Jiang Yue left with this sentence. Muming’s mouth was slightly ticked, but her eyes were slightly stained with cold light. This woman should be trying to find fault.

Muming looked at Cheng Man, who called the police station and asked the General Administration to send someone to look for someone. After that, one person was responsible for giving Peng Wanyi and Ye Ying away.
"Jiang Yue, I want to ask you what you didn’t do when you went there?" Chen Jun took it out and asked carefully, "What other unusual movements did you see besides hugging?"
"I didn’t" Jiang Yue shook his head and suddenly stopped. "I seem to see Ye Ying reaching behind his back and getting a few …"
Chen Jun eyes a cold to remember this information.
Cheng Man asked Peng Wanyi here, "Did you see any other movements when you hugged beautifully?"
Cold-faced Cheng Man made Peng Wanyi lose some money and smashed his mouth. "I saw Jiang Yue’s hand behind her for several times …"
Cheng Man’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but Mu Ming’s Ye Ying said, "I didn’t see any strange movements. If I really want to talk, then Peng Wanyi touched a few times behind the beauty, which is so simple, but it’s not that Wan Ying is still beautiful."
Mu Ming’s mouth curled faintly and said, "Is there really nothing else besides this?"
After the inquiry, the three men came together and the three women were assigned to different places. After Chen Jun reported his news, he heard Muming and Cheng Man say that he was surprised and shouted, "How is that possible!"
So isn’t all three people suspected?
So what the hell is going on here!
Mu Ming walked over to Peng Wanyi and bowed down. "I have something to ask you. Your classmate Ye Ying said that you moved behind beautiful. I wonder if it is true?"
Peng Wanyi was surprised to stare big eyes. "How can you say that!"
"So Ye Ying said it was a lie?" Mu Ming asked in a low voice, which made Peng Wanyi gasp and finally shook his head in frustration. "It’s not a lie. I just helped her sort out a dress at that time and didn’t touch her safety measures!"
Good. That’s a good reason.
Mu Ming turned around, but when he saw Cheng Man’s heavy face, he knew that the situation was wrong. He didn’t wait long to know that the three people’s answers were all the same finishing clothes!
So who’s lying in here? Do I have to tidy my clothes three times?
There must be one of them who is not tidying up clothes but undermining security measures!
Mu Ming pursed his lips and asked, "Have you been bungee jumping before?"
"No, this is the first time we’ve come out to play this thing. We don’t usually play such extreme sports." Bungee jumping once is enough, otherwise we should give ourselves a heart attack.
Gu Jingke and Qi Shaochen went back here after checking an instrument over there, and it didn’t take long for police officers to look for someone.
About half an hour or so, people found it in one place, but the clothes were soaked and there was no breath …
That means people are dead!
Muming went to the front of people and reached out and explored it. He checked that the police came and didn’t forget to bring her investigation box out in the cold to assist the three female students.
Criminal investigators have cordoned off and went to the bungee jumping platform to look for evidence and fingerprints.
Jiang Yue covered her lips and cried, "Beautiful!"
And the other two girls are also crying together, suffering from "how can beautiful die …"
After Muming’s examination, the victim was bruised in many places. He should have jumped into a stone and put too much pressure on it, which led to his death. This is the right thing to happen.
Cheng Man took a sip of his lip and looked at the three girls. "I’m sorry all three of you are suspected."
"Officer, what do you mean?" Ye Ying asked, "Are you wondering if we killed someone? Or did you ask us those strange questions because you were already doubting us! "
"Congratulations on your answer." For Ye Ying questioning Cheng Man, he didn’t hide it. "So you must cooperate with us now or there will be no way to find out the case."
"But how can we kill Mei?"
Ye Ying cold rhetorical question and Muming also said at this moment, "Do you have a private holiday? Roommates should be a little small. "
This is all because they came through, no matter how many strangers came to know each other, it was impossible for no one to be angry or contradictory. Ye Ying didn’t refute what Yin Muming said.
Jiang Yue said at this time, "Ye Ying, I remember that beautiful time broke your favorite coat and dyed it pink and red …"
Ye Ying a nu "jiang month what do you mean! You threw dirty water at me on purpose, didn’t you? You say me, then you are not the same. You are jealous of beauty and stole your male god. What do you think I said is wrong? "
Jiang Yue’s eyes sank. I didn’t expect Ye Ying to say that. Her heart ached!
And Peng Wanyi interjected at this time, "Don’t tell each other, aren’t you good friends?"
"Who is a good friend?" Ye Ying laughed coldly. "What do you say about me behind my back? I don’t know Peng Wanyi. Don’t be so lofty. Don’t you like gossiping at the back the most? Also said that we also hate beauty! "
Muming and others looked at the three men and said that some of them were big, but it was really ridiculous to pretend that they were sisters …
Gently smiled Muming the baggage and take the journey "can you three classmates calm down? The three of you each said that you would expose your clues. You must not be so kind to the deceased, but why do you want to play bungee jumping with her? "
That explains it. Why else would you come?
After Jiang Yue’s eyes flickered, he bowed his head and explained, "Beautiful her home … is very good for us …"