After accepting the congratulations from your ministers, Qin Chu rejected many people’s efforts, so he ordered people to drive away if something happened.
Back home, Qin Chu hasn’t come to tell Qin mother the news of Hou Feng when she hears something that makes her depressed.
Mother Qin said shyly that she would move to Duke Raymond’s estate tomorrow!
There is no room for Qin Chu to return. Mother Qin is very determined!
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Chapter 3 "Qin Chu rage" 【】
Haiya dressed elegantly with a faint smile on her face, sitting in the second chair on the left gives people a noble feeling. All chapters are invited to sne.
Footsteps to Qin mother gingerly came in and looked up at Hai Ya’s atmosphere.
Although nearly twenty years have passed, Qin mother has not got rid of her habit of being a maid.
Haiya saw that the corners of her mouth slightly warped and her eyes flashed with a sneer.
"Sit down!" Haiya light way easy-going tone with a command tone.
Qin mother looked at these seats consciously and sat timidly beside Haiya chair.
Haiya smiled proudly at the corner of her mouth. It was not without reason that she chose to take the second chair when she came in.
Look at what Qin mother thinks! If Qin mother sat in Haiya, then Qin mother was ambitious and afraid of Haiya; If you choose, you will still be in awe of Haiya.
Even if I live in the lake park, the Qin mother’s roots are still the maid of the year!
Haiya looked up at Qin mother and saw Qin mother and girl move slightly.
Familiar faces emerge from memory.
Twenty years later, Qin’s mother looked the same as when she was young. Her face is still rosy, her skin is still fair and her head is moist and shiny. Sitting there is like a shy and well-maintained aristocratic lady-even better than a noble lady!
Haiya couldn’t help touching her hands. Although she was luxuriously dressed, she was as dry as chicken feet. At the age of forty, her face had crow’s feet and her lower abdomen was full of fat.
Haiya has a kind of anger at being treated unfairly!
Yes! Why is it that a humble maid is always young and a duchess is old?
"How has Sixie been these years?" Haiya tried her best to be generous and easy-going as a duchess when she spoke.
"Well, madam," Qin mother respectful way
"It’s been 20 years since I was dazzled. I didn’t expect you to maintain it so well …" Haiya couldn’t help but bring out a little envy in her words.
Qin mother chuckled and felt a sense of pride here, all thanks to her own son.
"It’s nothing, madam." Qin Sixie thought it was no secret and said, "It’s all my son. He gave me some medicines, which is good for my health."
Hai Ya startled "your son? Is it a pharmacist? " Tone with a hint of disdain.
Pharmacists have higher status than civilians, but they are still low in the eyes of nobles.
"He is the president of the medicine refining trade union." Qin mother proudly said that having such a son is the greatest honor of her generation.
"What?" Haiya was moved. "Is that young president Qin Chu your son?"
Qin Chu is a young talent in the imperial city. He can become the president of the medicine refining trade union at such an age, and his position makes everyone jealous.
The president is also the earl of Octavian III, who is said to be deeply loved by Archbishop Anthony of San Diego Cathedral.
The future is bright!
Many noble ministers in the imperial city want to introduce their daughters to this young president, Haiya, who once took this president and compared it with his own son … But I didn’t expect that this young president who was amazed at his sudden rise was actually this humble maid?
How absurd and unfair!
My son Leite is just a knighthood!
Haiya immediately became depressed. The more she looked at Qin’s mother, the more she felt displeased. This bitch knows how to seduce men!
"Madam, if you need me, there are still some Gupei Yuan Dan and Zhuyan Dan here. You can take them back and try them. The effect is good." Qin Mu’s doing this has a certain flattering meaning.
Haiya is the real lady of Duke Raymond’s family. If she wants to stand on her own feet, she’d better get along with her.
Hai Ya’s anger surged in her heart when she heard the news. She couldn’t wait to get up and slap Qin’s mother. Did the Duchess get a maid’s charity?
But after coming to her senses, the noble duchess froze and gaped, "Are you … are you cultivating Yuan Dan?"
This bitch is eating valuable Gupei Yuan Dan?
Hai Ya has also seen Gu Pei Yuan Dan, which cost nearly 100 amethyst coins to buy, but a total of more than a dozen grains know that this potion is magical, but I never thought that this base handmaiden actually took it as a beautiful potion to eat! And there are many things to listen to!
Sure enough, having a president is just different! As soon as the eyes rolled, Haiya immediately decided not to be white!
Haiya nodded and smiled lightly. "Thank you for your kindness."
Qin mother suddenly rejoiced that Haiya could accept her attentions and said that her attitude towards herself was not so incompatible that she suddenly relaxed.
Qin mother immediately ordered someone to get the medicine brought with the car and at the same time ordered someone to bring some fruit to drink. This is not a hospitality way to talk.
For a moment, both actions and manners came with the court etiquette maid holding the plate and dancing
Haiya’s eyes rested on the two maids and immediately knew that the temperament of the two maids was definitely not what ordinary aristocratic family maids could have.
The two maids know that their wives are used to being extremely considerate, and after coming over, they handle every detail very well.