Dragon three suddenly brought up another topic: "Zong Ming and I had a deep discussion on special warfare. His thinking is very consistent with our red" color "flash plan. He offered to subsidize 30 billion gold coins to help us start the red" color "flash plan. The only condition is that he hopes to participate in its implementation."

As soon as Chang Zhong heard this, he immediately became interested and asked Long Sandao, "Can he really come up with 30 billion gold coins?"
Dragon three nodded and said, "This is still the initial start-up capital he promised me. Once the red" color "flash plan is launched and implemented, he is personally willing to bear all the normal operations of the red" color "flash troops every year."
High major general murmured "this ZongMing exactly is a kind person? What is he doing? "
Dragon three replied, "He has a wish to make our country strong and do his best to wash away all the humiliation suffered by Tianlong Federation in the past hundred years!"
Yang will seem to have made a very important decision at this moment. "dragon three, on behalf of Tianlong Federal Department of Defense, I officially ordered Mr. Zong Ming to make an exception and recruit him to join Yu Tianlong’s Tianlong Special Operations Force and award him the rank of school to assist Lieutenant General Chang Xing to start and implement the red" color "flash plan, and report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing on the 7 th that this order will take effect from now on and be filed in the Federal Security Department of the Ministry of National Defense respectively. You will be responsible for this life on the 2 nd to reach Comrade Zong Ming."
Dragon three gave a military-like salute to Yang Jiangjun excitedly, saying, "Yang Jianglong San promised to complete it."
Two days later, dragon three returned to Yuehua City with the official life of Tianlong Federal Department of Defense.
Zong Ming, who lives in the dark sun building, is very excited to bring that paper life in dragon three. Because of this paper life, Zong Ming will no longer be an ordinary Draco Federation. He has become a member of the special forces of the Holy Draco Federation, which he plans to pave the way again in the future, especially for the confrontation with the Sea Sun Group. He has added a very heavy weight to the victory scale.
"This man is so lucky that he always does everything smoothly. I didn’t expect you to help me get this life so soon. Hahahaha, and it’s so fucking great to be a school." Zong Ming kept walking around the room with that life in his hand
"I said Mr. Zong Ming School, you don’t need to be so excited. You have said this sentence for at least ten times." dragon three sat on a big sofa and joked with Zong Ming. "When are you going to report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing?"
"Third brother, you don’t know that I was really reported to the country before. You said that it was too difficult for a person with a complicated underworld background and identity like me to get a letter from the leader of the highest federal department without third brother’s efforts, especially the federal security department. I believe they have already listed me as extremely dangerous because I clearly know that our Tianlong federal security work is the best and most in place in today’s world. I am very white. If a person wants to be truly loyal to serving the country, he must become one of the state machines. Even if it’s a small screw nail in this huge machine, it’s like having a lever long enough and firm enough in your hand. If you don’t have a fulcrum to talk about how powerful you are, you’ll never be able to pry anything heavy. Now that you’ve given me a solid fulcrum, I can shake the whole earth. Brother dragon three, thank you. I won’t say any more. I can take practical actions in the future to prove to you that my efforts will definitely get the greatest return. "
"Amin can be a comrade-in-arms with you to realize our common ideal. I am very glad that I have been able to make friends with you in dragon three’s life!"
"Third brother, when do you think it will be more appropriate for me to report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing?"
"It depends on your own arrangement. Of course, the sooner the better. Now the boss is interested in you, but he wants to see with his own eyes what a magical person you are."
"Ghost members from the Black Sun mainland have now arrived in two batches of 1,200 people, and this time they are led by the ghost core figure Tiger Lehman, with the cooperation of Tiger Lehman and Yan Chen. I am very relieved and can give up. I can report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing at any time."
"Tiger Lehman, the strange figure with the title of mercenary king and nickname cheetah mercenary?"
"Yes, it is. Do you know him?"
"I don’t know him, but I know this man, Tiger Lehman, is a key target of many countries to prevent crimes. You are really talented."
"There are ten mercenary kings in the international mercenary world, and there are seven in my ghost, otherwise the ghost is known as the largest mercenary organization in the world."
"Tiger Lehman the cheetah, Alevsky the violent bear and Kusev the poisonous wolf. I know that they are all among the top three mercenary kings, and which of the top four are the ten kings?"
"They are the ghost Longer, the vampire Muhler, the super hacker Koshev, and the destroyer Gerlinski."
"One by one is a headache for all the national security departments, Lord. I really don’t know if you will bring these grandfathers together. Will they all come to Tianlong Federation this time?"
"No, Longer, Muhler and Gerlinski will stay in the camp, and the other four will be exposed in this operation. Among them, Taglehman and Koshev are both coming to Tianlong Federation for the first time."
"I’m a thousand please, please, you must control these uncles and don’t let them do something in China."
"This will never happen. Just relax and accompany me to report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing."
"No, if you’re not at the headquarters, you’re a member of the Black Sun Group, but there’s no one who can resist these international horrors. Be careful and make a big mistake. I can ask Lieutenant General Chang Xing for instructions to drag you back when you report, or wait for you to finish those who come to Tianlong Federation to smash" chaos ".The underworld organization of Dongyang Empire will send these people out of Tianlong Federation before you report to Lieutenant General Chang Xing."
"That’s ok. Anyway, things are in a hurry. These days, by the way, do you have any information about the latest trends of Dongyang people in China?"
"In addition to your black sun group countries, the underworld organizations in other cities seem to be aware of Dongyang people’s conspiracy recently. They are all gathering strength in their respective organizations. They have formed an alliance with the underworld of Dongyang Empire. The five coastal cities of Jinlong City, Guangtiancheng City, Longgang City, Zhucheng City and Futian City are mainly in Yuehua City. According to our analysis, Dongyang people don’t seem to attach great importance to attacking your black sun group in Yuehua City now. They seem to be keen on mastering and controlling the black forces in those five cities.
"My information here is similar to yours, and I’m also wondering why Dongyang National People’s Congress is calling for the eradication of our Black Sun Regiment. Now it seems that it’s thunderous and anticlimactic. Now it seems that this invasion is really not simple. They must have a very perfect dough plan."
"From a variety of intelligence, it seems that Dongyang people must have been brewing this operation for a very long time. I’m afraid it’s really menacing to ask other underworld organizations in China for a catastrophe."
"Jinlong City Tianlong Gang, Guangtiancheng Hei Hu Gang, Longgang City Triad, Pearl City Qinglong Hall Futiancheng Four Seas Concentric Association have invited our Black Sun Group to form an alliance. I have asked Yanchen to get in touch with them. Now our six groups have reached a preliminary intention to form a black sun underworld alliance. Everyone agrees that through this firefight with Dongyang people, which one is the most powerful to kill Dongyang people, I will choose which one is the boss of the black sun underworld alliance. I have planned and decided to send someone to support those five organizations. Since Dongyang people want to lead me out to fight, I will press them.
"Tell me about your plan and see if I can add something for you."
"It turns out that I, Dongyang people, will send a large number of people to Yuehuacheng. At that time, the plan was to draw 300 people from the ghost members in China this time to set up 30 urban special warfare commandos. Twenty-seven commandos supported the country. Twenty-seven offered to send people to Yuehuacheng to support us in fighting Dongyang gangsters and leaving three reserves. The remaining ghost members were preparing for a decisive battle with Dongyang people in Yuehuacheng, but the situation has changed recently. The original twenty-seven organizations have now been integrated into five organizations, so I plan to be sure. I’m going to send a 500-person combat team to each of the five organizations, leaving 500 people to sit in the headquarters and serve as the reserve team. Each combat team is equipped with desert eagle pistol, M sniper rifle, mp5 assault submachine gun, gatling six-tube heavy machine gun, Tiger Tooth D saber, m67 Grenade and rpg rocket launcher 45mm mortar! This time, I wouldn’t be Zongming if I didn’t kill Dongyang people who came to Tianlong Federation to "mess up".
Hear ZongMing say these firepower equipment dragon three got a fright "you little crazy you ghost mercenaries for these equipment to play a big city battle is more than enough. Are you a triad or an army? You don’t want to "mess" with those five cities, but you can’t stand it. "
"Hey, hey, of course, we have an army. Don’t fuck with the third brother. I want them to prepare these equipment. The most important thing is to serve as a deterrent. At the same time, it has always been a combination of five underworld groups to show the real strength of our black sun group. Don’t you think it will be more beneficial for the underworld organizations in the federal control country if we become the leader of the black sun underworld alliance?" The wrong novel network does not jump the word Zong said to dragon three in a wily way, "Of course, I know that the construction of the five major cities is quite good, and I know that destruction is easy to build and it is difficult to build. I will not let them create too many scenes. I did this purely by force and at the same time told those five combinations that they are truly powerful triads."
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Chapter 10 Soldiers’ Cutting and Plotting
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Cheng Feng locked his two knife-shaped eyebrows and his face was very gloomy. When he returned to the headquarters of the Hailun Group in Jinlong City from Huacheng, he didn’t have a moment to relax. It was really beyond his expectation that he returned from Yin Hai Gong. He has been speculating about the real background of the Hei Sun Group. His hands are all public information, which has no real significance. He has become extremely upset because of this sudden strong enemy.
It turned out that Zong Ming was just an arrogant and powerful gangster, but when he knew that Zong Ming was close to Long San in the Dragon Group of the State Administration of Safety, this anxiety was even heavier.
Of course, he knows that people from the Ministry of National Security have been staring at the Hai Ri group, and he also knows that Cheng Jiahe and Luo Jia played the role of "color" in the most powerful and factional infighting. It is precisely because he is too aware of the cruelty of political struggle that he has been carefully managing all industries and interpersonal relationships in Hai Ri for a long time. He asked himself how he would never have thought that there would be such a big variable as Zong Ming.
Cheng Feng, who is so close to the people of Dongyang, of course, has long known that the major league of underworld organizations of Dongyang Empire is preparing to enter the Tianlong Federation with accurate information. However, because he did not attach great importance to this matter at the beginning, many members of Dongyang Imperial Mafia successfully entered the Tianlong Federation through various channels of the Hai Ri Tuan and became accomplices of Dongyang people in disguise, thus leading to the deterioration of the situation of the underworld forces in China. An careless Cheng Feng may take the blame for "Han", traitor and Dongyang lackeys "whenever he thinks about this problem.
Their Cheng family can be called a loyal and guardian. If Cheng Feng is regarded as a running dog of Dongyang people because of this incident, even if his family can forgive him, he will not forgive himself. When he realizes this, he will think clearly that Zong Ming will be so disgusted with the Hai Ri Tuan and thus attack it.
Cheng Feng doesn’t feel bad about the 300 million gold coins. He is most worried that Zong Ming and the Ministry of National Security will make an issue of the whole material on this issue, which will inevitably affect the balance of power at the highest level. Then he’s really guilty of Cheng Feng.
He now knows that his brother-in-law, Luo Fumin, will choose to visit the European continent at this time. It seems that Luo Fumin may have predicted that today’s situation would simply choose to stay away from this wrong circle and go abroad for shelter. Every time I think of his brother-in-law’s old "rape", Cheng Feng’s heart is so depressed.
Every time Cheng Feng thinks of those factories, warehouses and companies that nest in the Hairi Youth League Flag, Cheng Feng feels even more uneasy. He walks back and forth in his office from time to time, picking up words, putting them back and picking them up again for more than ten times.
Cheng Feng is considering whether to tell some corporate information of Dongyang Imperial gang members who are holed up in Hai Ri Tuan to Zong Ming, a black Sun Tuan. He is not willing to be beaten by Zong Ming for nothing, and he has to tip him off, but if he doesn’t poke out the hidden disaster earlier, he is worried that it will cause a more difficult situation.
This ambivalence fully tortured Cheng Feng for nearly three hours. Finally, he gritted his teeth and picked up the words and said to the secret outside, "Get me the boss’s office of Yuehua City Black Sun Group and say that the sea schedule wind is looking for him."
Soon the phone was connected.
Yuehuacheng Black Sun Group lives in the ghost house.
Zong Ming picked up the words and said, "I’m Zong Ming. I don’t know what Vice President Cheng wants from me."
Zong Ming is really puzzled by Cheng Fenglai’s polite words. Of course, I have to take them.
At the other end of the sentence, Cheng Fengyin said, "I know that Zong Boss is now playing games with members of the Dongyang Imperial Gang. I have several places here where there may be people who are interested in Zong Boss. These places are" Cheng Fengxiang told Zong Ming six places.
Zong Ming wanted to break his head and never thought that Cheng Feng would tip him off. Although he was not sure about the truth and danger of Cheng Feng’s intelligence, after all, it was somebody else who took the initiative to talk to him. After a moment of hesitation, he said to Cheng Feng, "I am very grateful whether Vice President Cheng’s intelligence is accurate or not."
Cheng Feng hung up without saying much.
Zong Ming spoke freely and then lost in thought.
He is thinking about Cheng Feng’s real intention to make this remark. From a reasonable point of view, Cheng Feng should hate Zong Ming for him. After all, 300 million gold coins are an astronomical wealth for a person. Is Cheng Feng playing a conspiracy to let him drill into the trap of Dongyang people or is he interested in his initiative? For these two only possible percentages, Zong Ming is really not sure.
Dragon three saw Zong Ming’s expression and asked, "What do you mean by Cheng Feng looking for you at this time?"
Zong Ming asked dragon three a question in his heart just now.
Dragon three gave his own opinion after thinking for a while. "I think Cheng Feng’s intelligence is really’ sexual’. Of course, it doesn’t rule out that he wants to use Dongyang’s manpower to deal with you and retaliate against you. Perhaps the most important thing is that he said that the six enterprises are all large-scale projects invested by Dongyang people in China. Each enterprise has 10,000 employees, and the Japanese side accounts for more than half of them. It is reasonable to arrange one or two thousand Dongyang people there, which will not arouse people’s suspicion, because in Japanese-funded enterprises, employees always return to Dongyang Emperor every once in a while. Land rotation practice, where it is the best hiding place for Dongyang Imperial Mafia League to come to Tianlong Federation, now we need to determine whether there are any members of Dongyang Imperial Mafia lurking in advance in the employees of Tianlong Federation. If there are, how many will there be? We need to know that there are nearly 20,000 Dongyang people in those enterprises. "
Zong Ming didn’t seem to take this nearly 20,000 Dongyang people into account. He smiled and said to dragon three, "I am the boss of the dragon, but you are an expert in information engineering. There are so many Dongyang people lurking in the country. You have not been able to grasp the exact information until now. If I were your company, I would have to fire you."
Dragon three said with a smile, "You little stinker, we all have your magical powers one by one. We can’t conduct security investigations all day long for those Dongyang imperial enterprises that have invested in Tianlong Federation. That will destroy how many people have worked hard to establish a good investment environment. If you don’t handle it properly, it may cause international disputes. It’s not that you don’t know that Dongyang people’s stinking mouth is as annoying as it is in the UN Security Council all day long."
Zong Ming scolded, "Mom, the so-called investment of Dongyang people in Tianlong Federation is actually a disguised form of economic plunder, which is a blatant aggression. I simply take this opportunity to kill all these Dongyang people. For these bastards, I would rather kill ten thousand by mistake and never let one go. Anyway, it is not a bad thing for Tianlong Federation to kill one more Dongyang person."