It wasn’t until Xia Yu felt that she was almost unable to breathe. The passive and active domain slowly let her go. He had some unfinished business. He was provoked by Xia Yu until his breathing became stable. He had some pathogens blowing hot air in Xia Yu’s ears. "My wife will continue to remember that I want to thank more than that."

I’ve almost calmed down the chaotic heartbeat, and now my heartbeat is more red by a word from Ji Yu. I just took the initiative and felt incredible. She was a little shy and buried her head in Ji Yu’s chest. Listening to his strong heartbeat, their heartbeats were the same as the frequency.
After half a ring, Xia Yu slowly separated from the season and said with some shyness, "Let’s go to a hot spring."
Ji Yu seems to be familiar with this place. After the seventh turn, Xia Yu finally saw a big stone tablet with Yunlong Hot Spring written in big red letters. Behind the stone tablet, there was a brown cabin that entered the cabin. It was quite spacious. There were two door signs at the corner of the locker room for men and women, respectively.
Two people go to the men’s and women’s bathrooms to change clothes, respectively. Xia Yu goes straight to the direction that marks the women’s pool, but Ji Yu, who just came out of the locker room, pulls the door in Xia Yu’s pointing light way "this way".
Xia Yu’s little face is full of doubts. Why didn’t you see another door just now? And the door wasn’t marked. Who knows there is still one inside? Just when she was not sure about the situation, she had been dragged into the middle door by Ji Yu. Unexpectedly, there was a wooden passage with a width of about two meters in front of her. Xia Yu’s slippers creaked when they stepped on the brown wooden passage.
Next to this passage is a row of wooden houses. The door of the wooden house can’t stop the misty fog, and you can feel the temperature rising obviously on the outside of the aisle.
It took them about five minutes to reach their destination, that is, the wooden door of the last hot spring group was more important than others. free from worry Ji Yu grabbed Xia Yu’s hand and walked into the room together. Unexpectedly, there was a cave in the room, which made Xia Yu feel relaxed with soothing music throughout the room. There was a big bath in the wooden house. Although the house was big, there were Xia Yu and Ji Yu. It turned out that this man had already arranged it.
I can’t help blushing when I think about this summer language. What will happen if two people want to soak in a hot spring in one room? The more I think about it, the redder my face will be. What are these things in my mind? Is it that a pregnant woman is not pure because some hormones are fermenting?
Ji Yu kept writing Xia Yu all the way, but he didn’t put it down at the moment. He was about to slowly pull Xia Yu into the water. Xia Yu resisted to focus on the same place and didn’t want to be dragged by Ji Yu. She muttered, "Hehe, there is no gender difference?"
Summer Yu Ji Yu, who was blushing on both sides, gave her a dirty look, and then slowly said, "Wife, do you think you still need affection now?"
How dare you say that she is charming and hummed in Xia language? "Hehe, I’m sorry, I just want to be charming once today, okay?" Xia language deliberately sang against Ji domain by throwing his hands around his chest.
"No" naked refused directly. He didn’t give Xia Yu a chance to refute it. He directly picked up Xia Yu and walked into the water.
Xia Yu Kenai slowly put her into warm water by Ji Yu, because she knew that resistance was not as overbearing and unreasonable as this man.
The warm spring water makes the pores of the whole body slightly open. Now Xia Yu feels that the limbs are all warm and warm. The temperature of this water is about 4 degrees, so people won’t feel too hot. This temperature is just right. Adding soothing music makes Xia Yu feel very comfortable. She slowly knocks her eyes and falls into a semi-sleep state.
"Let me give you a massage."
The seasonal sound makes Xia Yu feel far away in a semi-sleep state. Her consciousness is faint and she nodded. The seasonal massage technique is quite skillful and the balance is quite in place, which makes it very comfortable and enjoyable at the moment.
Unconsciously, I felt that the movement behind me had stopped, and my body seemed to feel less warm. Xia Yu slowly opened her eyes and looked around. It turned out that she was still in that room, but she was half lying on a couch and wrapped in a bath towel, but she felt that something seemed to be missing in the bath towel.
What? When did her bathing suit disappear? What? She didn’t notice it at all. It must be Ji Yu, a servant.
Just as she was thinking about how to make Ji Yu, a sex maniac, look good, an enlarged handsome face was slowly bullying her. When she tried to dodge, she couldn’t come. "Well" didn’t come yet. Ji Yu held her little mouth and drove straight into the dexterous long tongue, trying to suck her sweet and fragrant mouth. Every corner of Ji Yu’s mouth was stirred around as if swearing that every inch of her body belonged to him, so that she could kiss back if she didn’t kiss enough today.
The rising of the bath pool made Xia Yu unable to tell whether it was real or dreamland, and he felt a hazy and rippling feeling. This kind of misty feeling made them kiss each other more like an aphrodisiac, and they both wanted to seize the hazy beauty of this moment.
Xia Yu’s body was tightly wrapped in a bath towel, and with the two people moving, it was already loose. The white skin was so delicate and delicious when it was exposed in the air. He didn’t want to let go of every inch of delicate skin that he kissed everywhere, so it was obvious that Ji Yu was so fond of it.
Flipping Xia Yu’s body makes her feel half-prone, kissing her most beautiful back carefully. This is a sensitive area of Xia Yu’s language. Every kiss in a season makes Xia Yu shudder and feel that every nerve in his body is convulsing and his mouth can’t help overflowing.
No matter which man hears this kind of sound, he can’t stand it. It’s a affirmation of love and an approval for men. Of course, it’s an effective aphrodisiac in front of the lover. The man has already prepared to continue, and he can’t help sprinting from behind.
After soaking in the hot spring for another time, Xia Yu is still reluctant to go, but Ji Yu, an overbearing man, insists that soaking for too long is not good for his health. This man seems to be talking about everything, and he is too lazy to argue with him. After they packed up, they left the separate room at the same time. When preparing for the dressing room, Bai Yifan just came out of the men’s pool.
Sharp-eyed Bai Yifan has long seen coming out of the private bath channel hand in hand. He has always been a hexagram. How could he miss this opportunity? He quickly greeted him with a smile on his mouth and opened his mouth. You’re welcome to move. "Yo, sister-in-law and boss are going to take a bath in mandarin ducks."
Knowing that Xia Yu’s face is thin, he deliberately took her to rinse the "scandal" in the story. Xia Yu’s face has turned red. She doesn’t know how to answer Bai Yifan. If she denies it, the fact is there. She is a little overwhelmed and pinched the palm of her hand:
Chapter 1 barbecue
"Bai Yifan can be the same if you want." Ji Yu glanced at him and casually ignored his words.
Xia Yu is not very satisfied with Ji Yu’s answer. Isn’t this to throw stones at her feet? It’s just to say that they just went to take a bath in Yuanyang. What’s the matter, Bai Yifan? If you are jealous, you can also find someone to take a bath.
Xia language is not as strong as these men’s resistance. Speaking of the yellow section, it can be so natural. If you stay here, Bai Yifan will say something ugly again to make her wise choice. It is unnecessary to go with Bai Yifan in this Hara. She will drag up Ji Yu’s hand and leave.
Ji Yu is difficult to cooperate with Xia Yu this time, and he is pulling a front.
It’s past midnight after dinner, and there are barbecue activities. She is not suitable for pregnant women to eat such things, and she can watch them eat, drink and beat thugs.
The barbecue venue is set in a lawn villa in the villa. The guests are very caring. They are ready for everything. They need to start baking food. Just sit around and have a good time with six people.
"You all sit and I’ll bake something for you." At school, Xia Yu often takes part in such outdoor activities, which is not a problem for her. Besides, she still eats this baked thing for less than two seconds, but they can enjoy it.
Bai Yifan skimmed the pie mouth and said, "Tut tut, who dares to fight you? If the boss doesn’t peel us off?"
Sister Linda smiled and agreed, "Xia Yu, it’s not convenient for you to move. You’d better sit down and I’ll get it."
Linda just got up and walked to the next oven. Xia Yu also got up and walked to Linda’s sister. "Let me help you."
Two people sit in a small chair and dance skillfully. Linda gently pushed Xia Yu’s shoulder and whispered, "Xia Yu, you should pay attention to that Chen Yishan. You go back here and I’ll get it."
After listening to Xia Yu, I couldn’t help turning around and glancing at a person behind me. Seeing Chen Yishan sitting next to Ji Yu from time to time, Ji Yu handed something backwards. It was really comfortable. It turned out that women’s intuition was very keen. How could Sister Cong Linda not see Chen Yishan’s special feelings for Ji Yu?
Xia Yu mocked Linda with a grateful look. "It’s not how I grasp it, it’s how others rob it."
Linda smiled faintly. "I didn’t expect you to be quite open-minded, but sometimes it’s always good to be careful."
In fact, I just saw Chen Yishan’s whole body ready to be posted on the body of the season, and Xia Yu’s whole heart was not calm. My heart was a mess, and there seemed to be a sulk in the scurrying about, but my face was still pretending to be calm.
Although the mouth is hard to say, Xia Yu’s face is excited, but his face has disappeared. Instead, his face is gloomy. Linda shook her head and said, "I don’t care about the mouth-shut, soft-hearted guy. Go quickly."
Du mouth Xia Yu obstinately said, "If you don’t go, they can do whatever they like."
Linda can’t know this time, and she can choose not to talk about the season.
"Let me come, you go back and sit." I don’t know when Ji Yu has come over and sat directly next to Xia Yu and took her hand.
Xia Yu gave Ji Yu a white look and said proudly, "Who wants you to come?"
Be well-advised Linda got up in vain to be well-advised and turned away from being alone with them.
Xia Yu ignored Ji Yu and picked up the kebab next to him and baked it by himself. Ji Yu didn’t stop her again. They just baked things quietly, but watching Ji Yu skillfully brush oil, turn it over and add powder neatly. Once again, she saw a different side of Ji Yu. This man always made her sit up and take notice.
"Eldest brother, you come and drink with us." Bai Yifan shouted with discontent that the three men had a good drink. The eldest brother was too fond of his sister-in-law, and the two men were really hoes before bros.
After listening to Xia Yu, I felt a little embarrassed. She pushed Ji Yu to signal him to go back and drink with two men, but Ji Yu was still sitting there with his own things.
Xia Yu some angry way "you still don’t go"
Ji Yu let go of things and also took Xia Yu’s kebab by the way. "Let’s go together."
Xia Yu left the pie mouth and didn’t resist the idea. Together with Ji Yu, the three men returned to the round table, chatting and drinking wine. Chen Yishan occasionally inserted a few words and paid attention to several men to bring tea and water, while Linda and Xia Yu also had a good talk.
"No, it’s no fun to drink like this. Why don’t we play cards?" Bai Yifan’s eyes are bright and bright in the dim light. There are so many ghosts and monkeys.
Chen Yishan agreed with a look of excitement, "Yes, yes, yes." Tonight, she changed her casual dress and wore a white cotton dress with sleeves and a silver necklace with shining lights, and her hair was rolled up and tied into a pill. The whole dress was particularly pure and moving.
Chen Yishan’s summer eyes are slightly dim despite her age, but now her clothes are loose and her belly has become dull. Although it is not wasteful, men will be heartbroken when they see a woman like Chen Yishan, which of course includes Ji Yu.