This scene has been seen many times since Chang Sheng became the head coach.

But attending such a celebration once and being in it will make Changsheng feel excited.
A generation ago, I was a nobody until I crossed over.
But now he has successfully left his own brand in many people’s hearts.
Some people will cry and laugh, and their every move will affect these people’s hearts.
Changsheng feels good-that’s what you should walk!
The next day, the traces of revelry had not faded, and the municipal square was littered with rubbish.
Many revelers who have been partying all night have not yet woken up from their sleep.
The provincial newspaper has put up newsstands and racks.
Placing newspapers is also a science. If you do it well, you can further stimulate your opponents to show off their victory.
Whether it is a newspaper delivery man or a newsstand owner, they put the most eye-catching side on the face.
Today’s "Provincial Newspaper" is headed by several photos, including a photo of Scorpion Ibrahimovic’s tail wagging and a photo of Barcelona players’ dejection.
Of course, the most important photo is the picture of Valencia holding the trophy.
In these photos is the title.
"Slaughter to achieve defending!"
Naked and arrogant!
The headline of World Sports News is "Shame!"
This is indeed a shame for Barcelona.
It is very proud that Barcelona has been the only three teams that have not been relegated since La Liga was founded in 1929.
However, in the early years of La Liga, they didn’t get along very well. From 1929 to 1944, they won the league championship once.
Before the 1990 s, they won ten league titles and were not in the same level as Real Madrid. If they only talked about league achievements, they were at most similar to Atletico Madrid.
But the arrival of a Dutchman changed all this. johan cruyff became the head coach in Barcelona. He brought the Dutch football concept of attack and defense, and he also brought La Marcia. He built the Dream Team.
From then on, Barcelona really became a giant.
Laporta thinks that the four pillars of Barcelona Club are cruyff, La Masia, Catalonia and UNICEF.
Among them, cruyff ranks first
But even the giants have a black history
The first time Barcelona lost by a big score was that Barcelona lost to Racing Santander 4 away in 221 season.
But once they scored six goals in a league match, it was nineteen years ago that Zaragoza beat Barcelona 63 at home on February 13th, 1994.
But Barcelona scored three goals in this game, and Zaragoza was only a net victory over Barcelona by three goals.
Valencia also scored six goals in Barcelona in La Liga history, which was 42 years ago when Valencia beat Barcelona 62 at home on November 19, 1961.
However, Barcelona’s history of the net negative six-goal game is not many. There are five times in this game.
Their last net loss of six goals was 52 years ago. On April 15, 1951, the Spaniard beat Barcelona 6 times at home, which was the worst loss of Barcelona in the same city derby.
Since then, Barcelona has never lost six goals.
With the arrival of cruyff, Barcelona has completely degenerated into a giant team, and it is even more impossible to lose so badly.
But it was in this situation that Valencia sent such a shame to Barcelona.
With a net loss of six goals, Barcelona lost the third highest score in La Liga.
The top two were Seville’s 111 home win over Barcelona on January 14th, 1994, and Athletic Bilbao’s 121 home win over Barcelona on February th, 1931.
It is really a great shame for Barcelona, which is now proud of its ability to compete with Real Madrid.
After the game, Chang Sheng told the Catalan media with a smile, "Why should I go to a team that can be defeated by my six goals?"
Another handful of salt was sprinkled on the wound in Barcelona.
After the game, laporta flew into a rage and fired head coach Anthich.
But with the last round left in the league, what if he fired Anthich?
Barcelona lost to Valencia in this game, but Mallorca drew. Barcelona has been dumped by Mallorca by one point in the points.
Even if Barcelona can win the final round, it depends on Mallorca’s face.
This is really not good news for Barcelona.
But I’m afraid the reason why laporta fired Anthich was not as simple as losing to Valencia.
It’s a terrible loss.
Laporta came to plan this game to rebuild Barcelona, hoping that everyone would know that he had offended Barcelona Stadium.
It turned out to be counterproductive.
Barcelona not only has no hope of reconstruction, but has once again become a laughing stock.
After the game, the media in Madrid laughed at Barcelona with glee.
I think when Real Madrid lost 5 away to Valencia, the Barcelona media didn’t laugh at Real Madrid’s harsh words.
Now they have also been ridiculed by the current newspaper and the Madrid regional media.
This made the laporta law, which vowed to restore Barcelona’s dignity, accepted.
Therefore, he dismissed coach Anthich, who caused the team to lose, and Antioch’s performance in the game was really flattering. In the face of Valencia’s goal after goal, his coach was indifferent
Nothing can explain it.
A clash between Valencia and Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona coach Fan Jiaer was dismissed by Gaspar because his team lost to Valencia.
This time, Fan Jiaer’s successor, Anthich, was also dismissed for losing to Valencia.
In addition, Real Madrid coach Bosco was dismissed because he lost to Real Madrid.
This season, three coaches were solved by winning constantly.
What a fellow killer …
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Good
After successfully defending the title, Changsheng also finished defending the main line!
After completing this, Changsheng’s current experience has reached 34.56 million points.
There are still 944,000 points of experience to upgrade.
The promotion is close at hand, but the winner will not be promoted this season.