But Baiye won’t give up so easily. Isn’t it just occupying each other? Now no one can easily start work, including those sages and saints. Because the core is very fragile now, the efficacy of one or two cores can be greatly reduced. In addition, although Baiye doesn’t know, those immortals know whether it can become immortals or not. Seeing that their posture is obvious, they are careful and make Baiye anxious and feel at ease.

This is a long-lasting consumption. It’s not the white leaves that can’t hold up first, but the immortals who claim to come from all over the world. This spirit tactic consumes a lot of skill. Although they are strong and there are many people, they can’t stand such a toss and turn. When they persist for a month, they are forced back by the other three forces.
In fact, there are two reasons why their marks were not completed when the four sides competed for the mark field. One is that the spirit tactic and the white-leaf spirit tactic are very mysterious, and no one can resist them. If it is in other circumstances, everyone’s spirit tactic is different, so the mysterious spirit tactic can take the initiative, but now the situation is tolerable. In addition, the four sides are interested in putting pressure on others to make the mark forming conditions impossible to achieve, so these immortals are forced to go because of the subsequent force.
Fortunately, these immortals didn’t make trouble, but they were very annoyed to leave the white leaves and the white emperor to compete with the new moon emperor
This situation has long attracted the attention of others, because many people have already noticed the faint similarity between Bai Yeshen and Bai Yushen, as well as the special forbidden physique of Bai Yeshen, which makes people think of Bai Yeshen’s identity. I don’t know what to say about this life-and-death situation with the Bai family.
Feng Hua Shuo Huang has always been happy in his heart. He can feel that the struggle between Bai Ye and Bai Yu is real, not acting. If it is not this core that is really important, he can directly let go and see how these two brothers should fight.
However, although you can’t let go of the theatre, it’s ironic to say, "Bai Yu, you white house losers are quite capable. I blew him away at first, but I didn’t expect to be able to rob us hundreds of years later. You, as a younger brother, really need to study hard!"
In this sentence, he scolded both Bai Ye and Bai Yu, calling Bai Ye a waste and saying that Bai Yu was even worse than waste.
White royal heart is uncomfortable to hear such sarcastic remarks. He immediately glared at the new moon emperor while Baiye directly exported, "Aren’t you also robbing things with waste?" I remember that you were born much longer than us, so much so! "
Baiye doesn’t care about his identity at all, and he doesn’t care about waste. He also needs a few meats. Anyway, he knows that his efforts need others to say.
Feng Hua Shuo Huang still laughed. "Don’t be so hard on me. I was thinking that I would help you two brothers. Bai Yu has a good friendship with me. Before, I did some bad things for Bai Ye, and I have been thinking about making up for it. Now it is very difficult for me. Who do you think I should help?"
In this way, both Bai Ye and Bai Yu know that this guy is farting. Will he help? I don’t believe it!
Feng Hua Shuo Huang said with a smile that there is not much effort to make a mark for him now. There are people around him and the middle-aged man. He can let go of his roots as soon as he makes a move. It is this mark that doesn’t just rely on repairing, otherwise the middle-aged man would have driven the white leaves aside.
Besides taking the lead, Baiye has been able to benefit from the thick aura from the boundary road in the celestial sphere. Although those aura are not big, they are better than the successor!
Feng Hua Shuo Huang seems to be addicted to talking, and Baiye is even more disgusted with this guy who makes himself tremble angrily!
This continuous struggle has lasted for half a year, but half a year is short for all practitioners, and it is even more blink of an eye for immortals. This situation has to last for several years.
However, it seems that some people can’t wait. A wise man is the first to do it.
Most practitioners are very handsome, but this one is a little too handsome. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a man or a woman’s clothes, and it’s neither fish nor fowl. His hand is also weird and unusual, which makes people confused. Baiye didn’t feel anyone attacking him.
It was not until Baiye suddenly saw that Bai Yu had released a defensive posture that he suddenly realized that a feminine force was rolling towards him.
The white imperial body shines and directly unloads those forces from the people around him, which also helps to defend the Fenghua Shuo Emperor’s side. Those feminine forces are not close at all.
Baiye knew that Bai Yu was waking himself up just now, but he didn’t help himself. Obviously, he wanted to see himself as a defender.
It’s a miracle that Baiye can stick to this half mark. Now when he is attacked, where is the half strength? When he suddenly thinks of something in his mind, a spiritual tactic immediately emerges over that thing and fills his consciousness.
"is there such a thing?" White leaves slightly leng immediately according to the spirit tactic to display it. This is the spirit tactic that the Eldar has arranged in advance. Only in a certain situation will the spirit tactic appear.
Section 221 Mountain leads to disaster
The spirit tactic cast an unusually handsome man who was almost naked and came out to attack Baiye and sweep it away.
It is said that this man is naked because he has a long ribbon wrapped around his body, and his ears are pointed with star-like earrings, his eyebrows are long, his eyes are shining with misty blue light, and his purple head hangs down to his ankles. In addition, he has a silver halo in his hand.
As soon as this man came out of the surroundings, he suddenly shook his white leaves. He knew that this man was a mortal spirit. In every world, there is a guardian, and there is wisdom in them, but with one exception, they are all very special. They will never die while that world is still there.
This mortal spirit is wise. In a way, he is the representative of the mortal heaven. He knows that white leaves are not easy for him to show up. This is the general law of all worlds. Only when there are specific spiritual formulas and specific situations can they be awakened.
Baiye called out the boundary spirit according to the sudden appearance of the spirit tactic to help him block the sneak attack of the immortal, and at the same time let the people around him converge their breath. Taking advantage of this gap, Baiye’s strength suddenly increased a spirit tactic to expel the seal of Bai Yu and Shuo Huang to the outside, and almost instantly completed all the seals.
This competition lasted for half a year and finally ended. Baiye completed the first step as he wished. This is the first step. It is to put his own mark on the core, not to refine it, but the second step is more difficult than the first step.
Although the appearance of the boundary spirit surprised everyone, with the convergence of the white leaves, the boundary spirit shook for the reason of the law and returned to the core in an instant, leaving the stirring breath in the air.
With the disappearance of the boundary spirit and the core, people also came to their senses.
"Brother Situ, what was that just now?"
I don’t know!
"Boy, the breath is strong and angry like a puppet."
"It’s much more spiritual than a puppet. If you haven’t seen it, don’t talk nonsense about the edge of the celestial world. You don’t know much!"
"Ha ha, yes, but it seems that this little guy still has some doorways."
Except for these two immortals chatting, everyone else looked at Bai Ye Shuo Huang. They were shocked by the boundary spirit and let go. Shuo Huang suddenly became angry. "What tricks is Bai Ye playing? Take out the core quickly!"
Now that the core has white leaves, I can feel that the core will not appear again unless he wants to or he dies.
"joke! Hey! "
I have no affection for these greedy fairy white leaves.
Bai Yu looked at Baiye and said, "Baiye came home with me to see grandpa!" "
He didn’t finish what grandpa gave him, but he was relieved. First, he didn’t grab the white leaf thing. Second, it was still named Bai anyway. He didn’t care much about his failure
Baiye also wanted to go back and ask Grandpa to help him find the extreme fire and fairy crystal to help him recover. Anyone who nodded behind Baiye immediately guarded Baiye.
Speaking of the treasure, with the protection of a big family like the White House, others should let go, even if the emperor is in his prime at this time, but accidents will always happen at any time
A fairy suddenly cried, "Look at the divine light!"
Everyone looked up at once, and sure enough, there appeared a little colorful light floating there like snowflakes, which was beautiful and unusual, and one of the characteristics of these lights was that some illusions flashed from time to time, from which everyone saw a mountain, which was a sacred mountain! Thirty-three days away!
I am eager to see the eyes of a group of people around Shenguang and Shenshan looking at Baiye!
The mountain is unreal, even the immortal emperor can’t simulate the mountain. It is forbidden by heaven. There is a situation where you can see your body elsewhere. That is when you appear as an immortal emperor!
Since ancient times, there have been many saints in the celestial world, but many immortals are missing. Many immortals are even more rare. To become immortals, they not only have to cultivate extremely high expectations, but also have a chance. Now, all immortals have experienced the illusion of sacred mountains, which is an opportunity for them to achieve their status.
Whether we can grasp this opportunity depends on personal nature, just as everyone present now thinks that the opportunity must be the core of Baiye’s hands.
"If you want to grab this core, you will have the opportunity to become an immortal emperor!" Almost everyone thinks so.
There is this sentence in Bai Yu’s mind. There is this sentence in Bai Yu’s mind. The middle-aged man behind him is also thinking so much. The fairy who was asked by the beacon deer to help also opened her eyes wide …
Baiye also looked at the sky, and the sight of the mountain was imprinted on his mind, which made him feel deja vu. Something seemed to pass in his mind, but in a flash, that feeling was gone. He felt the intense eyes around him and almost crushed himself.
In fact, they are not the only people who saw the mountain now.
Almost half the people in the celestial world saw this hazy scene.
Bai Qing looked at the sky in the temple of stars, and his eyes were shining with heat and murmured, "Is that true?" This sacred mountain is absolutely true. Is the opportunity of the sacred mountain immortal emperor really there? "
Fenghua gan looked at the mountain, smiled and shook his head, sat down and continued to drink his wine, muttering, "Mountain, mountain, how did you appear? I’m really afraid …"
The first thought of several immortals after seeing this phenomenon is that there has been a lot of noise recently. Now there are too many people in the core who regret not going to Qilin Sea. Although they can’t get the core, at least they can get it. That can save hundreds of millions of years of practice, baby!
For the mountain white leaves in the heart is very clear, but he was so surprised how this illusion appeared at this time? What a surprise, huh?
"Is this the core?" Baiye felt the eager eyes around him and knew that the immortals around him thought so, but he felt so too, but he didn’t know what, and he was a little uncertain. That kind of if-if feeling made him feel like falling in the fog, but how to look at things in front of him was inaccurate.
"I won’t hand it over whether it is the core or not. Now is the time!"
He knew that it wouldn’t be long before he could face the whole celestial fairy, and then he wouldn’t leave even with the protection of the White House.
Baiye silently read the spirit tactic and a wind blew gently around it.
"White leaves hand over the core!" Feng Hua Shuo Huang’s eyes almost spewed out fire, and the middle-aged man behind him had already sacrificed the spirit tactic.
Other strong people around are also prepared separately. First, they should be white-handed, and at the same time, they should guard against the people around them.
Bai Yu gritted his teeth and said to the people behind him, "Protect Baiye and let’s go back to the White House!"
Behind him are the white family, although they are also jealous of the core, but they know that they can’t get what doesn’t belong to them, even if they are robbed, they will enjoy it.
Hearing Bai Yu’s command, twelve men immediately arranged to wrap Bai Ye and Bai Yu.
Their law is the White House’s unique defense law. Once it runs, there will be a starlight shield to protect the twelve men. Even the saints can resist it for a while.