Shang Tang lotus thought here but didn’t think what happened outside made her forget about it.

Besides, Fu Huamei came back from the car with the merchant Cen and was about to go in. Fu Huamei took a casual glance at the passenger seat and hurriedly patted the merchant Cen’s arm. "Oh, look at it. Is that your brother?"
"Cheep" A sharp brake sounded, and the merchant Cen parked the car on the side of the road. Now it’s class time, and people are coming and going at the door. The merchant Cen was a little surprised. "My brother can’t. Why are they here or do they live here?" He looked out through Fu Huamei’s merchant Cen and saw that two people sitting on the side of the road seemed to be his brother and sister-in-law.
But the merchant Cen’s mood is a little complicated. Aren’t these two people already gone with themselves? The merchant Cen is hesitant to recognize each other.
Fu Huamei is not as complicated as the merchant Cen. For the merchant Cen, he said, "I don’t look like their clothes when I’m in charge. How can I live here because it’s much worse than when I came? Besides, we haven’t touched them for so long. Today, they touched them and sat there without going in. I think we should look for someone."
The merchant Cen Wen-wen paused, "Why don’t you come to us if you are looking for someone?" The merchant Cen was even more entangled in his heart and didn’t know if he should go forward and recognize it.
Fu Huamei’s mood is also somewhat complicated. At the beginning, the couple cruelly refused their request to borrow money and almost starved their daughter to death. It was like what happened yesterday. If her husband had not saved a friend later, it was really grateful to give them money. They also returned their daughter, and she didn’t know where to go.
She hates them, but I haven’t seen them for so many years, and suddenly I feel like a lifetime ago.
Sitting in the car, the merchant Cen has a little struggle with Fu Huamei, but outside, the merchant’s home is a little dumbfounded with Zhang Yemei. I didn’t expect that people in this community are all cars. If so, where do they know who their brother is?
Zhang Yemei was dumbfounded. "Take charge, tell me what this is all about. How come everyone is getting in and out of cars? It’s as good as distinguishing that your brother shouldn’t be mixed up, even if he has a car."
Shangjiayuan is also upset. "If you can really buy a house here, whether it’s a suite or a villa, it’s also a simple matter. I didn’t expect how long I haven’t seen my brother get along so well. What should I do? How do I know?"
So the couple watched the car coming and going in a daze, and suddenly they saw a car parked on the side of the road, and they didn’t know what they were doing.
Zhang Yemei suddenly said to Shangjiayuan with a bright eye, "Do you think your brother saw us stop when that car stopped?"
It turns out that Zhang Yemei thought too much, but he just stopped for a while and went in. Just as Zhang Yemei said, the car started again.
I don’t want to say anything about Shangjiayuan, but I still frowned and said, "Don’t worry so much. It’s really impossible to wait. We can sell all our houses."
"No, where do we live after the house is sold and Xiao Qi? What are we going to tell Xiao Qi?" Zhang Yemei said in a shrill voice.
Shangjiayuan smell speech couldn’t help pinching the bridge of the nose. There is really no way to sell the house, or do you really want the couple to be sold?
Don’t say that you don’t negotiate with your home, but you’ve heard people say that you sold it. When one is a duck and the other is a chicken, you lose your skin, and they also see it.
At this moment, Zhang Yemei said, "Home, look, look, there’s another car parked over there. Is this your brother?" Zhang Yemei actually knew in his heart that Shangjiayuan said it was the last resort, and it was terrible to think about it.
Shangjiayuan doesn’t even want to lift his head. "You think too much, maybe it’s just like something stopped."
The merchant Cen has been thinking for more than ten years, even if he doesn’t intend to forgive, but the brotherhood is still there. If it is pure hatred, it is better, but it is still mixed with brotherhood. The merchant Cen will be so entangled.
On the contrary, it is not as good as Fu Huamei’s hatred. For Fu Huamei, there is no feeling, even if there is no affection at all. Fu Huamei simply keeps hatred.
But no matter how terrible the hatred is, it is not as strong as it was at the beginning, but Fu Huamei still remembers that she said that she would die of old age.
So Fu Huamei sighed with emotion and recalled that Fu Huamei urged the merchants to "let’s go."
Businessman Cen still hesitates to step on the gas pedal. Fu Huamei, on the contrary, is in a high voice. "Come on, what do you do? Why don’t you go? Do you still want to meet them? Don’t forget how they treated us at the beginning, even if we were a jerk before, but the children were koo. They all had the heart to let the children have no food. If it weren’t for you who saved people, San shun Jin gave us Qian Tanglian, they would have starved to death."
Businessman Cen didn’t dare to laugh with Fu Huamei in this matter. "It’s been so long since Ah Mei’s original incident, so we came over later. Let’s meet and see what they want to do."
"No, no, hurry away. I can tell you that you are thinking about brotherhood today. I was also thinking about saying that it was your brother. I also thought that at the beginning, we did get a little cheaper. Your father was biased towards you. They never cared about those things with your brother and took the initiative to buy them. But look at them. They actually took us for fools and squeezed us out. You forgot that I didn’t forget." Fu Huamei’s voice suddenly became louder, and she was not happy when she saw the tangled sample of the merchant Cen.
Chapter 274 Hi, brother and sister, hello!
Fu Huamei said to the back with a snot and a tear and continued, "I tell you, I remember clearly that it was the two of them who not only kicked us out but also told everyone in front of everyone that we were begging to take advantage of them. We also said that we had made our parents more eccentric at the holidays and didn’t even give your father a grave, so even our father didn’t recognize people. You still want to care about brotherhood."
Fu Huamei can’t talk about the original things with a face of accusations and a belly of sadness.
Businessman cen wry smile "I remember how I don’t remember, but that’s my only relative in the world. If I didn’t see it, I’ll say I didn’t see it. How can I not even say hello when I saw you?"
"What do you say hello to?" Fu Huamei felt very angry. She really didn’t know when her husband had become so sentimental and so soft-hearted, but was that the soft-hearted person?
Fu Huamei believes that he is not an unreasonable person. Even if Zhang Yemei sent flowers to give some money, even if the words were ugly, Fu Huamei would not be so cruel and so determined. They did everything themselves. Fu Huamei remembers it for a generation.
But Fu Huamei forgot that the merchant Cen would hate her more than her. She hated him purely, but the deeper she loved him, the stronger she hated him. But the merchant Cen also hated it, but it was mixed with their family ties. This is not a simple hatred that can be erased. No matter how much hate, it all stems from disappointment with family ties.
I know, I know, I know what you said, and I hate it more than you do. I did say that I would never beg them again, even if our family of three starved to death. I remember that they not only refused to give us money to buy food for Shang Lian, but also remembered that they kicked us out and humiliated us in front of everyone. I also remember that it was the so-called brother who refused to tell me that there was no brotherhood with me, but I remember that it was my brother.
Fu Huamei’s anger at seeing the merchant Cen is gone. Seeing the merchant Cen is so painful, some people are worried about pulling the merchant Cen’s way. "What’s wrong with being in charge? Forget it. I won’t say if you want to go, then you can go. You can’t count on me."
Although Fu Huamei, who looks at the merchants, is a little worried, she doesn’t want to compromise.
Fu Huamei loosened the merchant Cen, but refused to calm down his emotions. The merchant Cen also felt that Fu Huamei was right. Since they were so determined at the beginning, even if they met with themselves again, they were already strangers to themselves.
However, the couple quarreled in it and waited for them to really decide to start the car. When they didn’t see it, they found that something was destined to be providence.
Shangjiayuan thought it was impossible, but Zhang Yemei felt that there was nothing to lose by asking. If it were true, then they would have hope. So Zhang Yemei dragged him over despite the opposition of Shangjiayuan and persuaded him, "Oh, come and let’s ask you and say that they can’t eat either. Let’s just ask, isn’t it? What’s better than asking?"