And I am much calmer in the confrontation with Guardiola.

First of all, naturally, it is because he firmly believes that his tactical pen Guardiola is more advanced and his tactics can suppress the other side.
Secondly, Lazio won the first round and won the other two goals. He naturally has an advantage in psychology.
Guardiola is obsessed with beating himself, which will make him lose some correct judgments.
However, this kind of words always win, and he can’t explain why Guardiola must beat himself.
Guardiola didn’t tell anyone about it, so there’s no need to shout about it.
Nevertheless, Catalan journalists are still angry at Chang Sheng’s arrogant attitude.
A Catalan reporter got up and asked Chang Sheng, "The Bernabeu is our nightmare, isn’t Bayern Munich your nightmare?"
Bayern Munich beat Inter Milan 31 in the first leg, and the promotion situation is as favorable as Lazio. Unexpectedly, Bayern Munich is likely to eliminate Inter Milan and advance to the final.
If so, will Lazio have no idea at all?
Bayern Munich is Lazio’s bitter rival in the Champions League, but it didn’t win once.
Wonn’t Lazio think it’s necessary to reach the final and seek revenge with Bayern Munich?
Changsheng laughed after listening to the reporter’s question.
"Even if Bayern Munich is really our nightmare, let’s wait until we reach the final, and you have been eliminated first before, so you don’t care about this problem."
Catalan journalists are just not used to winning this face.
It seems that the game is over, and the team that entered the final must be Lazio.
This makes them very unhappy.
We’re just two goals behind you. Why are you so confident?
Don’t forget that we have another away goal!
Where on earth did your smug confidence come from?
Perhaps the Catalan tabloid that called on fans to make noise for Lazio was the happiest.
The more furious he is because of his winning streak, the more fans there are in Barcelona.
There will be more Barcelona fans who will come to participate in their activities.
Through this organization activity, the popularity of their newspapers should also be improved.
Chang Sheng’s performance in the pre-match press conference made many Barcelona people very angry. Many Barcelona TV stations criticized Chang Sheng for his lack of minimum respect for his opponents after the game.
In this regard, some Italian media said that you didn’t see any respect for your opponents when you belittled Lazio to raise Barcelona …
Is everyone’s climax before the game at the press conference before the game?
Wrong number, especially thick!
In the evening, when Lazio players go to bed at ten o’clock on time, it is still calm outside.
Most players soon fell asleep.
These players have developed a very professional interest habit when they are always strict with each other.
It is absolutely not allowed to stay awake beyond 10: 30 the day before the competition.
The coaching staff will decide who can start and who can’t according to the mental state of the players the next day.
It doesn’t mean that even if you have become a starter in the tactical meeting, you can really win the game. It’s not that you haven’t changed all the starters temporarily one hour before the game …
In order to ensure that we don’t lose the starting opportunity a few hours before the game, everyone will seriously abide by the team discipline.
People often see what stars and tactics Lazio have, but they ignore Lazio’s excellent discipline.
Every player in Lazio will abide by the discipline set by the coaching staff.
They are extremely obedient.
It was calm.
At 2: 30 in the morning, several buses came to the street outside the hotel, and nearly 100 people came by taxi.
As soon as they appear quiet.
After the arrival, the objects are also very quiet.
Finally, they laid a red firecracker on the road, which may sound 100,000 in length …
How does it feel when these 100,000 firecrackers suddenly explode at 2: 30 in the morning?
Is to think about it will feel … Very shocking?
After putting everything in place, the leader looked at his watch and waved his arm
The person in charge of the ignition lit firecrackers with cigarette butts and then turned around and ran!
Almost as soon as he turned around, firecrackers exploded.
The crackling sound suddenly sounded and echoed in the night.
Lazio hotel is another building across a street that is not spacious.
This is the old city of Barcelona. There are many old buildings.
The urban planning here is very narrow, the buildings are very close, and the roads are narrow. When firecrackers suddenly sound, the sound bounces back and forth between the two buildings, forming reverberation.
It’s much louder than setting off firecrackers in the open!
Many fans will feel uncomfortable even if they wear earmuffs prepared in advance.
Not to mention preparing Lazio players!
Chang Sheng was awakened by the explosion from his sleep, and there was such a trance that he crossed into the war years by himself. Outside, bullets and guns were ringing and flames were blazing …
Then he flipped over from the bed and rolled to the sidelines.
When he finishes this move, his body can
It was not until he fell down on the carpet and lay down beside the bed that his brain gradually came to his senses.
Mom! This is fucking Barcelona, right? I’m still the coach of Lazio, right?
After confirming this fact, he also heard clearly where the guns were … They were firecrackers!
Then the mess always wins and gets up angrily, rushes to the bed and pulls the curtain. The scene of the street comes into view.
Several buses stopped on the street to gather a group of fans wearing Barcelona jerseys, and then … in the thick smoke of the road, the fire kept flashing like a flash in layers of dark clouds …
Changsheng was taken aback and then reacted quickly.
This is the strategy of Barcelona fans!
Our team has not experienced long-distance travel like Barcelona, and its physical fitness has not been greatly affected.
So Barcelona came up with this way to make Lazio players have a bad rest.