However, at this moment, Xiao Wen suddenly had a cloud of gray smoke pouring out, which made the Song Dingbo stumble and covered nearly ten feet of Fiona Fang in an instant!

In a flash, the Taiwanese can’t see anything.
Informed Huo Xiang, You Qing and others don’t make a big fuss. They can know very well that when Xiao asked about that piece of smoke and fog a month ago, it could only spread into a five-foot cloud in Fiona Fang. How could it be twice as powerful as it was only a few days ago? !
As soon as the idea flashed in their minds, they saw that Taiwan’s smoke cloud was quickly taken back, and Xiao Wen’s left hand was quickly taken back.
At this moment, everyone stared at the stage in disbelief.
Xiao asked if the left hand was printed with fog and the right hand was not a thing. It was that Song Dingbo!
Xiao asked his right hand to choke Song Dingbo’s back neck and arm. Yang turned out to be Song Dingbo’s single arm, and his feet were one foot off the ground …
Song Dingbo also looked horrified, but more ashamed and resentful. He was so humiliated by a new brother!
He’s still struggling. Suddenly, there’s a force rushing into the back of his neck, which has washed away all his forces and even temporarily sealed his foundation!
The bottom people don’t know the changes of Song Dingbo’s body. They know that Song Dingbo was stopped by that new brother in the blink of an eye! They didn’t even really fight, because nobody heard the collision.
"Brother Song Dingbo accepted" Xiao asked that the sound without any emotion finally rang behind Song Dingbo and called Song Dingbo three words clearly.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Siyun (more votes! )
Concession? Where’s a little? The Song Dingbo score was stopped by Xiao Wen, who was already in their ears. Come to Song Dingbo Root Method to react!
This is either a gap between speed and rhythm!
The fact is before everyone’s eyes, but it’s really amazing. There are a total of 20 new recruits in front, and the results are all defeated, and most of them are very embarrassed. As a result, Xiao Wen turned out to be a great advantage, and Song Dingbo won five consecutive games in an instant …
I’m afraid I wouldn’t dream of such a bizarre thing!
Then the ring was quiet, and suddenly the sound "Good!"
The first Xiao asked Huo Xiang to applaud, and then Cai Linfeng also shouted, "Well played!"
"Xiao asked well done! !”
"enough! !”
"J and jīng color! !”
What are those new brothers doing here? The horse will react and sincerely applaud Xiao Wen.
In this applause, Song Dingbo’s face is even uglier, and his classmates also hate him because this guy really left the whole Yi Laofeng people in Xiao Wen’s hand!
Then Xiao Wen finally put his right arm and let Song Dingbo’s feet fall to the ground.
Song Dingbo wanted to save face again, but after listening to Xiao Wen behind him, he snorted and realized that the other party had not let go …
Xiao Wen gently pushed Song Dingbo forward, and he rushed forward two steps involuntarily, but he finally recovered. Ziyou turned around and was about to speak when he suddenly found that Xiao Wen’s power was still in his body. At this time, he couldn’t afford to gather his own power!
At this time, Xiao Wen smiled at him and turned around and walked to the edge of the ring. It was obvious that he was not going to talk to him again …
At this time, Song Dingbo couldn’t even say a malicious sentence, so he could watch Xiao ask that he was going to take the challenge.
"Brother Xiao, stay!" Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted for a while and then listened to the sound of "whoosh". A person had already flown into the ring and made a little courtesy to Xiao Wen at a distance. Then he asked, "Are you the two people who got the qualification to go to Feixia Valley in this test?"
Xiao Wen had already turned around to see that it was a slightly fat man in his mid-twenties. Although his tone was peaceful, a pair of small eyes looked at him from head to toe repeatedly, showing no kindness.
Xiao Wen smiled back and said "good"
"Long heard xiao teacher younger brother name! Didn’t Xiao Shi not act with the rest of his brothers? How can Ri be here today? " The chubby little eye man asked.
"Just things came." Xiao Wen was not in the mood to talk with this person. "This senior brother wants nothing …"
As soon as the man with small eyes saw Xiao Wen leaving, he rushed to say, "My name is Chen Siyun. I had known that Xiao Shaodi had a great power in the last round of tests, and he was so admired by one enemy and five enemies. I wonder if Xiao Shaodi was interested in learning a thing or two from Chen Mou?"
At this time, those Yi Laofeng brothers will suddenly show their feelings. This just defeated Song Dingbo, which is the most out of the new younger brothers. They are not familiar with Xiao Wen, but they are obviously familiar with the small-eyed man Chen Siyun, which is very interesting.
But Xiao Wen doesn’t seem to be very cooperative and doesn’t show off at all. Just say "time"
Chen Siyun shook his head without any displeasure. "I don’t know if Xiao Shifi will come to Yi Laofeng again after this. I’ve heard a lot about Xiao Shifi and wanted to see Xiao Shifi’s business. Xiao Shifi should enjoy a little face."
Here we go again. Chen Siyun turned out to have tied a large group of people behind him again. Xiao Wen, if you don’t promise, it means that all the people behind him have sinned …
For Xiao Wen, it’s actually a good idea to learn from each other. Even when Song Dingbo was taught a lesson just now, he didn’t finish it because he had to fight because of Song Dingbo’s provocation. The main reason is that he just followed his heart.
This is because his ambition is not rooted in the struggle between people, but in the struggle between heaven and earth. The only thing he wants is to spend a lot of time and effort, just to practice, and other than that, everything is not satisfactory.
So in others’ eyes, it’s Y and N’s scheming, verbal provocation and emotional struggle. In his eyes, it’s just a child playing games. Since it’s a game, he naturally wants to play and doesn’t want to play. Even if he really plays, how can he take it seriously?
Call if you want to when you are in the mood. There are not so many reasons.
Xiao Wen smiled and was about to speak when Chen Siyun suddenly turned to National Taiwan University and asked, "Do you think I said it?"
Chen Siyun turned out to be quite prestigious. Just after he finished speaking, someone rang.
"Xiao shidi will play another game!"
"Yes! Let me wait and see! "
"Brother Xiao, we are optimistic about you!"
Xiao Wen finally calmed down and said, "Well, please ask Brother Chen for advice!"
See Xiao asked promised to come to the horse is a piece of applause, the new brother also he cheer up.
That Song Dingbo has already left the stage with Xiao Wen and Chen Siyun.
Two people soon separated by five zhangs good distant gaze.
"Xiao Shifu just made Song Shifu move with one hand, so it must have been completed as The Classic of the Sword of the Excalibur." Chen Siyun smiled and asked.
Xiao asked a fiercely in the heart, but he didn’t hide the generous tunnel. "It’s just a hand-held fairy method."
"Coax …"
The face is messed up, mainly because those who are prone to old peaks and younger brothers don’t care about feelings. This Xiao Wen has already completed the Daoji Fairy Method in Jing Xian Jian Dian. No wonder it is so powerful! And the new brother there is already guessed, after all, when Xiao Wen just turned up to be a Jing Xian Dao Jin, he didn’t hide his breath. At this moment, these new brothers look at those easy-to-old peak brothers with such rich expressions that it’s just like their own practice of Jing Xian Jian Dian.
But just messed up for a while, those Yi Laofeng brothers were quiet and looked at Taiwan carefully. They seemed to still have confidence in Chen Siyun!