"You and I don’t worry now? I saw you a day ago, but I waited until now for fear that calling you would affect you. "

"Don’t cry, dear. I haven’t been to the impact target area in Twiwater. You don’t know my strength. Even if the meteorite really hits the sea in such a far place in Twiwater, I will be safe."
Longye hurriedly comforted Nazi. He could imagine that Nazi was worried when watching the live broadcast in front of the TV.
"Don’t worry, dear, I will definitely say hello to you before such a thing happens again."
"Do you want another time?"
"No time, no time," said Longye hurriedly. "I have missed you for such a long time."
Nazi was a little shy and said, "Really? I miss you a little bit, too. A little bit ~"
They talked for about an hour before hanging up and waiting for the reporter to wait for such an important matter. Of course, they have to report it first. If the news is returned half an hour late, they will be fired.
Take back the red Tyrannosaurus Rex and the giant Wigglytuff from the elf ball, and Longye found Dawu and them who had just finished an exclusive interview in Sunshui Town.
Although the water barrier didn’t play any role because of the successful interception of meteorites by Longye Project, the trainers are still worthy of praise, and Fengyuan Alliance has decided to reward them.
Dawu, Huayue and Glacia also contributed a lot to their leadership in this operation, and there are also rewards waiting for them when they return home.
"So I have no reward?" Longye is a little upset about Fengyuan Alliance, which is too justifying a fault.
"Even if the alliance doesn’t want to reward you, those people won’t agree." Dawu posed a congratulatory posture. "You will know something special about your reward in a few days, and you will be satisfied."
I’m very upset about Dawu’s selling line, but Longye is curious about what the reward of Fengyuan Alliance is.
"By the way, you asked me to collect meteorites." Dawu handed a small box to Longye. "You’re not a researcher. I really don’t understand what you want with these things."
Longye gave Dawu a white look. "You are an emotional intelligence. No girl will like you if you are not a rich second generation and handsome."
"I know you are jealous of me." Dawu curled his lips.
Longye hit the box and took out a meteorite and said, "This thing almost ruined Fengyuan, and it is of special significance for my elf to break his body. If it has no harmful ingredients after testing, I plan to make a couple pendant and give one of them to Nazi. This is also a unique gift."
"Why didn’t I think of that?" Dawu regretted. "I knew I had left one myself."
Although the meteorite crisis has passed, things are not over yet. The relocation of residents in Sunshui Town is a big problem. Many things need Dawu’s help, so how long did he leave without Longye?
Although Dawu told Longye when he left that his reward would come soon, Longye still had to leave Fengyuan for a while. No, no, Longye had to send Balza, his brother and sister and Hu Ba back to Chuangshi Valley.
Although the two brothers and sisters can go back to their hometown directly through the Huba Circle, now Hu Ba has no way to go through the Circle. This trip to Longye has to go.
After sending Balza and them to Chuangshi Valley, Longye left his words to Balza. "I really appreciate your help this time, but Hu Ba’s ability is so special that it is very likely that some bad people will try to play it. If something happens, I will definitely help you."
"Thank you for your kindness." Barr pricked his business card. "Actually, I’m not worried that our village will have some special powers. Although Hu Ba crosses the circle by itself, it can easily send those bad guys away."
"it would be great if it’s all right."
After leaving Carlos, Longye came to plan to return to Fengyuan, but Dawu said that the reward was delayed, and he didn’t want to wait for Fengyuan any longer and went straight back to Zhenxin Town.
After returning to Zhenxin Town, Longye immediately asked the photo agency to test the meteorite to make sure that there were no harmful ingredients to human body. After that, Longye sent one of the fist-sized meteorites to the sculptor, just like I told Dawu before, Longye wanted to carve two lovers’ pendants as gifts for Nazi.
It’s really lucky that the meteorite that attacked Fengyuan was a stone meteorite, otherwise it would be difficult for the red Tyrannosaurus rex to completely blow it up.
Of course, this is also convenient for carving pendants. Because Longye wants to keep the feeling of meteorite material, the sculptor cut out two regular oval pendants and polished them.
Longye took the pendant at noon. If you look closely, there is indeed a great difference between ordinary stones. First, this thing has been attacked by low temperature in the universe, and then it has been rubbed and burned after falling into the atmosphere, and then it has been baptized by high temperature. The texture has changed a lot.
Carefully wrapped the two pendants, Ryuno crossed and went to Golden City to find Nazi.
As soon as they met, Nazi turned around Longye several times to make sure that he was really not injured. Then Nazi sat down to talk to him. Nazi was very curious about Longye’s interception of meteorites and pestered Longye to tell him what happened at that time.
Longye’s storytelling tone repeated the whole incident, and the plot was compact and cadence made Nazi completely immersed in the story.
"Dear, this is my gift to you." Longye took out the prepared pendant.
"What an ugly stone!"
"Don’t underestimate it. This pendant is made of meteorites. You see, I have one just like it."
Chapter 597 Honorary champion
After teasing Longye, Nazi finally stopped Longye from keeping secrets about her meteorite. She was very happy to accept the meteorite pendant.
In fact, if Longye gives something, Nazi will be very happy. This is that people in love are simple and happy.
Longye was going to spend a few more days with Nazi in Golden City, but the next day I called Longye.
"What’s the matter again?" Longye asked impatiently.
"Your reward has been confirmed," Dawu said mysteriously.
"Oh fengyuan alliance ready to reward me how much money? Say yes first. It’s too little. I can’t see it. "Longye said lazily.
"Then you will be disappointed. This time it’s really not money."
"Don’t intend to reward me with a pennant? Write the words’ people’s heroes are immortal’ again. "
Dawu didn’t care about Longye’s teasing and selling. He directly announced the answer, "This time the reward is a hundred times stronger than the banner. Fengyuan Alliance decided to award you the honorary title."
What do you mean "honorary champion"? What is not a real champion? "
"It’s just something similar to the champion, except that there is no champion in the league, and all kinds of welfare departments have it." Dawu explained the term honorary champion.
In fact, the title of honorary champion has been specially awarded to trainers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the alliance for a long time. This time, Longye has made great contributions to Fengyuan League. At the moment, the top leaders of Dafeng League could not figure out what to reward. Finally, someone gave the title of honorary champion, which is very old.
It’s really very old, because the strict conditions for awarding honorary titles have not made this title here in Fengyuan for decades.