"Because we have found a way to go back, but it will take a few months," Nazi explained.
"So that’s it." Officer Jenny bowed his head and didn’t continue to talk. On the one hand, "Mr. Longye" can stay for a few months, but on the other hand, he is worried that if the Carlos problem has not been solved in a few months, what should Carlos do when this "Mr. Longye" arrives?
Longye saw that Officer Jenny was bothering him and said confidently, "If I can’t solve the Carlos problem in a few months, then even if there are more, there will be no more."
When Longye spoke, her self-confidence and domineering infected Officer Jenny. After she got up, she quickly went out to help Longye arrange accommodation and food for them.
Longye’s self-confidence stems from the fact that he has a lot of strength. Whether it is Scorpion King or Red Tyrannosaurus Rex, they all have absolute strength to beat champions everywhere.
However, according to Murphy’s law, things are often not as smooth as you think …
Although Longye put on a good show in front of Officer Jenny, he was handsome for 3 seconds, but meow meow a word and asked him to lie down directly.
"Boss, we are now in another world. Can the Super Water Turtle No.3 Elf still make meow?"
Kakaka …
Longye’s confidence is constantly broken.
A step rushed to the outside and there was a super water turtle No.3 parked inside. Longye scrambled to hit the car and the elf lost the system.
"If the system fails, please don’t make the system go on for the time being. Losing the elf is likely to lead to the loss of the elf ball."
Love gave Longye a final blow, "Ah, my heart hurts."
Officer Jenny soon longye they arranged the room and a group of people soon lay in their beds.
Longye closed his eyes and entered the system. Because he didn’t expect the elf to lose the system, now he has to re-plan his next plan.
Longye now has five elves in hand: steel cannon shrimp, Garchomp, knight snail, crystal lamp spirit and naughty panda. Among them, naughty panda can hardly be regarded as fighting power, so there are only four fighting elves left.
In terms of strength, the steel cannon shrimp is the strongest, and it has learned the unique skills of root fluctuation and belly drum. The steel cannon shrimp may be able to fight against the four kings of elves, but the strength of the other three elves is very different
Nazi is better than Longye. Her main elf always carries Alakazam, Chanel, Metagross and Fruit Man. This is the configuration of Nazi’s hand elf.
To tell the truth, it is a bit wishful thinking to pacify Carlos with such strength.
There is no way that Longye can continue to dig in the system. At present, those points are very important. For the time being, Longye does not intend to exchange points for some props to enhance the elf’s strength. His eyes are fixed on the system.
Thank you for your good habits. Longye put all those important things in the middle school because it was safer.
"Sure enough, there are a lot of good things here. Two curved spoons, each with a superb ability and a unique skill of 20%, are given to Nazi Alakazam. This thing is definitely a big killer. Well, there are two super-advanced fossils here, one is Mawile and the other is Gallade, which are not available now, but they can be exchanged for a Garchomp super-advanced fossil."
"Wait, I seem to have missed something just now …"
Longye stopped sorting things and moved him. wait for a while stayed where he was.
"Shit, I’m such a pig’s brain." Longye suddenly slapped his forehead hard because it was so unified that Longye didn’t feel any pain.
"There are so many things in this unified warehouse. Although the price of recycled materials is somewhat cheat people, it is definitely no problem to sell them to make up 330,000 points. Nazi and Meow Meow can return to the original world at any time."
Excited at this thought, Longye immediately wanted to quit the system and tell Nazi and Meow the good news, but he stopped when he turned around.