"Ha ha, Korean girl, don’t be so polite. Since you are this little friend, you can follow this nickname and call me Grandpa Hua." Hua Yichen must gently say with smile.

"Grandpa Haohua, I wish you could call me Huanhuan." Han Huanhuan nodded politely.
"Well, the old man, I’ll shout at you, girl. Come and sit in advance and let Grandpa Hua take your pulse." Hua Yichen said with a smile and stepped into the clinic in yiguang’s side room. Flying and Han Huanhuan also stepped into the room.
Hua Yichen sat at a small wooden table in the clinic, then smiled and said to Han Jin Huan, "Jin Huan, come and sit down and let Grandpa Hua take your pulse and see your physical condition."
"Good" Han Jin Huan nodded and went to sit opposite Hua Yichen, then stretched out his right hand and laid it flat on the table. Hua Yichen stretched out his right hand and put it on Han Jin Huan’s right wrist. He narrowed his eyes and carefully felt the pulse of Han Jin Huan, while flying was quiet and motionless. He looked at Hua Yichen and diagnosed Han Jin Huan.
"Yi" suddenly Huayichen’s face slightly changed and indecision came out.
"Grandpa Han Jie in China, what’s wrong with her?" One side floated up and asked quickly.
"Well, I’ll probe it again." Hua Yichen took back his right hand and stroked it thoughtfully, then frowned and said that he would put his right hand on Korea’s wrist again. This time, he injected a trace of true qi into Korea’s meridians to make it flow to Korea’s body, and carefully explored the situation of Korea’s body.
In this way, the three people in the clinic seemed to be thinking about something as if they had been fixed on Huayichen’s eyes and eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, while Han Jin Huan was sitting opposite Huayichen, his body was slightly stiff and his eyes were afraid to turn around for fear of affecting Huayichen’s exploration, waiting quietly for his diagnosis of Han Jin Huan.
"So that’s it." Hua Yichen chuckled for a long time and then opened his eyes with a smile. It seems that he has found the crux of the Korean body.
"Grandpa Hua has found a way to cure Han Jie?" One side flew to see Hua Yichen’s expression in a hurry and asked.
"What’s the hurry, Xiao? I’m not a fairy. I just found out the crux of the girl’s body. How can there be a cure so soon?" Hua Yichen glared at Feiyang and didn’t good the spirit said.
"Is that you always want to think slowly?" Float was glared at Hua Yichen’s anger and hurriedly apologized with a smile, but it’s not a problem for him to see Hua Yichen’s confident expression and want to come to Korea to enjoy his illness.
"Well, old man, I’ve found out where the focus of Huanhuan girl is. Is this the solution?" Huayichen said.
"What’s the solution?" I asked with joy before flying.
"Well" Huayichen glared at Feiyang angrily, flying and shrank back honestly, where hey hey giggled and let Korea do its best to cover its mouth and chuckle.
"As far as I know, the disease of Huanhuan Girl is not the invasion of foreign evil, but the body itself has changed, which leads to the violation of the body and the normal parts of the body are devouring each other, which makes Huanhuan Girl feel unwell at this time." Hua Yichen analyzed.
"Grandpa Hua, you’re so right." Flying aside could not help but praise.
"I don’t need your praise yet," Hua Yichen said grumpily, and then continued to smile at Korea and said, "In fact, this treatment is not difficult to say."
"Grandpa Hua, don’t sell it, just say it. What exactly does Han Jie need for this disease?" Feiyang asked in a hurry
"The somebody else is the Lord didn’t speak? What’s your hurry? It’s the emperor who doesn’t hurry to die." Hua Yichen looked at Feiyang and thundered, then turned his head and continued to smile and say, "Girl, if it’s an ordinary family, I’m afraid it will take a lot of financial resources to buy various self-cultivation drugs to maintain it, but it won’t matter if it falls on you."
"Oh, please show Grandpa Hua." Han Jin Huan heard Hua Yichen’s remarks, and his heart was also relaxed. He hurriedly asked politely.
"It’s simple to find this little help." Hua Yichen pointed to the sky and smiled gently.
Chapter 36 Simple treatment
"What I" heard Huayichen speak and flew in amazement. I stretched out my right index finger and pointed to my face. Han Jin Huan looked at Feiyang with surprise.
"Yes, that’s right, it’s you" Hua Yichen nodded and smiled gently. "The crux of Huanhuan girl’s body lies in the fact that two different forces reconcile and invade each other, which leads to physical discomfort. It is what western medicine says that rejection requires a lot of medicinal materials to strengthen the body’s resistance, but your body’s qi can achieve this effect."
"So that’s it. What should I do specifically?" Flying in the sky was white. It turned out that I needed my true qi to help Korea do its best. This just nodded slightly and continued.
"It’s very simple that you need to do your best to convey the true qi every day and then control the true qi to reciprocate around the body, so that she can make a good transfer and get through this period of body rejection safely," Hua Yichen said with a smile.
"What kind of medicinal materials does Grandpa Hua need?" Feiyang nodded and asked lightly.
"Well, I’ll give the girl a prescription for conditioning, and then you can give her a medicine soup according to this aspect and once a day in the morning and evening." Hua Yichen pondered a little, then went to the front office of yiguang to write a prescription, then grabbed a few pictures of medicine and handed them to Feiyang, and then smiled and said, "This is a weekly dose, and I subcontracted them separately. You can say that these medicines are put into a medicine jar and boiled into a bowl of water."
"Thank you, Grandpa Hua. Where can I get that medicine can?" Feiyang quickly took it and asked a little embarrassed.
"Boil medicine casserole is sold outside" Huayichen stared at Feiyang lightly and said.
"Oh, grandpa Hua, do you have any here?" Feiyang nodded and smiled gently. His eyes were full of pleasing meaning.
"Take it" Huayichen stared at Feiyang again and took out a black ceramic casserole from the back room and put it on the counter.
"Thank you, Grandpa Hua." Feiyang quickly thanked me, picked up the casserole and held it carefully in his arms, then laughed base. "Grandpa Hua, do you have any medicine to order? No words, then we will go back first. I have to cook medicine for Han Jie."
"Get out" Huayichen sleeves a jilt nu way.
"Then let’s go first. Bye-bye, Grandpa Hua." Feiyang didn’t care much about Huayichen’s anger and took Korea’s joyous little hand and bowed toward Huayichen, then hurried out.
"Goodbye, Grandpa Hua." Han Jin Huan politely asked Hua Yi Chen’s luggage and then went out of yiguang with Feiyang.
Dugu Villa Post is still a short distance from Huayichen yiguang, so Feiyang and Han Huan walked along the green flag road in the main village of Dugu Villa. From time to time, someone greeted Feiyang with a smile and looked at him curiously. Han Huan guessed that this little son-in-law was really bad before he went out. It didn’t take long for him to take another woman to wander around Dugu Villa. If he was seen by the owner of Dugu Zhuang Zi, it was really unimaginable.
"Flying seems that you and the people here are all quite good." My body has a treatment, and my grandfather expressed his love for himself. After I finished, I relaxed and chatted with Feiyang.
"That is, after all, I have lived here for almost two months. I know most of the people here. They are not as simple as the people outside." Flying proudly said that seeing more and more onlookers flying in the sky, my heart was also a little embarrassed and said to Han Jin Huan, "Han Jie, shall we walk faster?"
"How afraid of elder dugu saw it?" Han Jin Huan asked with a smile.
"What can I do? I won’t be afraid of the old man." Flying mouth shut said that the pace was unconsciously accelerated.
Looking at Feiyang, walking with a medicine can, sneaking around, looking like a thief, Han Jin couldn’t help but chuckle and follow Feiyang quickly.
Simply the post is not far from yiguang, and they soon arrived at the post. Flying in the sky was also a sigh of relief. They were about to board the carriage, but they saw a big carriage pulled by three horses in front of them. When they saw the carriage passing by the post, they quickly looked around and wanted to hide. They looked embarrassed and frightened.
"What are you hiding for?" The carriage came to an old and vigorous old man’s voice, which sounded like thunder in Feiyang’s ear.
Feiyang’s figure suddenly settled down and then honestly walked to the front of the carriage with a simple and honest smile. "Hey, hey, master, it’s a coincidence that I can meet you here. Where did you come from?" Feiyang’s heart thumped and talked without passing his head. This question turned out to be a Zen.
"Where do you care where I come from? What am I doing in Dugu Villa when you are young?" It was Dugu Ji who walked to the front of his carriage, and the front curtain of the carriage was automatically lifted toward both sides to reveal Dugu Ji’s anger, anger and arrogance. Looking at Feiyang, he hated iron and did not say hello to himself. This is death!
"That this" I don’t know how to feel a little shaky at the sight of this face flying in the sky, and my back is cold sweat.
"Han Jin Huan, the elder and younger generation of Dugu, is a flying friend. This time, Fei Yang brought me to Dugu Mountain Villa to see me. Please don’t blame him." But Han Jin Huan looked much calmer. Seeing this, the first Chinese person was also looking as usual, and he was also humble.
"Oh, Han Han’s little girl" asked Gu Ji’s eyebrows slightly.
"It’s the younger generation, it’s Han Dao’s granddaughter. My grandfather learned that I was coming to Dugu Mountain Villa and asked me to say hello to you for him." Han Jin Huan replied with a slight blessing
"Well, it’s very polite to say that it’s small." Avoid dugu nodded and said with a smile, then turned his head to float in the sky and asked, "What happened to my little Lan son?"
"Thanks to Master Fu Xiaolan, she had a lovely time in Zhonghai," replied Feiyang with his head down.
"Well, that’s good." Dugu nodded and laughed, and when he saw the shrinking appearance, he was so angry that he roared, "What kind of monster is the little old man? How can I see the old man like a trembling man without any masculinity? If you can be my granddaughter-in-law in Dugu’s house?"
"Hey, hey, I’m awed by your imposing manner." Feiyang hurriedly said in his heart, but he mused, "What kind of masculinity do you show before you? I know that you always look at me like this. At most, scold me a few words. If I show masculinity, it’s estimated that it’s a beating. Although my fighting ability is ok, your old beating is too damaging to your image. I can still clearly remember that I have never been so humiliated in my generation."