Forget it. We still need to take a long-term view in the face of divorce from people who are uncertain about rain or shine.

In the middle of the night, Song Anqiao sat at his desk, opened a drawer, took out a cover, drew two puppies’ diaries, and carefully turned over his notes about recent events.
Twenty minutes later, Song Anqiao had a stretch and turned the diary back two pages to reveal a picture of a man.
In the photo, the man is wearing a light white windbreaker, and his lips are smiling and gentle. Even when he looks at it, he already feels that he is a warm person like spring breeze.
"Hee hee still looks so young"
Song anqiao looked at the photo, her eyes were slightly sour, and her heart welled up. It was hard to restrain her sadness. Like most girls, she also had a crush, but she had a bitter crush.
She has a crush on Shen Sike, a former English cram school teacher in her high school and now a world-class pastry chef and famous dessert critic.
Shen Sike’s sweet shop is ten years older than her, which is also an important reason why Song Anqiao chose Sen language. Being able to work in Sen language means that she is one step closer to the person she likes.
But …
Is the body and mind clean?
She is absolutely loyal to marriage, but she is far away from marriage. Isn’t it because she wants to get married?
Three days passed quickly.
Although the Chu family was married to the Song family, it seems that due to the identity of the Song family, the media was not invited to publicize it, and the wedding was very low-key and simple.
Because of the conflict with this marriage, Song Anqiao did not invite friends to attend, and even the bridesmaids were their cousins.
Shengshi Hotel Song Anqiao sat on the sofa with sore legs at 10: 30 in the middle of the night. At this moment, Song Anqiao didn’t know where to go.
"Drink it."
After seeing the guests off, Chu Fei went back to the suite and handed Song Anqiao a glass of milk. He couldn’t recognize whether he was sad or happy at this moment without the sound of waves.
Song Anqiao paused and slowly looked at Chu Fei’s far black pupil and flashed a suspicious look. He wouldn’t have drugged the milk, would he?
"I don’t like it very much," she said cautiously.
ChuFei far looked down at her, word by word, with a cold tone "the first contract"
Song anqiao is one leng, and the first thing he said is not allowed to refute, but …
"I really don’t want to drink" is a matter of courtship, rape or theft. Although she accepts marriage, she doesn’t want to have too much contact with Chu Fei.
"Don’t make me angry on the first day of marriage." His voice suddenly cooled, and his eyes were a little bit dangerous.
Song Anjiao felt wronged that she didn’t want to drink, and he forced people like her to really get along safely?
Grievance to injustice Song Anqiao still took it over and held it in his hand. He didn’t go to drink Chufei. Looking at her coldly means a lot. She won’t leave until she drinks it.
Two people so deadlocked for a while ChuFei far eyes dark however "are you afraid of?
Song anqiao didn’t cheep as an admission.
"Afraid of my medicine?" ChuFei far see through Song Anqiao mind Song Anqiao still didn’t cheep.
"Song Anqiao, you look quite pure. There are so many things in your head?" His tone is contemptuous. Medicine? Does he look like that?
"Hurry up and drink and leave!" His tone is getting impatient. Many women are really tiring.
"Leave?" Song anqiao looked up at him. "Where are you going?"
Chu Fei’s eyes were raised at the corner of her mouth, and she suddenly felt that she was really innocent and hurt like a white rabbit.
"Drink it if you want to know." His words tempted him.
Song anqiao held the milk cup and hesitated for a long time. "Why do you want me to drink milk?"
She doesn’t hate milk because she can’t figure out Chu Fei’s distant thoughts. A glass of milk makes her understand more than her inexplicable marriage.
"Train" him to "train you" in his spare time.
In a word, Song Anqiao is even more puzzled. What did she do?
"See if you are obedient." He said that the desk phone suddenly rang, and he picked it up and turned around and walked towards the balcony.
Song anqiao stared at his back for a long time before slowly turning his head to look at the milk cup to drink or not. This is a question.
In front of the balcony French window, Chu Fei is far away, and then his dark eyes look at Song Anqiao’s shadow in the window mirror.
She is still struggling to drink or not. After ten seconds, she suddenly sticks out her uvula and licks the milk like a puppy. After feeling that there is no smell in her mouth, she pours the whole glass of milk into her stomach.
Song anqiao has a serious stomach trouble. She didn’t eat much during the whole day of the wedding. After this cup of milk, she fell into her stomach and felt satisfied.
After she finished drinking, she turned her eyes and looked at Chu Feiyuan. When she heard him say, "Let’s go late," she hung up.
He glanced at the glass and looked at her abdomen and asked, "Are you finished?"
"Well," Song Anqiao’s mood eased a lot. "Where did you say you were going?"
So for a while, she still didn’t forget ChuFei far said to drink and leave.
"Go home" He put the words in his trousers pocket "I don’t like staying in a hotel"
To be exact, he hates hotels, which are insecure places.
By going home, he naturally means that Song Anqiao, the Emperor Jingwan, is disappointed that she is still not ready to get along with Chu Fei.
"Your room"
Back to the apartment, Chu Fei pointed to a room and his master bedroom was next to it.