"ah! Little beast, you want to die! "

The wind scatters people’s fears, and at the same time, they want to break free from the dragon.
Xia Qizhen Yuan violently controlled the dragon catcher to shrink his strength, and when he was caught in the palm of his hand, the wind scattered and people suddenly felt as if the sky were falling and the great strength made him resist!
As soon as it exploded, I saw that the dragon-catcher had broken up and a blood fog had risen, but the strong wind had dissipated!
At the same time, the six-year-old baby monk was horrified when he saw this scene when he brushed out the swamp pieces and broke free!
From the beginning to the end, it was just a short summer, and the wind was scattered and the life was smashed!
"ah! Little beast, don’t you dare kill DaFeng Daoyou! "
Suspection.i reality and pale ghost scattered people wind scattered people is to make friends at the moment to see a short moment when the wind scattered people have already turned blood fog suddenly angry and folded to drink a towards Xia Qi at the same time!
"Youlong’s posture is instant Wan Li!"
Xia Qi killed the wind and scattered people in the digital Yuan infant period, but at the moment, I saw more than six people rushing to myself. Suddenly, I was surprised and sprayed with JingXie. In Youlong’s posture, the blood fog filled the body and covered up a blood dragon!
Blood Dragon Teng, but there are still a number of attacks and bombardments. Xia Qi’s body is of the earth, and several wounds and blood flow immediately. But even so, Xia Qi still runs away regardless of his strength!
He is now able to compete with the general strength of the novice monk, who is very quenching. With the miraculous divination, he can also slay his opponent, just like the strong wind scattered people, but when he really fights, the other party will be in the wind as soon as he has guard against Xia Qi.
At this time, six infant monks were furious and chased Xia Qigen, and they dared not stay at all!
Quickly over the light, the dragon will escape in an instant!
Xia Qi’s speed is extremely fast, and even the six infant monks behind him are getting farther and farther away from Xia Qi.
"Jingxue burns a fiery gourd and explodes for me!"
At this time, I followed closely behind Huangfu’s real eyes, and my old friend died. He was so angry that he even spit out one mouthful blood at this moment. A gourd appeared in front of him, glittering and suddenly ignited a fire like a hot sun towards Xia Qi.
This is a rare treasure, Xiaqi Qingguang Gourd, which is almost as exciting as Huangfu reality. At this moment, Huangfu reality is angry, and he will not hesitate to consume a mouthful of Jingxue to promote the fierce Yang Gourd to blow itself up directly!
The explosion roared and the gourd burst directly, and the heart suddenly gushed out like a hongyun flame burning everything!
This underground fire is more violent than this moment, and the number of heartaches is burning. Even the sky has been burned out of a hole, which directly covers Xia Qihua’s blood dragon.
Xia Qi spewed out a mouthful of JingXie, which was quickly burned and boiled by fire, and finally dissipated. However, after a while, Xia Qi’s figure emerged from it, looking pale and embarrassed.
He used the forbidden method in Youlong’s posture to consume a mouthful of JingXie, but was violently broken by Huangfu’s reality, which immediately caused him a light injury.
"Little beast, you can’t escape today!"
Suspection.i reality also spit out one mouthful blood fierce gourd directly detonated his mind connected to it is more serious than Xia Qi hurt!
But at the moment suspection.i reality is face lit up crazy towards Xia Qi to kill!
At such a huge cost, his goal is to slay Xia Qi!
Xia Qi hits the dragon rope and iron rope. If the dragon Huangfu is violently punched, it will tie the dragon rope, but it will not hurt Xia Qi. Instead, it will let Xia Qi retreat a distance.
"Xia Qi obediently surrender!"
The deepest cultivation of Jin among several monks in Yuan’s infancy is already on the fourth floor of Yuan’s infancy. He was the first to rush over and raise his hand. The palm of his hand was bigger than golden light and shone like gold!
"Crack the heavenly sword!"
Xia Qi cracked the heavenly sword and cut it out. The thunder sword tactic thundered and roared to stop this golden palm from falling.
But this devastating thunder is bombarding this golden palm, but it only leaves a slight trace to break this golden palm print!
"Old this is five elements of five elements of French printing is it just a small then you can endure? Still give me a hand! "
The golden palm is like a broken bamboo, and the palm print is harder than the front and sharp!
The palm of your hand is on a roll, and the speed is extremely fast. Xia Qi hasn’t come yet, and the divination map has been smashed. The day will fall directly and Xia Qi will slap the mouth and spit blood.
As soon as the golden palm print dissipated, there were more attacks rumbling and rolling, and the bullying was more powerful than the momentum!
"Who dares to kill Xia Qi, motherfucker?"
Jin angered and drank heavily that he would seriously injure Xia Qi, but he didn’t want to kill Xia Qi. After all, it is too important for Xia Qi to get the Five Elements Sect and the Five Elements Evasion Technique. It is necessary to capture Xia Qi alive and ask him clearly.
Except for the gold, the other five infant monks were bent on killing Xia Qi and robbing Xia Qi of his treasures, but they didn’t stop to shoot with their big hands and smash Xia Qi on the spot!
"Stop it!"
Gold anxious than once again clap a golden palm, but in this time the goal is not Xia Qi but to stop this attack and kill Xia Qi several attacks!
Chapter one hundred and four wronged war
Chapter one hundred and four wronged war
Such as the explosion of spring thunder, the loud noise, the golden palm print, the number of attacks, the collision and the strength scattered across the square, and Fiona Fang was razed to the ground!
But even so, there are still two weakened attacks that broke through the golden handprint blockade and roared away towards Xia Qi’s escape figure.
"Zhenyuan gathers powerful magic palms!"
Xia Qi felt the fierce attack behind him, and he didn’t return to the real yuan to gather vigorously and poor, and directly hit a palm behind him. Suddenly, a huge magic ape palm fell hard and suppressed two attacks directly.
He is so powerful that he deifies Baihui point and temple, which is simply more than some peak monks in the then period. Although he is injured, his body is strong and many attacks can still be fierce.
"Xia Qi today you don’t want to escape! Chasing to the ends of the earth will also kill you to pay homage to the wind and scatter people in the sky! "
Jin tried to stop Jian Li and others, but after all, the law resisted many monks and soon suspection.i reality and others had broken through the gold blockade and came after Xia Qi.
Gold anger monstrous heart than humbled at the same time.
He hated Xia Qi for not being able to dismember ten thousand pieces, but he had to take Xia Qi alive and you Jing and others wanted to kill him, so he had to stop you Jing and others from killing Xia Qi.
Seven figures chase each other in this vast jungle, and all kinds of means come together to make a great impact. Dozens of miles in Fiona Fang are a mess, and the collapse of boulders and broken trees is a disaster!
Xia Qi Zhen Yuan is bold. Although the other six infant monks are aiming at themselves, there is gold to capture him alive to help Xia Qi offset the attacks of other infant experts. At that time, he was barely able to swim among the six infant monks!
"F * * king! If I catch you, I will torture you to death! "
Gold saw Xia Qi often in an emergency and immediately approached himself intentionally, not letting himself catch it, but allowing himself to block the attack on Xia Qi. Depressed than suddenly, he roared upwards.
He had to rescue Xia Qi. If Xia Qi got the five-element method, it was not a coincidence, but there were other sources. In that case, Xia Qi’s five-element Sect was killed, and all kinds of Juexue would still flow out.