In the face of overwhelming strength, all ingenious moves are useless!

And Li Qingxuan also found a more terrible thing. Jawadni’s palm not only blocked wood blade’s offensive, but also enveloped his body. This palm is like a big net, and he can’t escape!
"click!" Wood blade in Li Qingxuan’s hand was crushed inch by inch, and a great sense of oppression seemed to tear his whole body to pieces!
However, at this moment, a firm but gentle wind came from the side and pierced the overwhelming palm wind!
Six pulse Excalibur in the sword!
This refers to the wind, like a boat in a raging sea, which was swept away by the wild waves in a short time. However, Li Qingxuan got a breathing space and immediately put the Kunlun School’s unique light skill "Yunlong Sanxian" figure into three turns and rushed out from Jawadni’s palm shadow!
Among the five brothers of Kunlun Sect, Bi Qian Shan and You Hao, both of whom have not been injured, have already rushed over!
At the same time Huang Yaoshi has rushed to the front of Huang Rong to see her mouth full of blood, eyes closed and hurriedly stretched out his hand to explore her snorting!
However, this Huang Yaoshi, a well-read and vicissitudes figure, was immediately stupefied!
Because there is no life in Huang Rong’s mouth and nose!
Although Huang Rong won the prize of Prajnaparamita in Guo Jing, Huang Yaoshi was still lucky, but this exploration cut off his last hope!
"God, I have sinned against you in Huang Yaoshi! You have made me lose my aunt, but I won’t let go of my only daughter! " Huang Yaoshi looked up and glared at heaven almost crazy!
Ling Feiyang’s spirit of hearing Huang Yaoshi’s roar almost collapsed, and it was another trick of "Lohan Dragon" to slam Jawadni in the past!
Jawadni is still flatly launched a palm ling flying body immediately inverted out!
"Grandpa, don’t die!" Genghis Khan’s grandson, Motugen, is also very sad, shouting that Genghis Khan’s body will be supported by the palm of his horse and he will run away in the distance!
"You Mongolian Tatars are buried with Rong Er!" Huang Yaoshi’s right index finger suddenly popped up a tiny stone, which was embedded in Motugen’s back from the rear!
Motugen’s body was planted from his horse, but the horse still rushed to the distance with Genghis Khan’s body! to be continued
Chapter 37 DaSong my hero
"This venerable Jawadni’s martial arts is so high that it can be said that it is no less than the ghost fighters of Fusang! If we call like this, all of us will die! " Ling Feiyang is in pain, but he still tries to keep his head clear.
At this moment, the little red horse suddenly ran to the front of Ling Feiyang, screaming and seemingly urging Ling Feiyang to flee for life. Ling Feiyang suddenly patted the little red horse’s head and then pointed to Huang Rong lying on the ground.
Little Red Horse Ling Feiyang got along with him for many years and immediately understood his meaning. Although he was very reluctant to part with his master, he still ran to Huang Yaoshi immediately!
"Huangdao Lord, you are quick to ride a sunset and take Rong Er away! I am here! " Ling Feiyang suddenly shouted at Huang Yaoshi.
"Rong Er is dead, what is my old man still alive!" Huang Yaoshi didn’t listen to Ling Feiyang, but rushed at Jawadni!
"None of you assassins want to run!" Jawadni was about to meet Huang Yaoshi Ling Feiyang when he swooped down and stabbed Jawadni in the middle of the back!
Jawadni turned around and still airily took a palm ling Feiyang body and flew out again!
At this time, the 2,000 Mongolian cavalry were about to rush to the crowd. Ling Feiyang felt that he had been seriously injured, but he still shouted, "Rong Er’s body will not be insulted, and Dasong Jiangshan will not be trampled. Lord Huangdao, I beg you to get out!"
"You run away from me!" Huang Yaoshi drinks a dozen palms to Jawadni as soon as he uses the palm of the sword of Peach Blossom Island.
However, Jawadni launched a palm of Huang Yaoshi’s hand at random, and the palm of Jawadni’s hand disappeared, but it flocked to Huang Yaoshi like a tidal wave!
Ling Feiyang saw that Huang Yaoshi was in danger and once again rushed over to grab a palm in front of Huang Yaoshi and Jawadni!
In order to protect Huang Yaoshi Ling Feiyang, this time the palm of his hand did not remove the strength by retreating. Finally, he could no longer support the blood in his mouth and slowly fell to the ground.
"Huangdao Lord, I can’t escape … please escape …" Ling Feiyang spoke these last words and fell into a coma!
Huang Yaoshi looked at the ground life and death I don’t know ling float in the sky canthus unexpectedly shed a few tears!
Huang Yaoshi shed tears for the first time in her life!
Huang Yaoshi didn’t cry when Feng Heng died; Just now I saw that Huang Rong’s breath was broken and Huang Yaoshi did not shed tears; But at the moment, Ling Fei Yang saved him, and he has already died. Even if Huang Yaoshi has a heart of stone, he has managed to control his feelings!
"Flying DaSong my hero! There is nothing wrong with Rong Er loving you! " Huang Yaoshi thought immediately bent down and picked up Huang Rong’s body from the ground and then jumped onto the horse’s back!
Guo Jing just accidentally hurt Huang Rong, who has been standing beside him, but he didn’t stop Huang Yaoshi from trying to escape. However, Jawadni suddenly chased the little red horse!
Ling Feiyang has been in a coma, but his amazing willpower has made him wake up again. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and hugged Jawadni’s legs!