Instantly, this crystal ball shoots a black light covering the whole anti-four-elephant array. Seeing that the black four-elephant array no longer spits white fog in its big mouth, the anti-four-elephant array has stopped. At this moment, the Yin fiend was busy and quickly chased him in the direction of Xiaoqiang. When he saw him far away from the back, he heard our way.

"The waves rush out!"
I roared with a heavenly sword in my hand.
"Holy light bless! Wolf God Dance! "
A holy light came out of the body armor, and I felt my blood boiling, but my blood was instantly less than half, but then "bang" it was full of blood. It should have been sent from a distance when Xiaoqiang copied the ranger’s rejuvenation skills. This small reaction was quite fast.
I rushed towards the big wooden box with the sunset glow. The master of Tianyin with the video camera had found it and I shouted
"Who is he? Stop him! There are enemies who want to take hostages! "
It’s a pity that his companions have been delirious, and they didn’t hear him at all. Their eyes became more and more red, and their faces were getting more and more evil smiles. They were coming towards the big wooden box step by step. I rushed forward and waved Zhongtian’s love sword and cut it in one of them, but he didn’t respond. There was no harm to the root! I forgot that Tian Qing Jian Root has no active attack power, and I have to wait for others to hit me before I can reflect the damage. Looking at these people, I have seen the sunset glow become more and more crazy, and I am furious.
"get out!"
This gang of Yin people didn’t hear my voice, but they smiled and continued to move toward the box. What did Yin fiend realize at this time of the past? I turned around and ran over. I tried my best to squeeze these people who were insane by Xiaoyao Pills. Finally, I squeezed into the big wooden box. The man with a video camera in his hand had put a video camera in the package and pulled out a staff and shouted.
"Meteorite from the sky!"
It’s a fire to my head! My poor hair heard him scream a panic way
"Who hit me? Come out! "
In my heart, I can’t help but feel happy. This bastard has been hurt by Tianqing Sword’s anti-shock. He has come to ignore other things. He picked up the sunset glow in the box and looked at the cliff and rushed behind him. He heard those evil smiles.
"Let her go! Otherwise, you will be violent! "
A black shadow suddenly blocked my indifference. I glared at the man in front of me wearing a black hat and a black scarf and roared
"Day Yin fiend! You treated this woman like this today! I’m taking an oath here! I’m going to wipe out your Tianyin Mountain one day! Destroy your Yin Gate! Report your gratitude today! "
"Ha ha! With you? Even those guys who are proud of the sky, the flag and the rising sun dare not say such big words? Who the hell are you? How dare you talk like that! Give me a name if you have something to report! "
Day Yin fiend indifferent smile want to immediately name but think of just our account deliberately angered him I laughed.
"I’m a good friend of your sister’s. What’s my name? Ask your sister!"
Day Yin fiend zheng to react nu way
"Kill you!"
He instantly drew a bloody sword! As soon as I stay, why is this sword so big? It’s bigger than Tu Longdao. I don’t want to turn around and run to the other side of the cliff. Tianyin fiend growled behind him, "The fiend kills God in the first way!"
I felt that my back was hurt by a blood loss of one fifth. At this time, I rushed out of the dimly discernible hole to dress up a large area of Tianyin Christians, and the first-line people stationed at Tianyin Gate were also alarmed and clamored to come to me with a wry smile. Now you are the only one who can save Mrs. Xinyue. I hope you can take advantage of the chaos to get in. Fortunately, you all like to be masked and dressed in black, which is really convenient.
I marched with a coma sunset glow and came to the cliff opposite our hiding place just now, and I heard a hot pursuit behind me, Yin fiend nu way
"You live! The cliff is ahead! You will die if you fall! "
I heard the sound behind me far away from me, and the boulder stood out on the edge of a cliff. I couldn’t look forward any longer, and I was about to fall after one more step. When I turned around, I saw that Tianyin fiend was three zhangs away from me, and at this time he had followed countless days of Yin Christians behind him. I looked down at the sunset glow and looked at her. Now her face was flushed, her long eyelashes were quivering, her eyes were gently closed, her delicate forehead was gently frowning, and she was gently twitching. I gently said
"Sunset, I don’t know whether we have-I want you to accompany me to fly in this world today. I hope you are white-you and I really want to-but-"
Turn around again in this Tianya Peak Cliff and face this vast Motianling Mountains. Tianyin fiend walked step by step to complete the way.
"Who the hell are you!"
I laughed and hugged the sunset cloud tightly with one hand, and took out a "confused" look from the parcel like a big firecracker and threw it behind me. "
"Not sure! I forgot to see you off just now, Tian Yin fiend! Please remember that my younger brother swore blood today! One day! I will wipe out Tianyin Mountain and destroy Tianyin Sect. "
I heard the day Yin fiend folded way
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I heard his words just fall behind me. There was a loud bang and a thick smoke came up. I looked at the towering clouds and the clouds floating on the Tianya Peak and shouted.
"I’ll go too!"
Holding the sunset glow tightly, I jumped the Tianya Peak one step …
I know that this is the result of the relative movement between Qi and me, and I suddenly feel that the woman in my arms is moving in a trance when I hear her "melody nowadays". I guess she was awakened by this strong cold wind. At this moment, suddenly, my back jumps fast and tightly behind me, and I feel that the whole person is caught by something. It seems that the sunset glow in my arms will take off as soon as it sinks. I am too busy biting my teeth and hugging her back tunnel. I hope that this jump will be fast and the quality will be too high, otherwise, sunset glow and I will really die together. It’s just a parachute. Why jump fast?
I was thinking that suddenly a strong wind blew head-on, and I felt cold and my neck was tight.
I am busy looking down to see the sunset glow has opened her eyes, a pair of glittering and translucent hazy eyes are red and looking at me, her hands are tightly around my neck, I light way
"Are you awake? How do you feel now? "
"I feel very uncomfortable now, as if I have something to hold back and I want to vent."
I smiled bitterly at the sunset glow. Do you know that you were almost doomed just now? If I really couldn’t save you just now, I believe I will die with you. I will. I will endure thousands of thoughts and gently say
"Without you, it will be fine if you are blown by this high and cold wind."