Sensitivity changes the direction of force in a small range of dexterity.

Speed includes moving speed and pushing speed.
Intelligence is the degree of intelligence. Both players and NPCs can upgrade their intelligence slowly and permanently through equipment. When the plan is successful, the level of intelligence is almost different for players and NPCs. Players have intelligence requirements when they are in charge of military affairs. NPC’s intelligence determines his intelligence.
The commander-in-chief decided that the number of troops to lead was mainly determined by the winning rate and level of the battle.
Affinity means that when players increase the intimacy of NPC, those with higher affinity are more likely to be recognized by NPC.
Calling on players’ ability to influence others is determined by the affinity of commanders.
Mysterious attribute, courage and perseverance, unknown
2 work (not yet set)
After Wudang’s primary martial arts training, you will have permanent physique +1 armor and all body surface resistances (physical defence and attribute defence) +5% (except the cover door) weapon sharpness value +5% weapon all resistances (physical resistance to blows) +5% total strength (unit degree), which will make the energy consumption speed during work 5/ sec meditation recovery speed 1/ sec rest recovery speed 2/ sec light movement recovery speed 1/ sec strenuous exercise recovery speed.
After Wudang Intermediate Skill Training, the body will be permanent +1 armor and body surface resistance (physical defense and attribute defense) +1% weapon sharpness (except the cover door) +1% weapon resistance (physical strike resistance) +1% total strength of 5 (unit degree), so that the energy consumption speed during work is 1/ second, the meditation recovery speed is 2/ second, the rest recovery speed is 4/ second, and the recovery speed during strenuous exercise is 2/ second.
After Wudang Advanced Skill Training, you will have a permanent constitution +1 armor and all body surface resistances (physical defense and attribute defense) +15% (except the cover door) weapon sharpness value +15% weapon all resistances (physical combat resistance) +15% total strength (unit degree), so that the power consumption speed during work is 15/ s, the meditation recovery speed is 3/ s, the rest recovery speed is 6/ s, and the light movement recovery speed is 3/ s.
Wudang mixed element determination (permanently increase the attribute) initial explosive force +1% rebound force 1%; Explosive force of middle coil +3% rebound force 3%; Explosive force of coil +5% rebound force 5%
Wudang’s two magical powers, Yin and Yang, are divided into two instruments, Tai Chi Sheng and two instruments. Yin attribute force characteristics-cold frostbite permanently hurts the other party’s meridians-just Yang destroys the other party’s body
Wudang’s magical power, Daoism, Taiji’s spirit, and the three treasures are combined to form an elixir. The primary characteristics of the attribute power-the illusion figure is vague and unclear. The secondary characteristics-the method of distinguishing the real attack by multiple shadows-the knot elixir forms an elixir.
Wudang Taiji magical power, Yin and Yang, harmony and harmony are extremely flowing, and the combination of rigidity and softness is endless, but the breath is not exposed. After the repair, the physique is permanent +3. All the resistance on the advanced body surface +5% (covering the door) weapons increase certain chaotic attributes, and the consumption power is 5/ second. The total amount of power is 50,000. The recovery of meditation +2% of static strength +1% of light sports strength +5% of strenuous exercise has a good recovery effect.
Seven-star gait is elementary +5% sensitive intermediate +1% sensitive advanced +15% sensitive.
Hexagrams include hexagrams, arrays, diagrams and swords.
Xing Yi Xing Yi Xin Fa Xing Yi Jian Quan
Wudang vertical ladder
Jump in the primary direction once +1% height consumption per time.
Intermediate jump 2 times +2% height consumption 4 times each time.
Advanced Jump 3 times +3% height consumption 9 times each time.
3 swordsmanship (not yet completed)
Wudang primary swordsmanship completion 1% makes time sensitive +5% (move) speed +5% expenditure 1/ second.
Wudang intermediate swordsmanship completion 1% makes time sensitive +1 (move) speed +1% expenditure 2/ sec.
Wudang advanced swordsmanship completion 1% makes time sensitive +15% (move) speed +15% expenditure 3/ sec.
4 miscellaneous studies (unfinished)
Jianghu is proficient in lightness skill.
Primary Lightness Skill Completion 1% makes the time (moving) speed +5% consumes 1/ second.
Intermediate Lightness Skill Completion Degree 1% Time (Movement) Speed +1% Power Consumption 2/ sec
Advanced Lightness Skill Completion Degree 1% Time (Movement) Speed +15% Consumption Power 3/ sec.
5 method of obtaining attribute points
A birth constitution 1 point intelligence 5 point charm
B Novice Village has 1 point of physique, 1 point of intelligence and 1 point of charm.
C rose to level 1 to increase physical fitness by 5 points, intelligence by 2 points and charm by 1 point.
D, according to the merits and demerits of the exercises, the physique has different permanent ascension.
E leads the troops to fight for a long time, winning rate rises, commander in chief.
F there is a certain increase in physical fitness under the guidance of teachers.
G carry a nationality for a month to increase certain intelligence.
H make the plan successful and improve intelligence
I make natural materials and treasures grow up.
Grade and classification of weapons and equipment
Scattered weapon, ordinary single weapon
A suit of common standard, such as a cavalry suit, a warrior suit and a archer suit.
The only thing (treasure or artifact) is to draw a halberd, a dragon weir, a moon blade and a double sword in the square sky.
A treasure belongs to any equipment that adds a base attribute.
Incredibly increase the base attribute and mysterious attribute.
Two cheats
1 Jianghu Passage Cheats Ordinary Lightness Skill Ordinary Sword Technique Ordinary Knife Technique and so on.
2 sects’ common martial arts cheats
3 Sect Juexue Cheats
4 lost cheats don’t know where they are.
5 treasure-level cheats generate base attributes.
6 God-level cheats generate mysterious attribute base attributes.
Ordinary horses usually ride horses and are extremely frightened in battle. This method is used in the battlefield.
Horses can come to fight on the battlefield. Divide horses into horses. Horses are horses.
Attribute BMW has wind, fire, dark wood, soil and other attributes, and horses have different characteristics.
Attribute BMW has excellent speed endurance, and BMW is no worse than attribute horse.
It’s the two brothers who received the information and will deliver it.