The double attack effect of chain skill made Cresselia never expect to hit Cresselia hard. When he fell from it and saw that he was about to fall to the ground, Cresselia finally stabilized his body. He turned around and sent out a moon attack to fight back.

At this time, Bickney has once again rushed over with a cross flash to attack the moon and let Bickney speed up, but he didn’t finish letting it stop and strive to solve the battle as soon as possible. Bickney carried the moon attack hard and rushed to Cresselia. This time, Cresselia finally hit the ground.
Cresselia, who has been hit hard in a row, wants to restore the moonlight to physical strength, and watched the white light emanate from Cresselia’s body, and the Bickney cross flame exploded.
Not only that, Bickney’s figure closely followed the cross flame, and the V on Bickney’s head gave off a hot flame, and its temperature directly exceeded the cross flame. This move is Bickney’s exclusive skill-victory V fever.
Bickney makes the fire trick win. V-fever will have a consistent bonus, and its power is much higher than the trigger chain effect. Cross flash.
As soon as Bickney went forward, he chased himself and sent out a cross flame. A part of the cross flame rushed to Bickney’s body, and the V-shaped flame on Bickney’s head became more dazzling.
Cross flame and victory V fever hit Cresselia together, and the heat wave broke out, making the unprepared Longye retreat several steps.
Cresselia’s figure was shrouded in flames, and Longye couldn’t see the specific situation clearly, but the unified sound gave Longye a reassurance.
In fact, Longye doesn’t like to fight against elves like Cresselia, because every time he faces these cute elves, he always has a difficult struggle.
The flames finally dissipated, and Cresselia and Bickney were revealed. Cresselia fell to the ground, while Bickney was weak and floating on Cresselia’s head.
The fragile rock wall from the fracture finally failed to withstand the strong impact, and a large rock wall where the ancestral temple was located quickly sank.
The sudden change surprised Longye, and then he and Nazi joined forces to make their superpowers move Cresselia and Bickney to Ann.
"I didn’t expect this place to collapse. It really scared me to death just now." Nazi patted her chest in shock.
Longye gave a wry smile. "I didn’t expect it to be like this."
Back off early, Dacto didn’t suffer a wave, but he just stared at the huge rock wall falling into the sea. What an amazing attack that could have caused such a result.
Just when everyone breathed a sigh of relief, meow meow suddenly cried, "Oh, no, our super water turtle No.2 also fell."
"ah? Hurry up and have a look. "If there is a problem with Super Archean 2, Longye really doesn’t know how to leave this island.
Nazi released Metagross and carried everyone directly to fly.
When I looked at the surface, I saw that the Super Sagittarius 2 was intact and floated on the sea surface. It fell from a height of nearly 100 meters and did not cause any damage.
"Call the system to exchange things with good quality." Longye secretly gave the system a compliment.
Meow meow jumped into Super Arrow Turtle No.2 and tried it. All the functions were normal. Some decorations became a mess because of tumbling. I can’t tidy them up when I get back.
Going back to the top of the mountain by super water turtle No.2, Longye came to Bikini’s side. Just now, fighting made him consume a lot of physical strength. Longye was not in a hurry to take Bikini back to the elf ball. He exchanged a bottle of Cleisthenes milk from Tong Mall to help Bikini recover his physical strength.
Cleisthenes’s milk has a very good recovery effect. A bottle of milk goes to Bikini’s belly to make it smooth and round, and it will be alive and kicking as soon as it goes.
Once again, I exchanged a bottle of Cleisthenes milk and came to Cresselia. Longye carefully let Cresselia drink it.
"You’re not going to accept this Cresselia?" In the distance, Dakota was surprised to see Longye move and said
Longye waved his hand. "I have enough elves. I don’t need this Cresselia to enhance the thickness of the bench."
Dacto was depressed and shut up, and he was struggling to find something that others thought was possible, but it must be very unpleasant to feel this way. Dacto, the elf, has always been very proud and always has a contempt for other trainers, but this time it is his turn to be hit.
A bottle of Cleisthenes milk belly Cresselia soon woke up.
After waking up, Cresselia observed the surrounding environment and then used the moonlight trick to restore his own state.
On the Long Ye nodded slightly Cresselia foaming at the mouth and quickly flew to the distant island.
"Let’s go, Longye. Cresselia should drive away Darkrai. If we go late, we won’t be able to see Kolley." Nazi suddenly said.
"How could I forget about it? Go, go, go." Longye got into Super Archer No.2 in a few steps, according to the previous agreement, but this time Longye made the first move. If Darkrai left, Longye’s loss would be great.
Seeing Longye, they are ready to leave Dakedo and quickly run to the side of Super Arrow Turtle No.2. "Hey, can you take me with you?" If Longye fails in the first battle, Dakedo has a second chance.
"Brother, don’t worry, I won’t fail. Goodbye." Longye slammed the door.
Chapter 375 Dacko Elf Puzzle
Cresselia’s flying speed was very fast in Longye. When they entered the Super Arrow Turtle No.2, Cresselia had become a small light spot. Seeing that Cresselia was flying farther and farther, Longye quickly started the Super Arrow Turtle No.2 and chased it.