Xiao Yao said coldly, who doesn’t believe it or needs other evidence?

Nobody talks.
Xiao Yao’s anger and laughter echoed in the hall, and you can’t help but admit that Xie Xing-si is such a wind-lust. He is a rich man. He is held in his hand as a treasure. If he wants to go bad in a brothel before he gets something, it will be true that beauty will be dumped in front of his wealth. It’s not that Mrs. Xu is drunk and has a dark poem with Mrs. Sun. Although these things are suppressed by Xie’s wealth, who in Jeju doesn’t know that Xie Yuan, a fine person like you, just can’t teach his grandson anything?
Xie Yuan’s sad way is that I missed him, and Xie Gu’s wealth missed him.
I didn’t thank my family for their wealth. Even if it’s true that the wind is lascivious and touches the wall several times, I dare not commit any mischief. It’s not that Xie Yuan lost his love and hurt his grandchildren from now on. How can he make such a big mistake?
He is unkind to the mother, and I say that the mother is a strange woman. It is the most natural thing for a man to admire her, but he never takes it to heart. But he has done such an act. Xiao Yao smiled coldly and looked at it. If you know what he wants to give Su Yi Niang to you, I think he has long been interested in your wife and has seen your husband and wife. He deliberately sent you a beauty to leave your husband and wife, so that he could take the opportunity.
He glared at Xie xingsi and drank it, didn’t he?
Xie xingsi shivered and didn’t refute that his head hung lower.
If you can’t help but frown, you will feel deeply unhappy and look at Xie Xingsi with great anger.
Xiao Yao said coldly, why did Xie Jiagong never show up in front of people after the death of the mother? Why did you become so thin in such a short time? But the mother died and refused to seek her soul in your dream every day.
He looked at Xie Yuan. What do you know? I’m alone in my heart, but I don’t care if you are ashamed of me after knowing the truth. By the way, let your granddaughter bind my heart with tenderness. Even if I know the truth in the future, I can’t bear to take revenge.
Xie Yuanchang sighed that I was wrong, and your revenge was biting.
Well, how long have I been secretly planning this revenge? How can I willingly send him a thank-you wake-up call? Even if it’s over, I want you Xie Jia to be defeated from now on. I want him to see with his own eyes how he exhausted his loved ones. I want to cut his meat with one knife and one knife.
Xiao Yao, where is the wind? Every word seems to be squeezed through his teeth.
I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t mean it. I was drunk and I didn’t know anything. I thought she was beautiful. I wanted it. I didn’t mean it.
He cried and wept bitterly.
Xie Yuan sighed in vain.
Xie Yaojing couldn’t even cry. Up to now, her meager hope has been completely destroyed. Her own brother killed her favorite wife and told her to be loved and cared for everywhere in her life.
Xiao Yao said coldly, since he has admitted it, it’s no wonder that I am.
Chapter V Saving the Sun by Losing Everything
Xiao Yao strode to Xie xingsi with a cold light, and now he is in his palm.
Xie Yuan couldn’t help but rush to the only grandchild. Unfortunately, a servant who came with Xiao Yao flashed before him and reached out and stopped him.
Seeing that his skill is known, he is not an ordinary person. If he knows, it seems that he has come in with Xiao Yao. These servants are all Jianghu heroes deliberately made by Xiao Yao in recent days.
However, Xie Fu’s family will be Xiao Yao’s fierce eyes, which is even more terrible than the ever-victorious generals. Some people outside the hall are going to rush in and sweep away their bodies and drink loudly. I am the great Chu emperor who was removed from the golden book, and I am also the phoenix dragon grandson. My beloved wife was bullied and died by this person. I want to avenge her death. Which one of you is not afraid of the laws and regulations and which one doesn’t mind the nine families being punished together? Come on.
This sentence deterrence is amazing.
After all, Xie xingsi is quite contemptible, even if others want to avenge themselves, it is really affectionate to add Xiao Yao’s identity, which makes people dare not speak lightly and dare to stop him at the moment.
Xiao Yao walked up to Xie xingsi and smiled coldly. Don’t worry, I won’t let you have a good time. It won’t be less than three thousand knives.
He waved that light with a knife and it was so cold that it shocked people’s hearts.
Xie Yuan, who has been struggling, can’t help shouting and thinking about the pain in the old voice.
I don’t know where Xie Yaojing got the strength to earn and broke free from that big servant’s hand. Don’t!
But if you go to Xiao Yao faster than anyone else and grab his dagger with one hand, your eyes are full of pain. Don’t do this.
Xiao Yao is an expert brought into the hall. Many people hinder Xiao Yao. They will all start work, but if his flying skill is excellent, others will follow him. His status is also high. He may be a senior official in Beijing and the current owner of Riyuetang. Others really have to think twice if they want to start work on him.
If you can easily stop Xiao Yao first.
Xiao Yao made a profit. If you don’t make a profit, you will be angry.
I won’t let go. I know you’re sad. I know you have a deep hatred, but is it really happy to get back at you like this?
I won’t be happy. I’ll never be happy again in my life, but killing him will make him suffer a lot, and dying less will make my heart stop hurting so much every day. Didn’t you also say that you would take revenge on the mother? Why did you stop me?