Both of them want the emperor in the hands of Feather Day, and no one will let go. Now we can see who is stronger and can suppress each other.

The silver-faced emperor is shining with silver and rushing to the sky!
Xia Qi is not to be outdone. The ghost snake with the golden crown is holding a black ghost gun. It’s dark like a dark cloud, and the sky is dark.
At the same time, the brilliance around Xia Qi flashes one after another!
Long Yin thunders against the sky, and Rowen threatens the earth.
A Lei Guang glitters in Lei Long, and a bloody dragon appears at the same time!
These are two dragons that are only one line away from the quasi-emperor. Don’t even look at the quasi-imperial capital, but its strength is strong and absolutely comparable to that of the quasi-emperor, which brings enough threat to the silver-faced emperor!
Besides, Xia Qi means more than that!
The light shines brightly and keeps shining
A variety of visions appeared around Xia Qi, and each one was stronger than the other, which made the silver-faced emperor look more dignified.
The ancient turtle was not a quasi-emperor realm, but its defense against the powerful emperor’s attack could barely be blocked!
Yan Mo’s demon fire is still a long way from the quasi-emperor, but the strongest means of Yan Mo the Great proved that Yan Mo’s demon fire was so tough!
The combination of the ghost tree with the golden crown, the ghost snake and the black ghost gun is definitely stronger than the vision, which makes the silver-faced emperor fear.
Fire pulse spirit, this is a quasi-emperor vision, stronger than the silver-faced emperor, dare not ignore it!
Many visions appear together, and the silver-faced emperor looks solemn and bitter!
At the beginning, when he was a quasi-emperor on the second day, he hunted Xia Qi. At the beginning, Xia Qi was not so strong, but he was barely able to compete with him. Finally, it was because he was sure that Xia Qi had no emperor that he gave up pursuing Xia Qi and went after Yu Tian instead.
He didn’t expect that when he set foot on the emperor’s realm again, he met Xia Qi again. Xia Qi actually made progress faster than him. He didn’t dare to suppress Xia Qi, but was vaguely suppressed by Xia Qi!
Xia Qi hand cold mans flashing sword impressively in hand!
He flashed a magic weapon, not an emperor, but a treasure that surpassed the quasi-emperor and was only a short distance from the emperor.
Seeing this magic weapon, the silver-faced emperor and the feather sky shrink their pupils at the same time!
The silver-faced emperor is afraid of feather and the sky is angry!
This front sword was given to his younger brother, Yu Zhi, as a magic weapon to protect Yu Zhi, but it was killed by Xia Qi, and even the front sword became a treasure of Xia Qi!
Angry Yu Yutian but also some at a loss.
He came after Xia Qi to avenge his younger brother Yu Zhi, but he came after him all the way and nearly killed Xia Qi. Now the situation has quietly changed.
Unconsciously, he and Xia Qi exchanged identities!
He became a fugitive and Xia Qi became a hunter!
"The Silver-faced Emperor won’t fight!"
Xia Qi’s means showed that he was determined, and at this time Wu also showed that he was a quasi-emperor, but his strength was not underestimated.
He puffed up his nostrils and shouted loudly.
Although Wu is very arrogant and makes the Silver Emperor hate that he can’t dismember Wu into ten thousand pieces, the Silver Emperor really can’t move at this time.
In the face of means, Xia Qijia and Wu Hegen have no chance of winning!
The silver-faced emperor looked around with unwilling eyes.
He wants to find the corpse gods.
But to his disappointment, there are many elites and even a few quasi-emperors, but they can’t help, because Tian Daozong Lin Hao and a group of people with Tian Daozong are watching the corpse Shintoists!
Silver-faced emperor not only doesn’t want the support of resin religion, but also needs to consider that if he really fights Xia Qi, he will face the siege of Heaven Zong Linhao and others.
"It’s really worthy that the Emperor of Heaven can afford to be arrogant. This time, I won’t argue with you!"
In the end, the silver-faced emperor didn’t choose to persist in the stalemate with Xia Qi, and he couldn’t get well. On the contrary, he might be seriously injured by Xia Qi by many means. Since it is better to simply retreat.