He left his card from the first!

The dream of d45 seconds seems to be a long time, but the next time he was tearing down the road tower, he calculated the time to complete these exercises by himself.
The dream is definitely in your own time!
In 6 seconds, the speed increased by 2% and the attack speed increased by 4%, which made the fans of South Korea desperate.
Panson dismantled the crystal while walking, benefiting from the advantage of dreaminess, and his speed of dismantling increased greatly.
Madlife was unwilling that he chased Lu Zhan while he stopped attacking, and then a bad luck pendulum struck.
Hammer stone body shaking back and forth, but at the moment when his hand just moved, Lu Zhanpan Sen was no longer in place.
Keep dismantling!
Pan Sen dragged his feet and let Madlife Bai Lu Exhibition wait for him for a long time. His hair e seems to be all in the calculation of the land exhibition.
"The reaction speed is too fast!" Madlife gritted his teeth from seeing the hammer and stone start to blink, but today, Lu Zhan seems to have a quick reaction when delaying hiding skills.
Moreover, the flashing position of Lu Zhan also made him very depressed.
China team has a way to come over now, and that wave of soldiers is still in the land exhibition, just in front of the last melee soldier of this wave of soldiers.
If the hammer stone wants to hook a person, it must cross the line, but the melee soldier can pull the angle by blocking the hammer stone.
But pulling the angle means that when it comes to waves,
Time is too precious for both sides.
The live broadcast screen is evenly divided into two halves. Half shows this side of Pan Sen, and half shows the contrast between the two sides of the plane.
Half of the blood in the base is left, and two-fifths of the blood in the base of China team is left on the other side. The dismantling speed on both sides is approaching.
With the plane displacement skills, the end of the line of soldiers is more and more involved in him. There is no Korean team soldier next to the China team base with a plane still struggling to support it.
But on this side, the big tree hammer stone is not in the mood to clear the soldiers. There are still several small soldiers in China.
Pan Sen continues to attack this attack equipment. It is definitely not a cover. With the dream, the acceleration is much faster than the solo plane.
"Come on!"
"Come on!"
The shouting of the audience has long since disappeared, and the slogan is not uniform at all, but the sound is louder than ever.
Another second, Madlife hammer stone pulled out the hook angle, and Shy tree followed Lu Zhan quickly.
Madlife suddenly stopped and made a cross on his chest.
Koreans believe in Christ, which has been played by Lu Zhan many times to help God choose to believe in the power of Christ.
If you want to dismantle the tower, you will stay. If you want to stay, he will have a chance to hook it!
Madlife’s eyes are wide open, and the landing exhibition is going to attack!
He hammer stone immediately stop rocker hook!
There’s still a little blood at the base, and so is China.
If you want this hook to hook the South Korean team, you can win.
"God bless!"
Five South Korean players meditated in their hearts at the same time.
Never before has an assistant shouldered such a heavy pressure. The hammer and stone hook seems to extend from the god of death, and the target is sent to hell without killing people.
However, when the hook really went out, five people were disappointed at the same time.
At the moment when Madlife came out of the hook, Pan Sen was really attacking, and there was a pause when he wanted to attack. Walking alone could never escape this.
But …
Lu Zhan attacked and hit the descendants, but they were gone
Holy shield strike!
Lu Zhan turned back and hit the fulcrum of the big tree and made a displacement, and his skill made him cancel the attack as quickly as possible. It is more effective to shake back than to simply move.
At the same time, the hook just passed by him.
Pass by …
Emperor failed to bless Madlife!
"It’s another trick!" Watching Dade’s heart get cold.
At the same time, there are fans of the World Korea Team.
Today, it’s not the Korean players who are playing bad, it’s Lu Zhan who is so amazing that everything is calculated by him, and all the changes are in his heart!
Madlife got up from his seat when he missed the hook.
There is a very serious problem. Recently, the state has rectified things that are not standardized in the online text. Of course, we will not violate those things. However, the word ad**** * of the China team will be blocked as soon as it is typed. This word is really drunk. I just found out recently that I will revise it when I inform you.
Chapter 36 Get up at midnight to watch the game
Madlife got up and made a cross on her chest again.
Normally, you can’t get up before the game is over, but he knows that nothing he can do can make up for it
This scene is over in his eyes.
Many people saw the outcome of the game when the hammer stone missed the hook.
The plane was too restricted by the military line, and his last few days were far less smooth than Pan Sen’s.
After stunning the tree, Pan Sen went back and continued to dismantle the base crystal. With Pan Sen’s final blow, the Korean team crystal finally exploded, but the plane still needed two less to dismantle the crystal.
Long-lost words appeared on the screen of the China team, and everyone cheered at this moment.
"Win!" Xiao Shengqiang hands in the air waved to the sellout.
Sky blue is raised in the chair to relive all this. At night, I secretly wiped my tears and looked at Lu Zhan. I didn’t know what to say.
And to do all this, Lu Zhan put the mouse on his mouth and smiled.
I won one game in three games, but the process of the game was so difficult that everyone felt as if they had won the final.
"It’s so tortuous to play." Lu Zhan sighed. If the South Korean team hadn’t suddenly become so desperate, they might have won, but Lu Zhan finally made the play taste again. Isn’t it desperate?
It’s him who is more dangerous and the stakes are bigger.
"There are two more games for us to continue!" Lu Zhan got up and held out her hand to say to you