Because practitioners in the human world can’t soar, the number of Mahayana periods is too large to imagine. Even if those Mahayana periods don’t need to be advanced, they will have younger generations or recognize evil spirits, which will help them to some extent. If they want to make moves, they will naturally find reasons. Although there are many experts here, there will always be omissions. Once they don’t regret it, it will be too late.

Zong Jiu knew that Hu Yingxue was worried about finding too many others in the past two days because of the same concern. When Hu Yingxue finished speaking, he laughed, "I know that someone will recognize me as a demon spirit. I just want to let people recognize it, little grandmaster. Don’t you think it’s better to guess who’s playing tricks behind closed doors than to lure the snake out of the hole with my bait?"
Hu Yingxue frowned lightly. "It’s better to lure the snake out of the hole, but we don’t want you to take such a big risk."
Zong Jiu smiled. "Little grandmaster, have you seen some gold and Wujin these two days?"
"Are they finally out?" Hu Yingxue hasn’t seen some gold and Wu Jin for a long time. When he first came to Hunyuan World, something happened several times, which didn’t help. Therefore, his self-esteem was hit. When he returned to Ganyuan World in those years, they got the advice of Zhong Tong, added Mi Xing and Mi Ri, and left them with the dragon balls that they didn’t absorb completely when they left, and they have been closed ever since they returned here.
Chapter 25 Moved VS The so-called ostentation and extravagance must have
Seeing Dian Jin and Wu Jin Hu Yingxue almost dumbfounded, Dian Jin and Wu Jin’s appearance is very different from her memory. They have all become as big as a room and have many new features. When they come back to God, their eyes are bent up. "Dian Jin and Wu Jin have finished eating beasts and chasing the wind."
Hu Yingxue didn’t read wrong. Jin and Wu Jin really woke up, not only because of their strong physical strength, but also because Feng and Dragon Bone Blood and Yuan Li can help other birds and animals evolve and absorb Miri and Mixingliulongzhu. They not only woke up, but also rushed to the tenth order in one fell swoop.
Dian Jin took a few steps forward, bowed his head and rubbed his pen against Hu Yingxue’s shoulder and opened his mouth to vomit. "We won’t be unable to help anything."
Hu Yingxue felt a pain in her heart and a little sour.
In fact, she knew that she didn’t take Dianjin and Wujin to heart. At the beginning, she had an unexpected reunion. She wanted to take it with her since she met again. Although she felt a little lost before Dianjin and Wujin didn’t follow her, it was just a moment of emotion and she turned her head and left it behind.
At the same time, she also knows that her position in Dian Jin and Wu Jin’s heart is the master. Many people say that dogs are the most loyal partners of human beings. Once they have a master, no one can replace the master’s position, which may make them willing to sacrifice everything.
Although she was given a little gold and Wujin training opportunities and enough training resources, she was definitely not a qualified master. These two gave her a letter without impurities, but her return letter was not enough. However, they never cared about this unfairness and trusted her as always.
Maybe she knows everything. Now she not only cares about the relationship between her and Mu Tianxuan, but also cares about family ties, friendship and other emotions. When she thinks about it, she naturally thinks of giving something back. When she comes to her senses, she finds that she has reached out and stuck to some money and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t think about you two before, but I won’t ignore you when I need help."
After listening to Hu Yingxue’s words, the reactions of Dianjin and Wujin are very different from them. Now, the domineering and powerful image is as cheerful as ordinary dogs. Although it is very damaging, it is really cute. Hu Yingxue raised his mouth. That bastard said damn it. She is really a fool who can’t find herself. In fact, she is very lucky.
After expressing feelings in my heart, Hu Yingxue looked at Zong Jiu on one side. "Do you think a little gold and Wujin can help you cover up the demon spirit?"
Zong Jiu smiled and narrowed his slender eyes, which made women jealous. "I am weak compared with them now, aren’t I?" I have considered Li Feng before, but fortunately, it is more appropriate for a big man to bring two dogs than to bring a furry snow ball at this time. "
"Really?" Turned to look at the still wagging their tails. Dianjin and Wujin Hu Yingxue bent their eyes again.
Zong Jiu had a bad feeling at that time, and soon he found that the bad feeling had come true. Looking at two little suckling dogs hanging on his body, which were not much bigger than his hand and slap, his face became stiff and he couldn’t even make an expression.
Mu Tianxuan handed over the magic weapon agreed before to the client, and got the qualification to go with him. Seeing that Zong Jiu was in a messy state in the wind, he laughed and stretched out his hand and patted Zong Jiu on the shoulder. "Don’t care too much about Ying Xue and occasionally like to play bad dramas."
Zong Jiu is sure that this statement by his grandmaster is absolutely not comforting him. Instead, it should mean that he is very happy that his little grandmaster actually thought of playing him like this. This man really thinks from his little grandmaster at any time, but they still think that he is the lucky one who can walk into his heart.
Hu Yingxue came over with Li Feng. "Let’s go together first. We’ll take a boat from Fengkuo City to Cangzhou, Liaoning Province, and then convert it into a team."
"You dug it up?" Mu Tianxuan looked at it and narrowed it down to the size of a football. Li Feng was not only quite cute, but also somewhat expensive.
It’s a little strange that Hu Yingxue wore his refined red robe and held such a snowball in her arms. Even if she simply wore a bun, her face was not powdered, which made people think of the word gorgeous, just like when she first saw her, but at that time she looked at a painting. Now she looks much more vivid.
Hu Yingxue was very satisfied with Mu Tianxuan’s expression at this time. She deliberately chose this robe and smiled. "Compared with those Mahayana periods, I also need to protect the object. Now you can’t be disturbed. Please entrust Zong Jiu with some gold and Wu Jin’s’ care’, so that I can have it with me."
Mu Tianxuan heard the words and laughed. "Actually, I don’t recommend that you bring nine secluded places close to your body because I will be jealous."
"jealous?" Hu Yingxue took a white look at Mu Tianxuan "I can’t see it."
Watching Hu Yingxue walk side by side after he approached, the two of them lived in nine pairs and shrank into a little suckling dog, kneeling in his arms with two teeth. "It’s really too much to consider our lonely mood, isn’t it?"
Dian Jin and Wu Jin responded with a dirty look.
Zong Jiu sobbed at the corner of his mouth. How could he forget that these two have long been in pairs? No wonder they are despised. Look, Wei Zhe, Su Yi and Min Shao came over. They met immediately before they met. They are all bachelors. Seeing people alone can make him find some comfort.
Seeing that Atractylodes lancea was fighting with the adjutant’s office next to Mu Tianxuan, followed by Mu Tianxuan, Zong Jiu asked Su Yi, "Big Brother Atractylodes lancea and Little Martial Uncle are going this time?"
Su Yi nodded. "Uncle Atractylodes and Dan Meng have a deep hatred. Do you think he should miss the opportunity to see Dan Meng’s gaffes when he gets there?"
"I’m not fit to do this, am I?" Zong Jiu pulled the corner of his mouth. "You should know that if I show up in front of people, I will be stared at and maybe I will get into some trouble."
"It is precisely because of this that Shi Bozu asked you to take him with revenge, which is very bad for his practice. Experiencing more things may change his mind." Su Yi raised his hand and patted Zong Jiu on the shoulder. "You are not too worried about Fa Gu. Don’t forget that you have two powerful bodyguards, Dianjin and Wujin."
"I’ll take good care of the little one when I know it." Zong Jiu especially doesn’t want to hear the words "powerful bodyguard" now. Hu Yingxue turned Dian Jin and Wu Jin into little suckling dogs and gave them a suckling dog. They found a particularly suitable reason that she was a grandparent. She just had two dogs and couldn’t leave someone to take care of her grandchildren for the time being, so he was responsible for taking care of one.
At this time, Zheng Yi and the two men, who were holding little Jirui crimson beads and cliff, came along together. After Wei Zhe and others met, a group of people chased Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan away from the direction. Hu Yingxue and Hu Yingxue didn’t walk far and were soon chased by them.
When they arrive at the right place, Yong Jian, Zhu Zhou and others who want to go together this time are already waiting there. This time, Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan will go there, and the others are the brothers of the Temple of Dan. In addition, there are two elders of the Temple of Dan who will be responsible for dealing with those senior figures who attend the Taoist conference.
Seeing Hu Yingxue’s people coming over, Yong Jian grabbed a hair band and tied a hair at random. "Why do I think they are going to play?"
Zhu Zhou looked at the group of people and said, "It’s really a look to travel with a baby and a small pet." The corners of the mouth cocked up. "I’m looking forward to receiving what our people will look like when they see this."
Seeing Yong Jian and Zhu Zhou, Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan, they took a group of people to greet them. Only then did they see that there were many people who were familiar with the two bodhi old zu and those who lived in the Temple of Dan. Except for seeing people on the island before they left, their guards and servants were all very neat behind Govin, Gowu and Su Xin (Mu Tianxuan was in charge).
Looking at this posture, it should be the same as that time when I went back to Ganyuan World, leaving a few people to look after the house. Hu Yingxue walked over with her eyes staring forward and didn’t tell her. At this time, Govin and Gowu asked, "Don’t take so many people?"
Govin said with a smile, "How can two young masters go to the crowded pavilion with other sects? It should also be thought that this will arrange a place for us to take with us to the palace. Since we want to live in our own palace guards and servants, we have to bring it ourselves. Since we want to bring it, it is naturally better to bring it."
Yongjian followed him. "Snow-reflecting girl is such an ethos here in the mixed world, and I don’t know which one is full and supports this kind of vain thing. I have to talk about the extravagance."
Come with Yong Jian and take Zhu Zhou’s words. "Everyone else does that. If we don’t want to be special, we have to do it. Anyway, we can afford those things without worrying about being compared by others."
"Not the one we usually live in?" Hu Yingxue remembers clearly that she didn’t see anyone when she left the island. Her palace is still there.
Zhu Zhouxiao replied, "There are many disciples in Zongli who are specially prepared to travel together to prepare for the palace without taking yourselves."
There is a boat parked next to it. The black hull looks very solemn, but it depicts dark gold lines, so it can be gorgeous. Don’t tell the function, such as putting it out to decide whether it can support people’s face and feel very powerful again. What’s wrong with this world?
However, Li Gui Li Hu Yingxue will not refuse to accept this arrangement without being well-advised, just as Zhu Zhou said that it would be bad for them not to do that if everyone else did, and their main purpose in the past was to crack down on the Danmeng people, not to become the so-called laughing stock in everyone’s mouth.
Because of regret, there are so many people who can’t go to see me off together that they don’t show up in front of people. Wu Qin came to show his face and saw Hu Yingxue and his party dressed up as married with children. The bodhi old zu, who has always been known for his rigor, smiled and nodded and said "very good"
Wu Qin left after losing these three words. Hu Yingxue blinked. "I feel that everyone seems to be very excited."
Also come and show your face Luo Shenjun smell speech laughed "can not excited? We’ve been stuck in cloud nine for more than two thousand years. "
For people in the world, more than 2,000 years is really nothing. Sometimes you can just drop it by sitting, but in the world, it’s been quite a long time. Ordinary people can be reincarnated for twenty times. Many talented practitioners can practice Tao, but Du Jie has soared.
"We won’t let everyone down." Hu Yingxue didn’t ask why she had to endure for so long because she knew she wouldn’t get an answer. If she could say that she should have told them by now, even if she had asked, it was not yet time for them to know.
"I know that you are still the owner of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, but it is better to help more." Luo Shenjun handed Hu Yingxue a card. "If you need to find out something, take this to the Qianli Inn and take out this card. No matter what you want to check, people there will help you check it."
"Thank you, Patriarch." Hu Yingxue looked at the cards in her eyes, just like the one she got before, but the material is much better. You can tell by a look that the level is different.
Luo Shenjun with the wave, "Let’s go at once. There is news from the Wulong Xianzong clan and the Long family that they want to leave with you. They are already waiting for you over there. Don’t let them wait too long."