"Yes, this old guy’s spell is weird, but it won’t affect many of us." The bloodthirsty tiger king also said.

"You three don’t move, let Teddy boy" Tongtian leader suddenly said.
Yang Jian three people were slightly stunned when they heard these words, but in addition to Eric Suen Yiu Wai, the second person of the imperial army, even eless Yan, dared not order what he said. Yang Jian and others had to listen even if they didn’t understand it. This is a rule that cannot be changed at will.
But then again, Teddy boy is different from Yang Jian, Dong Bingyan and others. Eric Suen Yiu Wai really regards Teddy boy as his best brother, and there is nothing he can do if he doesn’t want to do it according to Tongtian.
But teddy boy didn’t refuse at this time. He turned his body into a prototype with a length of about dozens of feet. The dragon body circled and danced in the middle, and a loud dragon sang.
Of course, he knows the reason why the leader of Tongtian let him do it. The snake Lao Xian is a poison expert. Although Yang Jian and others have strong preventive ability against poison, it is absolutely impossible compared with him, a monster that is completely poison-free and does not invade.
Teddy boy had just flown halfway when the snake lifted his hand, and a green mist had covered the neighborhood and then formed a round green cage.
In this cage, it can be said that nothing grows, and the terrorist toxin spreads everywhere, but also constantly absorbs the aura in the air, constantly nourishes itself and then grows up rapidly.
Tongtian hierarch whispered a few words in Yang Jian and others’ ears and saw Yang Jian and others scattered in succession and then disappeared outside the green fog.
The green poisonous fog is not a general toxin, but represents a destructive toxin. If it is touched by this thing, everything will rot instantly and then become scum.
It’s a wise choice for the leader of Tongtian to let Teddy boy play. If it’s Yang Jian and others, it’s estimated that it won’t last long, but Teddy boy won’t do harm to his body even if he breathes deeply in this green fog.
Over the years, Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s transformation of him has never stopped, except that the soul has not changed, the rest have undergone earth-shaking changes, not to mention such a poisonous fog. I’m afraid that even heaven will never ruin Teddy boy’s body again.
Now teddy boy is really strong enough to challenge the master of the world, and the most terrible thing is that teddy boy belongs to a synthetic creature, and his strength is not limited by the laws of heaven, especially in these twenty years, after Eric Suen Yiu Wai has raised his strength to a new height, he has completely transformed teddy boy’s body, so that teddy boy can swing beyond the limit like those guys across the sea eye without being rejected by the environment of the three realms of China
In fact, from the moment when a snake was always stared at by a punk, he was doomed to failure. The fate was that he was still at a loss.
Perhaps in the eyes of the snake, the leader of Tongtian is the strongest in this group. His idea is correct, but it is a pity that he has gone into a misunderstanding. Although Tongtian is powerful, if he wants to exert all his strength, he must use Taoist Dan’s skyshatter pill.
Teddy boy is different.
It’s a pity that the snake doesn’t know this. When he is poisonous and ready to turn away, his body can’t move now. Two sharp lights shoot out of Teddy’s eyes and hit the snake’s old body. Then the snake’s old body slowly becomes stiff and quickly petrified into a sculpture.
"I haven’t had a petrified eye for a long time. I didn’t expect the power to be so terrible after the strength rise. It seems that there should be one more in the battle." Teddy boy told himself in his heart
Sometimes too many things are also a trouble, just like teddy boy, who combines too many abilities, but only one or two can be achieved in real combat. If he tries to think about what abilities he wants, he is really stupid, so he has always been good at one or two abilities, and then if he sometimes practices one or two abilities, he simply doesn’t care. As the saying goes, it’s not nonsense.
"Teddy boy isn’t dead yet." Just when Teddy boy wanted to change back to human form, he suddenly heard the Tongtian leader calling him to look at the petrified snake quickly and carefully before he realized that it was actually a layer of snake skin, and the snake had long since fled into the void with his flying snake.
"Damn it, I was careless." Although I was not injured, I let the enemy go under the absolute advantage. This is a lot of food. Teddy boy naturally blames himself.
"Well, thanks to being original, I’m ready to make it difficult for him to fly. Now, hurry back and estimate that Yang Jian and they have stopped that fellow." Tongtian leader said to Teddy boy before.
Teddy boy heard that he still had a chance to flash slightly, and a ghosting image flashed across his huge body. He had long since disappeared into the void, and not long after, he saw his tail flying back with a python between his legs, while Yang Jian and others followed.
"Ha ha it was a python essence, and it was really wild and heterogeneous, and he was very interested in this kind of thing." Tongtian leader couldn’t help laughing when he saw the snake’s old self.
"Let me go, or you will suffer from the crazy revenge of our hydra king." The python is eloquent and looks arrogant.
Teddy boy directly fell to the ground and petrified his bust at the same time, but this time he was very careful for fear that this guy would escape again.
"Hydra king? You say it’s the snake king over there, but there’s nothing to be afraid of if you think about it. You hydra king must be less powerful than Poseidon, otherwise it’s impossible to be a dog for him. If it weren’t for Poseidon’s hand, we really wouldn’t care. "Tongtian leader smiled. He didn’t expect that he had already told the secret he wanted to know before interrogating this stupid serpent.
"Hum, our king hydra is in harmony with Poseidon, and if the king hydra and our statue of the beast emperor are stared at by him, you will all die." The old snake is still very arrogant and has not been intimidated by the words of the Tongtian leader
"oh? There is also a statue of the beast emperor? Isn’t it a bit too much to call yourself a guy these days? " Master Tongtian sneered, "But since you are up, let him come and save you. If he really has that thing, will he leave you alone?"
"You really know too much about the world beyond the sea eye. You don’t know you at all, and you don’t want to think that when there were so many animals in the wild, they would suddenly disappear in large numbers?" The snake said coldly
The leader Tongtian didn’t speak. He was actually very interested in this matter and wanted to know what happened at that time, because if monsters, Warcraft and beasts ruled the whole world according to the situation at that time, it would be the greatest possibility. What terrans, immortals, witches and demons are all in a bad climate? Many beasts will not become human even if they can become fine, because they think it is a shameful body, which is what they feel most sacred and proud of.
The snake always seems to have delayed and continued to explain, "At the beginning, our orcs and Zerg had the strength to unify the wild, but it’s a pity that the mother’s nerves sealed us in the sea at the cost of their own lives, and the sea eye in your eyes is actually a seal. It took so many years for the seal to gradually loosen before we had a chance to come back."
"Is there such a thing?" This time, the leader of Tongtian was also a little stunned by the theory of qualifications. Even Pangu and Hongjun can be younger generations in front of God and Mother Earth, and the orcs and zerg sealed by Mother Earth must have her reasons. It is not clear what the specific reasons are
"Afraid? After so many years, our orcs and Zerg Elves have not degenerated, but have become stronger. We have not only established our own continent in the deep seabed, but also produced a large number of descendants. Those western giant dragons, Shenzhou Hailong, are just our experiments and descendants. Those sea animals that have appeared frequently in the deep sea recently are also our experiments. You humans and immortals are still a little too young to compete with us. "The old snake laughed.
"Afraid? You’re not ashamed to say this. Since Mother Earth was able to seal you at the beginning, some of us can seal you now. Do you enter the China Association of the Day after Tomorrow in a big way? You think very well, but it’s a pity that you completely ignore the fact that others are making progress. "Tongtian leader sneered." I’m glad to hear these things from your mouth. Today I want to ask you where you come from, but now it’s not good for you. Since you said it yourself, stay in our camp and we will naturally treat you well when we come back. "
"Crazy really crazy, you stupid humans and fairy clan don’t really can compete with our great orcs? Don’t say that the Zerg have formed an alliance with us now. Even without the Zerg, it is easy for us to destroy you. You dare to say such a joke. "The snake is now worried that it is meaningless to threaten itself."
Tongtian hierarch ignored him and nodded at Teddy boy. "Go inside the Excavate Linglong Tower after he finished petrochemical."
"It’s not so troublesome to create an independence in my body, although it’s certainly not as chaotic as other bodies, but it also has isolation energy. If you want to get him in, he is an ordinary snake. You can’t escape if you want to escape." Teddy boy smiled and opened his mouth. Suddenly, he sucked the snake into his belly.
"Tongtian leader, although we are not afraid of what the serpent said, we can’t underestimate the power of the orcs and zerg. There is no doubt that a single snake is so powerful. If it comes badly, we must also have countermeasures, otherwise it can be passive beatings." Dong Bingyan waited for the whole thing to be processed before slowing down.
Chapter 379 Rule Maker