And that cyan phosgene is still flowing slowly, and the evolution speed has not become faster, but there is a small scroll flying in the green light as if it were bound to break free

Kang Moyan’s heart was shocked, but he didn’t expect that he would slowly digest bhadra’s golden body, which was actually absorbed as a part of evolution by the laws of heaven and earth. He had a faint feeling in his heart that this rule was bound to produce changes behind him, but it was hard to know what happened. He was about to make another observation and suddenly found that this rule stopped advancing and slowly contracted.
Everything that happened was very strange, but Como guessed a few minutes. He was convinced that these deductions were very important to himself. When he refused to miss a half minute, he quickly concentrated on reviewing them backwards and asked for memory.
Who the fuck converted in 1993
Who the fuck converted in 1993
Ashdod and Suvinda see that Kang Mo’s belly is constantly bulging, and they can’t help but look forward to the moment when bhadra’s golden body will burst out. They look forward to half a day, but they watch the mysterious snake’s belly become calmer and calmer, and finally change again.
The two arhats looked at each other and I don’t know what happened. Although Ashdod also noticed that Como’s words were extraordinary and difficult to clean up, he wouldn’t have thought that three years ago, it was still the Yuan God’s way, but now he has touched the door of Luo Jinxian. It’s not necessarily that he can resist each other if he sends three arhats or ten arhats together.
Aside Hong Haier also look secretly lose his mind, and he thought, "Is it true that Kang Mo said that this fellow has the magic power to swallow Lohan Jin’s body and digest it?" So these two monks are still afraid? "
Thinking about Hong Haier like this, he forgot what he had said before and immediately shouted, "What happened to the bald thief?" Why don’t you two let me go as soon as possible when someone has eaten your radish and won’t even spit out your bones and even have a chance to be reborn? Otherwise, when my brother Kang comes to his senses, he will eat you all and crush the golden body immediately! "
Ashdod and Suvinda also felt a little sluggish, and Ashdod waved his hand and flew out of many lotus Buddhist mantras and Sanskrit singing brushes to the mysterious snake dharma body. The golden body of the Suvinda pagoda also turned and flew out of seven colorful lights. He thought that Kangmo swallowed the golden body of bhadra, and he also had scruples in his heart to dare not hit the golden body again.
When the two great dharmas fall into sight one after another, they will touch the body of Kangmo’s dharma. This giant snake suddenly shrinks rapidly and becomes smaller and smaller, and soon it will restore the human body.
Kang Mo-yan was frowning a little before he realized the changes in the rules of heaven and earth. He suddenly realized that there was magic coming from outside and had to withdraw his thoughts to resist them. Although he knew these changes well, he couldn’t figure out the mystery for a while. It was of great benefit to be able to experience them in turn, and he was also in a good mood to be interrupted.
But at this time, Como looked at Ashdod and Suvinda, and suddenly there was another feeling in their hearts, as if they were in a trance after seeing the rules of heaven and earth, as if they were separated from each other and looked at everything in front of them, but they didn’t seem to be any enemy, but they were just a clown, and at best they were bigger ants.
Kang Mo said that he was conscious of his physical power and diligence, but he didn’t know his vision, but suddenly he rose a lot. He didn’t even look at Lohan’s golden body. But at this time, the situation was not good. He wanted to see two dharma drops. The little white face turned his hands lightly and then he summoned the poor and true spirit to pick it up.
This time, Kang Mo said that he felt a lot of differences in his mind. The original water mana, as pointed out in his arm, was even more flexible and smooth at this time. This was not because his original spell was not refined and his mana means were not high enough, but this time, it seemed that many forms of power around all mana resonated. Don’t be bound by these forces. The spell power suddenly increased!
The two Buddha’s lights will collapse at the touch of a touch!
Ashdod with Suvinda two people at the same time a shock in the heart immediately gives birth to a difficult feeling.
"Impossible! Three years ago, this little thief was a Yuan God, but for my carelessness, he would never let him go. How can he have such magic now? ?” Ashdod roared for a hundred feet, and the golden Buddha’s light wrapped around him, and the Buddha and Sanskrit were soaring, so he had to ignore it and hit it again
The golden pagoda turned into a heavy-browed arhat with a cold face and a powerful hand holding a seven-story pagoda. The monk stopped himself in front of Ashdod and lightly praised a Buddhist name, "Brother, live together! It seems that Como’s words have touched the path of Luo Jinxian. You and I have lost, so there is no need to fight! "
Being discouraged by Suvinda, Ashdod’s multi-body Buddha’s light gradually converges, which is also the recovery of the golden body and the appearance of a long-browed arhat. His eyes took a deep look at Kang Mo’s words and he said sadly, "It’s really bad to get off to a start!"
Suvinda’s brow was cold and expressionless, and he didn’t seem to care much about the defeat of the fighting. He stepped forward as if he had cracked the virtual moment, and started to say, "Amitabha poor monk Suvinda came to enlighten the Hong Haier layman’s fighting because of a misunderstanding. If Kangjushi didn’t sell the poor monk’s meager sensibilities, he would stop and return my brother bhadra!"
When this arhat spoke, he restrained his body, dharma, posture, and magic defense. He stood still and his tone was calm, as if he were telling something about himself. What he said and did was irresistible!
Kang Moyan looked at Suvinda with a straight face and listened to him, but suddenly he smiled and slowly reached out his right hand to touch the dignified monk’s bald head.
The gigolo smiled and said that a pinch of thumb and middle finger gave the cold monk a loud skull collapse!
Brain collapse! ?
Suvinda, also known as Totarhat, is the last brother of the Buddha. He has always been famous for his majesty, and he was born with a cold face. He has always been uncompromising and unsmiling. This time, he moved out of Guanyin to suppress Kang Mo’s words, and he was confident in his majesty. He was full of hope that he would also give a face, but he was so teased!
Suvinda eyes wide open like a ghost!
Como’s finger is not very fast or very slow. It seems that he is deliberately pushing slowly. Even the last finger pops up slowly. It happened that Suvinda has no ability to resist. It seems that there are several restrictions around him that hinder him from moving. It seems that even he himself has the illusion that he can move freely with one hand and one finger at the moment, but his family is constrained by layers. All his ability to move is instantly taken away!
This finger is crisp and loud!
Although the audience included Astor Hong Haier and Como, the immediate culprit, Suvinda felt greatly insulted! A famous career fire instantly gives birth from the bottom of my heart to the bones of my limbs.
But Suvinda Ma found a more serious problem.
He had never thought that Como would not buy it, and he was not ready to show his golden body at any time. He made a righteous gesture and even his body mana was scattered. Como said that although it did not contain mana, its strength was not small. Suvinda’s bald head was even more humiliating than blinking a big bag. As this force came, he couldn’t help but shake it and fell down!
A golden lotus flew faster than Suvinda, the golden Buddha who had obtained the taste of Siraitia grosvenorii, didn’t react completely until this time. His chest was angry and generate finally showed a ferocious expression, pointing to Como’s desire to swear, but he was always a dignified man, but he couldn’t say anything when he closed his mouth several times.
Astor was furious and shouted, "Kang Mo Yan thief! Don’t insult others too much! This is just a misunderstanding. Do you have to make a big deal out of it? "
Como said hey hey sneer at "joke! Do you and I still have misunderstandings to talk about? If I hadn’t walked fast three years ago, I’m afraid I would have fallen into your hands and been turned into a Buddhist soldier by you. Wrong novel network many words "
Ashdod shouted, "It’s your nature to convert to Buddhism. Why don’t you kill several Buddhist names and ruin my magic?"
After listening to this, Kang Mo laughed for a long time and then gradually stopped laughing. Suddenly, he shouted to the west, "Buddha, Buddha, can you see that this is compassion? This is that I will not go to hell. Who will go to hell? !”
This small white face slowly compares a middle finger to the west. "Who did he convert to?" !”
Hong Haier shouted at the creeping figure of Jinlian and shouted at Kang Moyan, "Brother Kang untied me quickly. I refused to convert to Buddhism when I saw that these monks had big heads!"
Ashdod and Suvinda were livid with anger, and they could no longer hold back even Suvinda Lohan’s majesty. They danced in the golden lotus and cried, "Comoyan! If you dare insult Buddhism, I will never die with you! "
Without looking at Suvinda’s words, he reached out and grabbed Hong Haier. When Ashdod saw it, he hurriedly used his magic to intercept Comodo’s words. With the other palm, he knocked down the long-browed Lohan and smashed seven Buddhist soldiers. Only then did Ashdod indifferently say, "Ashdod, you and I have other things to deal with. Today, I have given bhadra a little pressure on him. Today, I won’t find it difficult for you two to retreat quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being hot!"