"Well, thank you." The cold wind thanked him lightly and then turned around and left the car. The couple continued to stay by the road.

"Brother Feng, is there any news?" As soon as the cold wind got into the car, his hand asked.
"Well, it’s been almost ten minutes since they fled there." The cold wind nodded and said softly.
"What more than ten minutes, then we can’t chase it?" The four men turned their attention to the cold wind and asked for his advice
"Let’s go home," the cold wind said softly after a silence.
"That’s white, that’s less," said one hand hesitantly
"White little there naturally have me to say you don’t care" cold wind frowned slightly light said.
"Yes" Since the cold wind said so, the four men nodded their heads and then turned around to return to Baijia Manor along the original road.
Chapter 4 bold
In the cold wind, I took my own car to chase Feiyang and Bai Li, and then the scorpion helped Bai Jingxuan to return to his residence, while Bai Rongcheng stayed in the villa where Bai Li lived and stayed in place for a long time before moving. I slowly moved to the living room sofa and sat looking at the cave door without saying a word, and suddenly laughed out knowing that tears were flowing.
"What makes the cold wind bring people to chase the letter and the bitch?" The scorpion held Bai Jingxuan back to the villa living room where Bai Jingxuan lived and sat him on the sofa in the living room and asked in doubt.
Flower scorpion also lives in a villa with Bai Jingxuan, but in a different room from Bai Jingxuan. Every time she sleeps with Bai Jingxuan, she goes back to her room to take a shower and sleep.
"The cold wind has always been loyal to me and should not disobey me." Bai Jingxuan smell speech turned slightly one leng and looked at the flowers and scorpions lightly, but it was like asking himself.
"I’ll pour you tea." Scorpion didn’t answer Bai Jingxuan’s question. He got up and went to the kitchen to make a cup of hot tea and put it on the tea table in front of Bai Jingxuan. Then he sat beside him and gently solved Bai Jingxuan’s shirt button. Seeing that Bai Jingxuan’s chest was printed with a red and purple handprint, he reached over and gently touched everything and asked, "Does white hurt less?"
"It’s okay, fortunately, I shipped the true qi at the last minute to protect my chest, otherwise this palm will really kill me. The hybrid strength is really not small." Bai Jingxuan, who just touched Bai Jingxuan’s wound, gasped in pain, but he had never been so seriously injured when he was sensible, but he didn’t expect that today he would be hurt by a prominent strength weaker than his flying, which made Bai Jingxuan feel humbled and humiliated.
"Bai Shao, I’ll get the medicine for you." Bai Jingxuan, a flower scorpion, is good at poison and is also involved in treating injuries. Every time Bai Jingxuan trains with his master, the flower scorpion is responsible for healing.
"Well," Bai Jingxuan nodded and sat on the sofa with his shirt open to reveal his chest. Before he picked it up, he took a sip of tea from the tea table teacup and gently leaned back on the sofa to repose.
At this time, the cold wind just came in and saw the palm print on Bai Jingxuan’s chest. I was worried before the earthquake and asked, "Bai Shao, are you injured? Is the injury serious?"
"Didn’t you see it?" Bai Jingxuan leaned back on the sofa with his head back and didn’t open his eyes, and said coldly in his heart.
"Where’s the flower scorpion? Didn’t you treat her?" The cold wind heard that her face was slightly unnatural, and her eyes flashed a trace of apology and then she asked in doubt.
"She went to get me medicine, but did you catch me?" Bai Jingxuan sat up straight and stared at the cold wind.
"It can make them escape." The cold wind bent down to apologize lightly and prepared to accept Bai Jingxuan’s thunder and anger.
"How to let them escape" Bai Jingxuan asked lightly.
"They robbed a car on the road and then the car ran away. When I took someone to chase it, I met the owner. They said that the two men who robbed his car had been running for more than ten minutes. I didn’t think they could chase it, so they came back with people." The cold wind truthfully said that they looked up and secretly looked at Bai Jingxuan’s expression. It would be nice if Bai Jingxuan was angry and rushed to the top, but now Bai Jingxuan’s face and eyes are gloomy and he doesn’t know what he was thinking.
"Well, you go." Bai Jingxuan took a deep breath and said softly.
"Yes," the cold wind bowed down and then straightened up and turned and walked towards the door.
"Remember to take the door" Bai Jingxuan said softly behind the cold wind.
"Yes," the cold wind replied lightly after a pause. He walked outside and gently took the door at the door for a moment before leaving.
Just out of a few steps, I heard the loud noise of the coffee table broken in the room, followed by a few Bai Jingxuan gently coughs, and then I heard the scorpion cut and said, "Why are you so angry with Bai Shao? You are seriously injured now. It would be bad if you get angry and affect the injury."
Listening to the cold wind rustling inside, I stopped and stood still for a long time, always sighing lightly, and then walked towards my residence.
"Cold wind, cold wind, waste my trust in you, and you dare to play tricks in front of me." Bai Jingxuan was slightly bent over the corners of his mouth with a trace of blood, and his face was even paler in front of him with a pool of bright red blood.
One side of the scorpion held Bai Jingxuan tottering and took a handkerchief to gently wipe the blood from his mouth and whispered in his ear, "Bai Shao, I believe that the cold wind will not betray you."
"Yes, he won’t betray me, but will he trip me up in the dark?" Bai Jingxuan gnashed her teeth and said that she couldn’t wait to tear the cold wind alive. Even Bai Jingxuan, who has always flaunted gentleness and elegance, scolded the dirty words, which shows how angry he was.
"What did Bai Shao’s cold wind do to make you so angry?" Scorpio asked curiously.
"This bastard actually came back to me halfway. Tell me what I can’t catch up with. Did I tell him to come back?" Bai Jingxuan rattled his teeth and trembled with anger.