Wang Cheng absently opened his eyes when he saw Wei Rehong, but suddenly he jumped up with a quiver.

Wei Rehong laughed. How did you sleep just now?
Wang prejudiced his words and jokes as if nothing had happened, and he never saw a stunning beauty. Didn’t he feel a trance? Was it really a dream to see everything just now?
Wei Rehong had to look at what? Look at your stupid hand and pat him.
The first two people’s physical contact is nothing, but this time Wang Cheng was hit and trembled. He even looked back four or five steps and looked at Wei Rehong’s words, but he didn’t know what to say and wanted to ask, but he couldn’t find the sentence at a loss.
Wei Rehong sighed in his heart, and it seems that he has been fooled. The situation he saw just now still left a deep impression on Wang Cheng’s heart. Even if he was mistaken for a dream, he still acted as if nothing had happened. Once he was at ease, he never got it again.
Said that the king of Chu can make people around him laugh and play with him regardless of his identity. To do this, the king of Chu also paid great patience and efforts to treat himself as himself.
Wei Rehong shook his head with a wry smile. He wanted to find a place where he could easily put it. A person who could be opposite and attempted could not have enough time and energy to fight against that too powerful secular status and strive to build close people.
This world can always treat him normally, except for the mother.
I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of Su Xia’s dance, and then his eyes softened and he asked Wang Cheng if you wished.
Wang Cheng hesitated for a moment before saying in a low voice that I hope to live a stable life.
He wishes that this humble family could be reunited without relatives, and that the disabled body could no longer marry and have a family. As an eunuch, he has no more future to think about and look forward to. His wish is just to live a stable life.
Wei Rehong will definitely look at him for a while, and then gently smile at Wang Cheng. You are an honest man, and suddenly there is a long sigh after saying your word.
The sigh in this smile is long and long.
Wang Cheng remembers the day when he last saw the boy. It seemed that he had done something. A very beautiful woman in Mengmeng said something incredible and did something very earth-shattering.
After that, the teenager never showed up again, but he was inexplicably promoted to the third level and became the leader eunuch. There were two little eunuchs around him in the small courtyard of the independent room.
It’s that his official position is not limited, but he doesn’t care much about cleaning up several abandoned gardens in the corner of the palace.
When the white man with the red top saw his sudden promotion, he kept at his side. After a long time, he saw that his position was high, powerful and low, and there was nothing to rely on, and then he gradually dispersed.
He lived a quiet life. Although he was in the deep palace, it seemed that he had never been involved in right and wrong. He was comfortably abandoned, flowers, trees and flowers, and lived a leisurely, rich and comfortable life.
At first, there was a lot of speculation in his magical palace, but later, others were too honest, too silent, too powerless and not involved in other things, and gradually they were not remembered.
He has occasionally remembered some magical words that the young man with clear eyebrows heard in his dream many years ago, who treated his friends like expensive men. However, he never said a word to others and refused to let himself speculate more.
In the dead of night, he will repeatedly recall the past years of the teenager in his heart and try to recall some important events that happened after the teenager disappeared.
I still vaguely remember that on the third day after the disappearance of the teenager, I heard that I passed the discussion of the DPRK. Wei sent a generous gift to Chu, which was unprecedented in other countries, and invited a king of a country to leave the country to be a guest in another country, but Chu actually agreed.
It is said that the king of Chu did something amazing in Qingguo and then took the road to Wei.
It was only after that that Wei shocked the world and caused a sensation in the ruling and opposition parties, even among historians.
That’s why Xiao Xingde extended the life of Empress Wei, and ordered Xiao Ruo, the king of Chu, and Wei Ruohong, the king of Wei, to set up an altar to swear to heaven and earth that he would never attack the brotherhood of the world.
Of course, Wang Cheng, an honest man in the depths of the palace, is neither clear nor concerned. What he cares about is that he heard that King Wei of Wei was a master and carried out a lot of good deeds. He heard that Wei is now very strong and that the people are living well, and there is no need to castrate their children and send them to the palace for survival.
Many years later, Wang Cheng died of illness under the official position of eunuch in charge of three or four desolate gardens that had never been visited by nobles.
When he died, he was surrounded by two low-ranking eunuchs. The last words they heard were.
Many people sigh when they go to the harem. It’s rare for this honest man to take care of a few abandoned gardens. The palace is so big that he didn’t take another step. He has never seen the dragon face before, but he still misses the emperor when he dies.
A eunuch who silently heard of his death would not be heard by Wang Wei. He was buried quietly. His relics were divided or burned. No one knew that he remembered the bright sunshine, flowers and green grass at the last moment. A teenager smiled.
No one will care that he misses the only friend he can have at the last minute.
However, on that real day when he kept telling himself that it was a nightmare, people screamed.
Wang Wei Wei Ruohong is a famous sage of various countries. He is kind and pure and filial. He is diligent and loves the people. Wei annexed weak countries, and the alliance of powerful countries became stronger and stronger.
He is a very good king, but he will never be an honest friend, that is, when he is occasionally lonely, he will hope to be honest and trustworthy, and he will not try to listen to him complaining and chatting around, but they are still not and will never be friends.
When I finished writing the last line, I was deeply disappointed. I thought that the first time I wrote the article was a dreamland. Up to now, the story has not really ended. I have been thinking about how many words I wrote and how many friends I knew.
There will always be too much reading in the dreamland, and many misunderstandings will always be mistaken for traveling. However, in the story that it is impossible to interact in the real world of the dreamland, even myself will often forget the original single-player game settings and leave everyone hurt or sad or disappointed.
I always read and believe that one day if I can get up and take part in the vigorous competition, however, from the beginning, I set the dreamland as an ordinary person and some ordinary people string together stories with different themes.
If he were not a hero or a hegemon, he would have little success. He is an ordinary person. If he writes a story, he just wants to write some ordinary people’s strong feelings, understanding friendship and respecting love.
If you write a story, you just want to say that this world is not without temptation, but you should also fight against forces. This world is not without oppression, but you should be strong, but you can’t help yourself. When you are forced to do so, it is just an excuse. The truth is not that you haven’t tried your best to fight.
In the story, the dispute, the disaster, the doubt, the letter and the betrayal of the guardian are actually just to create a choice again and again, and it is difficult and difficult again and again.
From the first part to the end, whether it is in family, friendship, love, human nature and confidence in the world, it wavers and hesitates several times, but it also persists several times to the end.
Maybe I’m a naive person, but I just want to write a dream that is naive and beautiful.
A kind, lively and ordinary person quietly strung together different stories, letting him walk through different places, seeing different people and seeing different fantastic visions. This was originally conceived.
In Chu Jing, the story is only to achieve a beautiful love, but also to save a little regret in the history theory, which is a very pure, beautiful and romantic dream of mine.
In Jeju, however, the story is to face the weakness of love and the changeable human nature. Even the most realistic story line still can’t help but want to leave a lot of light, betrayal and disappointment.
However, when it comes to the story of Qin, if it is rhyme or unconsciously, the scenes are much lighter. In fact, the focus of the story of Qin has been on Ning Zhaowei’s solitary life, and everyone hesitates and suffers. Everyone tortures and grieves, and the final choice depends on who gives up what and who gets what.
Like the dreamland, the angle of cut-in is strange, and the protagonist is different. Although it has never been better than the sales situation, it seems that the total sales volume has not made the party lose money. I have to say that I am lucky.
Knowing that one’s own article is not easy to win, unpopular and ordinary, the protagonist is too ordinary, and the story has been strong until now, so I can’t help but appreciate reading and recognition.