In the face of the big steel snake, Longye changed the land shark to it, and that tactic won’t have any effect on the big steel snake. "It’s up to you, steel cannon shrimp!"

Longye, the "steel gun arm shrimp makes the water gun", took the lead in launching the attack.
A water column was rapidly ejected from the right pliers of the steel gun arm shrimp, and the powerful water gun was aimed directly at the huge body of the big steel snake.
"I’ll show you my defense. The big steel snake makes noise."
Harsh waves emitted from the mouth of the big steel snake actually blocked the water gun emitted by the steel cannon arm shrimp. The water column was hit by strong noise and collapsed. The steel cannon arm shrimp itself was also disturbed by noise and gave up its continuous attack.
"It’s really a long experience that noise can still be like this," said Long Yepei.
"Now is not the time for you to express your feelings."
The big steel snake quickly twisted its body and entangled the steel cannon shrimp. It kept twisting its body and the huge pliers of the steel cannon shrimp struggled.
"Steel Tail" didn’t expect the steel cannon arm to be so strong, and Donggang immediately changed its tactics.
The steel snake threw the steel cannon arm shrimp in the middle, and then the steel tail flashed to the opponent’s body
"Water gun defense" Longye anxiously shouted.
The steel cannon shrimp and the big steel snake’s tail finally keep a distance because of the high-pressure water column thrust ejected by the double pliers at the same time.
Bang, the steel tail of the big steel snake made a big hole in the field.
Then look at the steel cannon arm shrimp, and the reverse thrust generated by the water column falls safely on the edge of the site.
"Since water marksmanship breaks the defense, let’s try water fluctuation." Longye has been training steel cannon shrimp to exert its own characteristics and power recently.
On the edge of the site, the steel cannon shrimp aimed the double tongs at the big steel snake, and the water inrush wave was continuously and alternately ejected from the double tongs.
The big steel snake also wanted to defend the noise, but this time it failed. A water wave may be intercepted, but the shock wave broke through the noise defense of the big steel snake as soon as it collided with each other.
When the water waves set off, the properties of the steel cannon shrimp were consistent, and with the characteristics of the steel cannon shrimp super launcher, every wave of water hit the big steel snake like a small bomb, which made the big steel snake fall to the ground with a bang.
After a round of digging holes by the land shark, the ground became unstable, and the back impact of the big steel snake directly sank a large piece in the center of the stadium, and the whole venue became more broken.
The referee made a verdict that "the big steel snake lost its fighting ability and the steel cannon shrimp won"
"You’re the one who got the badge from my son, but you still can’t beat me. Go and protect the dragon." Donggang released the last elf.
The dragon guarding the city looks like a heavy shield on its face and hard steel armor on its back. It looks like a mobile fortress as a whole.
"Guarding the city dragon is really a good player in defense, but the combination of steel and ground attributes makes fighting and ground skills hurt it four times. Such a big weakness has completely weakened its defensive advantage." Longye looked at Guarding the city dragon and said.
As soon as Donggang carries a shovel on his shoulder, it will be waved every time he speaks. "Just say that you didn’t come to personally feel the defense of a city dragon."
Longye smiled. "The steel cannon shrimp is coming. Your super launcher is going to be replaced. Wave missile launch!"
"Defending the city dragon makes the glossy cannon!"
The armor of the dragon body of the city gave off dazzling light in an instant, and then all these lights gathered in the dragon mouth of the city. A highly destructive glossy gun was fired at the steel gun arm, and the shrimp glossy gun collided with the wave missile. The continuous wave missile broke through the blockade of the glossy gun and hit the dragon body of the city. The dragon ambassador held it safely and blocked this attack.
"Defending the city, the dragon makes an iron head"
Shining with metallic luster, the Guarding Dragon ran quickly and rushed to the steel cannon arm, and the shrimp moved. The Guarding Dragon was like a fast-moving locomotive, and the ground trembled slightly because of its weight.
Ps Tietou and Tietou Gong are two different skills, although their names are different by one word. Tietou is a steel trick, while Tietou Gong is a general trick. Both of them have the effect of shrinking opponents. The power of Tietou is a little higher than Tietou Gong.
Chapter 36 Steel Island
The impact of the dragon guarding the city is very amazing. Most people will probably be intimidated when they see this scene, but it is nothing to him that Longye has seen the world.
Longye didn’t let the steel cannon shrimp fight like a small train to protect the city dragon. Instead, he let the steel cannon shrimp aim at the ground in front of the city dragon and fired a series of wave missiles
As the saying goes, if the locomotive falls into the pit, the train will not be able to run. The body of the dragon guarding the city is as short as a cuboid. Although it can make the dragon guarding the city run with great strength, it is not something that short legs are good at.
Not much bigger than the dragon’s body, the pit directly trapped the dragon, and it desperately hit the soil in front of it to escape from the dungeon in front of it
"The steel cannon shrimp continues to wave missiles to attack the city dragon," said the dragon ambition.
A series of wave missiles were fired into the middle, and then these wave missiles fell vertically to the defending dragon trapped in the pit
As soon as Donggang saw that the situation was wrong, it immediately asked the Guarding Dragon to use the iron wall to strengthen its defense and continuously bombarded the soil around the earthquake, and the Guarding Dragon was completely buried.
"Dig a hole and bury some soil, one, two, three, four, five." Longye read a line in a small room before he remembered it.
A ball of light suddenly shot out of the ground and made an inclined passage on the ground, and the city dragon quickly rushed out of the ground.
"This power is definitely not a glossy gun, so it should be that the alloy bursts and transforms itself into its own attack. The heavier the injury, the stronger the power will be. This is a great response to the defending city dragon." Longye quickly analyzed.
"I will never be easily defeated to defend the city dragon." Donggang waved a shovel in his hand again.
When this shiny gun root didn’t respond to the steel cannon shrimp, Donggang’s voice just fell and the attack of defending the city dragon has come to the front of the steel cannon shrimp. The steel cannon shrimp can make the huge pliers defend against the strong impact and make its whole body move quickly. Finally, it has to insert another huge pliers into the ground to stabilize its body.
Sending a powerful blow to protect the city dragon gasping for breath, the damage caused by a series of missiles is far from as simple as it looks.
"The steel cannon shrimp attacked the side of the Guarding Dragon’s body." Longye’s own elf gave instructions. Although most of the Guarding Dragon’s body was covered with thick and solid armor, its sides were still where there was no armor.
In the battle, the Guarding Dragon keeps facing the opponent so that its face shield can block most of the attacks. It is not easy for the shrimp to attack the Guarding Dragon sideways, but it may not be successful if it is a little strategic.
Due to the loss of Donggang just now, we didn’t let the defending city dragon make the iron-toed trick, the powerful remote gun became the best choice of Donggang.
A shiny cannon hits the steel cannon shrimp. In an instant, the pair of pliers aim at a bump on the side, which makes the water gun trick, the high-pressure water column push back, and immediately makes the steel cannon shrimp change its direction and retreat. The steel cannon shrimp aims at the defending city dragon. The mutation advantage of the pair of pliers once again appears.
The wave missile broke out and hit the defending dragon accurately, and it was almost knocked over to the ground. The steel cannon arm shrimp gained momentum and tide waits for no man. Immediately, it stopped spraying the water column and changed to a pair of pliers to launch the wave missile to attack the defending dragon. The shape of the defending dragon was unstable, and the defending dragon root did not adjust its direction. One wave missile completely knocked it over, and another wave missile hit its abdomen.
The referee made the final judgment that "the defending city dragon lost its fighting ability and the winner of the steel cannon shrimp was the challenger Longye"
"Longye congratulates him on breaking through my defense. You deserve this mine badge." Donggang asked his assistant to get a Dojo badge and give it to Longye. He couldn’t see the frustration after losing the game.