At this time, Mo Xiu can clearly feel that all the particle worlds around him have opened the door with a little urging Jin Hun.

Once again, the world of these particles can be completely transformed into Dan fire, making ten feet into fields.
This is Jin Hun’s real ability to go deep into every particle world to observe and understand the world.
At the same time, the Mohiudan fire increased by an inch to a foot, but this is not enough. Under that huge pressure, these Dan fires are still squeezing several particle worlds, colliding with each other and merging with each other.
The density of particles in Dan fire has greatly increased, which is like a liquid and can flow. Dan fire has been compressed into a solid, shining like platinum and dazzling like a scorching sun.
Even in the process of Dan fire being squeezed, there was a click in Jianfu, just like a thunder.
With the extrusion force reaching its limit, the scorching sun formed by Dan fire finally trembled violently and made a huge noise.
An inch long platinum Se ball is condensed.
Mo Xiuke felt that the exterior of the elixir was extruded by the fire of elixir, and all the particle worlds were one by one. It was airtight and had no gap, and its hardness was much higher than that of Danbao.
In the golden Se sphere, it is a small one-inch diameter. Here, a mass of smoke and fog flows slowly, emitting life. B does not move and beats slowly.
With the beating of the air, I can feel that this air flow has communicated with the heaven and the earth, and the huge sword meaning has spread out, which will split people’s Hun spirit.
This air flow is the life bred by kendo.
Jian hun
The nature of heaven and earth is also a kind of life. It is a kind of life that is scattered in the world at the beginning of the birth of heaven and earth. It has various forms and is ever-changing.
Before the elixir period, the friar could understand that the Tao of heaven and earth was a dead body, and only after entering the elixir period could the friar come into contact with the power of the Tao of heaven and earth, J: and send out the life force among them.
Once J: sends out the power of kendo source, it can be condensed into a sword in then. With the improvement of height, the more you understand the kendo source, the stronger this sword will be.
When the sword Hun is strong enough, it can condense from Hun’s spirit state into a matrix and truly become a life today, that is, the sword tire.
However, the condensed sword tire is something that Mo Xiu can only do after he reaches the Yuan infant period. Now Mo Xiu can j: and send out a very small amount of sword hun condensed by the source of Kendo, and even one third of it is not filled in the elixir.
This is Xu Dan
There are four realms in the then-elixir period: virtual elixir, real elixir, then-elixir and broken elixir, respectively, which are the first three floors, the fourth six floors, the seventh nine floors and the tenth floor.
Moxiu, this elixir is the lowest virtual elixir in the elixir.
When the number of sword Hun fills the whole elixir and changes further, the empty elixir will evolve into the elixir.
At this time, Moxiu set sail, and Dan fire gushed out everywhere and flowed into Xu Dan along the meridians.
Guiding these Dan fires to touch the sword in the virtual Dan, the instantaneous Dan fire changed.
The particle worlds that make up Dan Fire seem to grow up, and even the whole particle world has a flying sword in Hwa-Sung Do.
These flying swords all have unique spiritual wisdom, and one of them can turn the kendo in all the particle worlds around them into an immortal fire, which is controlled by Mo Xiu.
This is the field.
And these Dan fires have also changed from ordinary Dan fires to a heavy Dan fire.
Under normal circumstances, a heavy Dan fire can enlighten all the particle worlds around a distance of one foot, that is, a field with a distance of one foot.
But after owning Jin Hun, the monk can expand the scope of the field tenfold and reach ten feet.
The strength of Brother Hun, who is also a heavy Dan fire, far exceeds that of ordinary monks in the Jin Dan period.
Mo Jing didn’t stop after the Dan fire turned into a heavy Dan fire, but drove Xu Dan into the kendo melting pot.
Several Dan fires surged and set sail, and the fragrance was dyed with a layer of platinum in the virtual Dan. In the blink of an eye, all Dan fires in the Kendo furnace were transformed into a heavy Dan fire.
Power has increased tenfold.
Prompted by the spirit of the instant sword house, the power of the big hand transformed by the heavenly sword array rose sharply, and it changed from just resisting to oppressing and winning.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
All kinds of shocks sounded almost at the same time, which completely shattered and drove the fragrance into the sword house, and the number of Dan fires in the Kendo furnace was also increasing.
Just then, the information came from the spirit of Jianfu.
"Refineable Quenched Yuan Dan"
"Four secondary flying swords can be refined into purple gold."
"Dan Bao, a primary material of God, can be refined"
"The maximum jumping distance that can be jumped is 1000 Li"
Almost no doubt, Mo Xiu started jumping, and then Jian Fu felt a quiver and disappeared from the original place.
And almost at the same time, a blue robe monk came out of the void and came here with oppression!
Chapter 13 HarmonyOS Dan mansion (the first more)
The blue robe monk appeared in an instant, and it seemed that he was completely frozen. The conclusion was that the black wind or the gas was very fine, and the world stopped running in the particle world.
Be filled with a kind of physical force 2.
This kind of power is far beyond the realm of monks in the Jin Dan period, and it has become a control rule. You can easily collapse one side and even change it.
This is the magical power possessed by monks in Yuan infant period.
This blue-robed monk is an infant monk.
At this time, the blue robe monk’s face appeared angry, and his body exuded an alarming momentum, like a raging sea and stormy waves, and the whole sea was there.
Even just a burst of anger will collapse and shatter the surrounding area.