"Do you remember when you told me that Jiang Wen was very simple and that you liked her?"

Han Xi …
"If you love someone, you should love someone well. You can tell other girls everything you do and talk to them. When you see her heart, you should feel more fulfilled."
Han Xi looks at Teng Yun. What about you? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment for being so kind to tenderness?
Teng always chuckled, "I am not being nice to her because I want to have a sense of accomplishment."
His voice is very quiet and clean.
Han Xi smiled because of love?
"You think it’s funny?" Teng always smiled, with a pair of black eyes shining with displeasure.
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☆ Ai Teng always climbs the wall.
162 Hey, I climbed the wall.
"I admit that you really love tenderness. I admit that it’s really nothing funny, but do you think you are the same as tenderness and Jiang Wen and me? Or do you think your feelings can be copied to us? " Han Xi argued for it.
"If I were that shallow, would you believe me and follow me?" Teng always asks.
The two men looked at each other for a long time. Han Xicai sighed for a long time and then turned to look elsewhere. Finally, the cigarette in his hand was put in his mouth and it was not lit.
"If you forget how you felt when you married her, or if you have lost your feelings for her, why don’t you just tell her to let you go? It’s better than thinking about herself every day like she is now, don’t you think? "
Han Xi looked at Teng Yun but stopped talking.
Tell her?
Tell her what?
"since Han Xi is a man, she should take responsibility, whether right or wrong, but don’t delay each other."
Since you are a man, you should take responsibility?
Didn’t he take responsibility?
In retrospect, it seems that I like to escape from him when I encounter problems, and I really don’t take flirting with other girls as a serious matter.
It’s just a taste of life
But is this really wrong?
Give her up?
He didn’t think about it
He’s just guaranteeing his absolute freedom.
"Go to the coffee shop and find her, no matter what you do," General Teng said in a low voice.
Han Xi wanted to think about it and then walked towards the outside.
Han Xi thought that she had promised her several times, but after all …
Those people will never talk to her again. Once the picture is packed in my mind.
By the time he got to the coffee shop, Jiang Wen’s eyes had already been red several times.
He looked at the girl with her head down and tears in the outside window, thinking that when he first felt for her, did he make her cry so much?
I couldn’t help sighing and then bowed my head and walked inside.
"It’s all spent crying and makeup."
A piece of tissue was handed to her. Jiang Wen looked up with tears in her eyes and saw the man she knew best and loved best.
"Husband", she got up in a hoarse voice and called out a face of expression, but she was flattered.
How much she wants to have a good past with him.
Does he want to?
When Jiang Wen looked at him with some pitiful eyes, he suddenly felt like an animal and suddenly remembered those gentle words.
Is he really a love rat?