Zhu Xuan also made moves. He was very calm, and he shot a single shot at his sleeve. Slim silk threads were glittering and translucent, as if they were invisible. These silk threads directly wound a dragon.
The dragon growls and is entangled in these silk threads directly, and the body swings in an attempt to break free. However, this silk thread is extremely strong and looks extremely slender but tenacious, which is unbreakable compared with the dragon’s struggle.
However, a dragon is blocked and a silver dragon is unstoppable, and Xia Qiren is about to break through the five elements surrounded by Sheng Zong.
"Ancient sea turtles!"
Seeing that the silver dragon is about to hit Xia Qi and his party, Xia Qi drank low, and an ancient turtle vision appeared behind him and stood in front of the silver dragon.
The silver dragon was extremely horrible and fierce, and rushed directly over. The ancient turtle vision collided, but the ancient turtle vision was hard and extraordinary
The silver dragon’s horn is sharper than that of the dragon’s horn, but it still cannot be broken when it touches the ancient turtle’s shell. After the ancient turtle’s shell hits a crack, the silver dragon directly dissipates into a silver awn and returns to Liu Jun’s glove.
A little cold, the code word speed drops sharply …
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Difficult decisions
"I rushed out!"
When two silver dragons were blocked and won the last breakthrough.
Xia Qiren took advantage of the yellow flag to break the passage and rushed out of the encirclement of the five elements of the holy Sect, without stopping, and rushed directly towards the entrance of the Jade House Xuanjie.
"You can’t escape!"
Liu Jun and other five-line saints are chasing after him, especially Liu Jun’s speed is extremely fast, and his eyes are cold and grim, which makes people feel chilling.
Xia Qi’s speed has reached the extreme, and the figure is like an illusion, which means that it is difficult for the strong to capture the real figure.
The exit is just around the corner. Liu Jun’s face is a cruel binge drinking, and his right hand is lifted with gloves. His fingers are like a mountain of silver and he is caught fiercely.
In an instant, Xia Qi and his party felt that the world seemed to be left with a dazzling silver margin, which made people feel lost in it.
This feeling is gone!
The silver brilliance dispersed in an instant, but instead, a silver hand fell from the sky with five fingers like a mountain but sharp as a hook and pressed hard at Xia Qiren.
This moment is that Du Qi’s eyes are pale and desperate.
If the blow is swift and violent, we can’t catch them all, but at this time, this palm needs to hinder them a little. For a moment, more than 20 elites from the five elements will be surrounded, and then individuals will be unable to escape.
"Xiao Bai!"
Personally, it seems that the weakest repair is only able to compete with the ordinary real fairy jade bell, but the petite and lovely bell suddenly broke out at this critical moment
Jiao drink a white tiger on her wings never seems to be too big, but when Jiao drink at the jade bell rings, the momentum of instant white suddenly changes.
One roars like a tiger roars in a mountain forest, and it seems that a dragon swims for nine days.
Xiao Bai suddenly broke out, and the hurricane swept across all directions, and at the same time, Xiao Bai’s body changed dramatically in the white mountain.
With the sacred beast, the white tiger’s veins suddenly turned into a small white body, as if it were a rolling mountain suspended in the air, which would rumble with virtual pressure even if it didn’t move.
The overlord of the ancient monster beast is rare in ancient times, and at this time, the sacred beast, the white tiger and the white blood, turned into a horrible Kunpeng.
The body is like a mountain at the end, and the mysterious world is shaking. It seems that there is no small white body. In the mysterious world of Yujia, several peaks collapse and are only crushed by a small white body.
Hua Kun Peng Xiao Bai is really too big. Although Xiao Bai’s eyes can be regarded as an early age, he did not grow up, but his huge body gave people great oppression.
The huge mountain body swayed gently, and the heavens and the earth trembled as if it were going to be destroyed. Many immortals in the five elements of Shengzong changed their faces and retreated hastily.
Because Xiao Bai’s huge body was swept towards them!
Although Xiaobai doesn’t even have a true fairy realm, his huge body and strength are poor, and his powerful strength is enough to ignore all the realm gaps and sweep everything.
Together with Liu Jun, he fought against Kunpeng in Dufa. His body was swept by the impact, and his face flew to the distance in vain. However, Kunpeng’s body did not stop the fierce sweep, and several five elements of Shengzong immortals were hit and exploded, and even the Jade House Xuanjie was hit with a gap.
"What a powerful force!"
Xia Qi eyes looked at the small white low shout a horror.
His physical strength is very strong, far more powerful than ordinary immortals, but compared with Kun Peng, his physical strength and strength are worthless.
Xiao Bai’s blow swept away and even Liu Jun didn’t dare to fight hard. He had to step back, but after the blow, Xiao Bai could no longer maintain his transformation. In a flash, his body has become the image of a white tiger with wings on his back.
And turned into a white tiger, the white hair was stained with blood, and her eyes were dim. Obviously, she was forced to become a white tiger and suffered a strong self-attack.
"Let’s go!"
Jade bell gave Xiao Bai a lot of healing medicine and life water, so he quickly put Xiao Bai away and drank it. Taking this opportunity, he rushed out toward the entrance of Yu Jia Xuan Jie.
Tao’s figure is breathtaking and rushes out of the Jade House Mystery.
Outside the entrance of Yujia Xuanjie, the sky is blue and the sea is clear. Tianshui in Wan Li looks beautiful.
"Today, the people of Tiandao Sect are doomed to perish in the realm of cultivating immortals!"
However, Xia Qiren just rushed out of the Jade House, and the five elements of Saint Zong followed, especially Liu Jun’s sullen cold mouth.
However, Liu Jun’s eyes also have a little palpitation, and his eyes have passed the jade bell body several times.
Just now, Xiao Bai turned into Kun Peng, and his strength was exhausted as if heaven and earth could crush that kind of power, which made him feel palpitations and uneasiness in his heart.
"Do you think others will watch you kill us?"
Xia Qi sneered and looked at the distant sea. There were several places where white clouds hung and even gods could detect the past. Obviously, that was the location of the immortals of Zi Xia League, Shogun League and Heavenly Sword League.
They followed the Five Elements Holy Sect and are waiting for the Five Elements Holy Sect to destroy the Heaven Sect and then take the opportunity to collect benefits.
However, the eye Xia Qi and his party rushed out of the Jade House Xuanjie, which obviously surprised several major league immortals.
Liu Jun’s eyes swept through several major leagues to hide his body, and a cold mountain and fear crossed his eyes.
He can be said to be the best in the cultivation of immortals, but if he is besieged by many immortals, he will still resist and will be defeated and die
"Will you watch and kill you and try to know!"
Liu Jun hesitated a little and decided to kill Xia Qi and his party directly.
Du Qi and Liu Jun are right. There is no doubt that Du Qigen is not an opponent. He was beaten back by Liu Junyi, and his face was pale and his face was ugly.
"They don’t want to intervene, but I’ll make them have to!"
Xia Qi cold drink a shape unexpectedly directly toward the clouds where several major leagues are located, and the blink of an eye is already close to a cloud.
"Leave it for me!"