Four people moved very fast to hit the jade bottle, poured out a blue Dan medicine and swallowed it in succession.

Moments later, the four people’s breath suddenly rose and reached its peak.
"Hum …"
A cold ice sword is formed again and flies to the devil vine with a breath of horror.
Ice sword with a suffocating breath quickly flew to the devil rattan in the past.
"No …" Tang Yu looked frightened and shook his head violently.
"No …" Zhou Qian tore heart crack lung crazy shout.
Not long ago, when Tang Yu saw the devil rattan, he knew that Muhai was in the tin warehouse.
And he’s doe something that can’t be disturbed.
So Tang Yu told Zhou Qian the news low.
The two men cooperated tacitly to protect Muhai from being disturbed at all costs.
However, in the face of a really strong enemy, there is no fighting power.
"Small refueling …" Tang Yu was hoarse with tears.
Zhou Qian is no exception and keeps shouting.
However, in response, they were dead silent, and even the devil rattan was lurking at the moment.
It turns out that the center of the tin trunk can’t see clearly except the rolling red mist root.
"Shout …"
The ice sword gives the devil rattan a deadly threat and comes quickly.
"Wow …"
When the cold hits red mist, red mist, it instantly freezes into pieces of red slag and falls to the ground.
Line fog figure slowly surfaced.
See looming figure more and more clear.
See four women can’t help but face a wisp of proud control ice sword strength also accelerated a few minutes.
"No matter you are Fang Uber, die for me."
The first woman’s cold face showed a smile.
Suddenly, including the first woman, the four women’s faces changed to look more frightened.
"This … this is impossible!"
They stare blankly at the front body trembling slightly …
Chapter 211 Playing is you 【 Ten Watch 】
See a man there in front of the ice sword.
His body is red, his magic flame is extremely red, and his eyes are full of surprises.
The whole thing looks like a peerless demon king!
He is Muhai!
The ice sword is being sandwiched between his fingers like a chopstick.
In the palm of his left hand, there is a vine several centimeters high that keeps shaking.
"This … this is impossible!"
Four forces shook their heads and their faces showed disbelief, and then they roared and clenched their teeth to control the ice sword.
However, the ice sword is like growing in the hands of Muhai, and they can’t control it by all means.
"Click …"
Muhai looks cold. Two fingers force the ice sword to instantly break into pieces of ice.
"Ding …"
Four pieces of spiritual sword were scattered on the ground.
Two fingers gently clip off the spirit, and the strength is terrible.
"Well …"
Four women repeatedly retreated for a good half-day because of their self-bite, and then they stabilized themselves and vomited blood.
"This …"
Then the four female pupils shrank, and their eyes revealed incredible fear.
Mu Hai in their pupils instantly magnifies in front of them.
Muhai stretched out his palm and slapped a middle-aged woman.
"You … don’t you dare …" The woman’s face was frightened and her body retreated repeatedly, but where did it come from?
"Boom …"
The woman was blown into the ground and passed out with her head tilted.