Song Danfu quickly closed his pistol and turned to look at him. "Where have you been?"

"Will go" Gu Qing shallow nature felt her move, but he didn’t ask anything. He stretched out his hand and pulled her hair back. Song Danfu leaned lazily in his arms and frowned. "Why didn’t you wake me up?"
How many times have I told him to take her everywhere? Does he know that if he had come in a minute earlier, he might have been hit?
"It’s all boring meetings, and you won’t like to attend them." Out of the corner of my eye, I looked at the direction of the French window, and I indulged and kissed her cheek. She just woke up, and her hair was hanging freely, which had a different style.
Song Danfu hung his eyes and said nothing. I really can’t imagine that Silver Fox entered the office. If he was killed, would he know that she was alone in the office? If she came in, if she tried to test him, she fled after she found out.
"This is the company. I am very safe." Gu Qing said that Song Danfu still didn’t talk. He couldn’t guess whether she was angry or not, so he changed the subject. "You can really sleep. I took a bath for you and then brought you to the company class to hold you all the way into the office. You didn’t wake up."
Song Danfu’s face turned angry and glared at him. "Who’s wrong if I do this?"
"I was wrong." Gu Qing-shallow quickly admitted his mistake and secretly scolded himself for what a broken topic it was to shoot himself in the foot.
Seeing Song Danfu frowning, he asked, "If you are hungry, I’ll take you out to eat or let Sean buy it back and we’ll eat here."
"Eat here" Song Danfu quickly decided that it was too dangerous to go out less.
"Dan Fu" Gu Qing tried to persuade her not to be so nervous. Seeing her clear eyes, she looked at herself and sighed. "Forget it, you are happy."
Song Danfu got up and he quickly picked up his coat and put it on her. "You just woke up and don’t catch cold."
"Take" and push his coat. Song Danfu said coldly, "I was just awakened by the heat."
Gu Qing smiled "What would you like to eat?"
"I said you let Sean buy it." Song Danfu went to wash his hands. "I’m going to freshen up."
Gu Qingyi picked up the phone and told Sean to buy lunch. The desk tablet showed that someone requested to talk. Press the phone to connect to the remote control and go directly to the video wall.
"Seeing my handsome face and saying that you are still alive, is my dear brother going to call me with a mobile phone? Our brothers really have a heart." A handsome face appeared on the screen, with emerald green eyes like a pool, which was very melancholy, but he was very happy when he spoke.
"It’s not like that. Your Chinese attainments need to be strengthened." Gu Qing’s shallow expression "and withdrawing you."
"If you don’t withdraw the money from others, you should make some contributions anyway. You can’t lose your credibility, otherwise I won’t have the money to fill the company for you." At the turn of the peak, the man laughed. "Chinese is not important to me, and I won’t go to China."
Gu Qing remembered what another brother said, "I also bet that you will meet a woman who can’t speak English in the future, waiting to see your retribution."
"I’m not worried that you always lose." The man raised his hand. "It doesn’t matter when my karma comes. What matters is that your karma has come. I just received a photo of your wife, my dear brother. Your taste has become heavier."
"It was you" white he refers to Dan Fu killer identity Gu Qing shallow cold hum "Xu Zhou official set fire to forbid people to light a lamp, you have fewer killers"
"I don’t understand what you’re saying." The man gloated. "But I want you to observe silence. May God bless you and my brother."
"What can I do for you?" Gu Qingyi didn’t want to chat with him.
"I don’t care if you live or die. You don’t even ask me if I’m okay. You’re not cute at all." The man was extremely depressed.
"You don’t look like my mommy at all." Gu Qingyi spoke rudely.
"Christmas is coming, bring your wife back for Christmas." After that, the man asked, "Do I really sound like my aunt?"
Gu Qing shallow answer is to press the remote control to close the video and refuse to be disturbed again.
I looked at the door of washing my hands and thought that Danfu had been in it for a while, so she wasn’t asleep in it, was she?
I just wanted to knock on the door and ask Sean to come in with a lunch box and see Gu Qingyi at the door of washing hands, wondering, "Master, are you going to wash your hands?"
Gu Qing gave him a shallow stare and went to the sofa to sit. Sean felt his nose and put the lunch box on the tea table. "I just saw it, master."
At this moment, Song Danfu knocked on the door and came out to wash and dress. After that, she looked refreshed. Many of her hair was tied into a ponytail neatly and skillfully. Gu Qing raised her hand and interrupted Sean’s words. Song Danfu saw Sean staring blankly, and Sean’s eyes widened. Song Danfu looked at his master’s situation. Did he just want to do something or did he say that he wanted to disturb him?
"Come and eat" Gu Qing shallow waved to her.
"Little lady is good" Sean gave Song Danfu a very standard gift. Song Danfu was flattered and replied "Sean has worked hard"
Gu Qing shallow corners of the mouth take a sniffle Sean suddenly choked up a face moved.
Song Danfu kicked him inexplicably. "What are you crazy about?"
"I’m so touched. Madam Shao told me how hard it was." Sean said it with a grateful tear if his dark face had tears.
"Roll" this review is really a kick to kick him away.
"Yes," Sean was very happy. "I’ll get out of here if I don’t disturb the young master and the young lady."
Song Danfu leng along while just squeeze out a "where did you find such a clown"
Language watching Song Danfu Gu Qing shallow decided to ignore her this sentence handed her chopsticks "spaghetti?"
"I’m not picky about food," said Song Danfu, sitting on the sofa and taking the chopsticks from Gu Qing. A delicious spaghetti was placed in front of her.
She is really hungry and eating with relish.
Gu Qing smiled and knocked at the door and came in to see two people eating. Without squinting, a report said, "President Xie Gonggong and manager Lin Ling came to see his wife."
"See me" is still biting his face. Song Danfu looked up and looked very funny.
"Yes," the secret continued to report with a smile. "She also said that something you are interested in is for your grandfather."
Song Danfu swallowed the water in his mouth and looked at Gu Qing in disbelief. "How did she know I was looking for Song Lao?"
Gu Qing lightly replied, "Song Lao and Xie Jia are in close contact with each other. Is she in Xie Jia class or Xie Jiacheng fiancee? Now she is with Xie Jiacheng all day because she should get news from Xie Jiacheng?"
Song Danfu thought that what he said was very reasonable and said to the secret, "Take her to the reception room and I’ll go there immediately."
Secret brought out Song Danfu pulled out a paper towel to wipe her mouth. Gu Qing’s shallow didn’t stop her from asking, "I really want to see her."
"What’s missing?" Song Danfu asked the paper towel to be thrown into the garbage basket on the tea table. "Just like you said that Lin Ling was in Xie’s class or that Xie Jiacheng’s fiancee knew something about Xie’s family more or less. She dared to come to me like this and said that she knew that Song Lao and Xie Jiasi were going out."
"This woman is not simple. You should be careful." He charged that Dan Fu was calculated by Song Xiaoling as an accomplice.
"It’s you who should be careful." Song Danfu stood up and looked down at Gu Qingyi, but he didn’t point to his nose. "You should always remember how many people in the dark want you to die in the company, so Ann angered people in the dark to put bombs in your company. Maybe there is a silver fox staring at you. He is the world’s number one killer."
"Are you trying to destroy yourself with ambition?" Gu Qing raised his eyebrows lightly.