The four kings once dominated the coastal waters, and there were many casualties in the battle of invading the fix-true realm. However, later, a fix-true practitioner in the fix-true realm intentionally killed the hidden king and was washed away after his spiritual wisdom. His wife, the hidden king, was heartbroken and retired to the dispute between the celestial realm and the fix-true realm.

Before that, no one knew that the murdered man was the wife of the hidden king. If the celestial world had known this earlier, it would have been easy for the woman to win over the hidden king. But without such an opponent, the celestial world would have made a neutral agreement with the universe, and the whole universe would not participate in the feud between the celestial world and the fix-up world, and the celestial immortals would not be allowed to enter the universe.
After living in seclusion, the hidden king called himself the old dragon, but today he once again forgot the place name of the hidden king, and the former king officially returned!
In the prison, 6 can’t open his mouth. At that time, some people couldn’t adapt to the universe. The mysterious strong man turned out to be the most secretive hidden king of the four kings!
"No wonder he helped me. No wonder he has a part of reincarnation! No wonder … "It’s no wonder that 6 can feel so stupid that he hasn’t felt something strange.
"6 can watch carefully and let you see what a real prisoner is!" After being famous and taboo, the hidden king stopped talking, and a blue light emerged in the hidden king’s arm.
Around the arm, no matter whether it is vitality or natural breath, it is tearing and drilling into the blue whirlpool of the hidden king’s arm, which is like forming a blue black hole that devours everything.
"Prison Long Jin prison Long Jin focus on prison word rather than dragon word! I made a mistake in the direction before … "I finally knew I was wrong in a mysterious place when I saw the prisoner Long Jin 6 Can.
Prison dragon strength is not to turn Zhenyuan into Jackie Chan, but to imprison the dragon by Zhenyuan!
Presumably, it’s because Shangyangjun scattered immortals in Chiba and the hidden king learned the prisoner’s dragon strength fur and made such a fake prisoner’s dragon strength.
"the mantra! The seal is lifted! " Seeing the hidden king actually made the prisoner Long Jin know the emperor’s eyes flashing with white light. The mantra spit out several golden characters in the body of the known emperor. As the characters emerged, the momentum of the known emperor climbed steadily. In the 6 incredible eyes, the momentum of the hidden king just spelled a phase.
"Knowing the Emperor is a civilian immortal who is not good at fighting. She usually seals up her energy. If it is time to fight for her life, she can solve the seal and explode the seal power at ordinary times. At this time, although she is not equal to the enemy, her strength is definitely the top five among the thirteen emperors!"
I don’t know when even hope edge has woken up from a coma in 6 can side speak explained.
"This kind of power has a disadvantage that it can’t last for a long time. Maybe she explodes the strongest force to injure the hidden king, but the winner must be the hidden king in the end …" Although the strength has dissipated, even the skin of Xiyuan is still black and it is difficult to return to normal for a while.
"What do you think I’m doing, little bastard? This kind of master can’t do anything, but he’s not honest …" Seeing 6 Can staring at his skin, he even scolded Xi Yuan with embarrassment. Fortunately, the skin is black enough to see her blushing.
"Ahem ….." 6 Can Cough two hurriedly turned to the hidden king and know the emperor.
"It’s terrible that she turned out to be the emperor? ! My Lord, who on earth are you to let Zhidi lurk by your side? !”
At this time ZuoYan don’t know where to come up some sneaky said
"Lucky guy, he didn’t get involved in the fight between the two emperors …" 6 Can had to admire Zuo Yan’s good luck. If Zhidi and Lian Xiyuan didn’t fight in this solid prison, a shock wave would have taken the life out of him.
Chapter III Chaos
"the mantra! Pro! "
Knowing the Emperor’s hidden breath at the same time turned out to be knowing the Emperor’s first attack. It can be seen that this prisoner’s dragon strength and 6 Can’s acquisition of the prisoner’s dragon strength from Chiba Scattered Fairy have a long preparation period, and as the skill rises, the preparation time is getting longer and longer, and of course the power is getting stronger and stronger.
With the knowledge of the emperor’s mantra, he spit out a glittering word and shot it at the place where the hidden king’s word passed, gathering together strangely and rolling forward with the word.
I was surprised when I saw Emperor Zhidi attacking 6 Can. This mantra attack 6 Can was very familiar. He had seen this mantra attack method when he was in the dead city. Although the Promethean made the attack power compare with the attack power method of Emperor Zhidi at this time, these two mantras seem to have the same origin.
Just when 6 Can suspected that the Emperor Zhi and Mo Qingyi had a connection with Ziyin Gate, the Hidden King finally completed the gaining momentum. When the arm of the Hidden King was stretched out, the word was suddenly delayed in front of the arm of the Hidden King, and it was wrapped like a bomb.
The clothes of the hidden king crackled in the strong wind, but the eyes of the hidden king flashed with crazy fighting spirit. After smashing the mantra, the hidden king moved his body and hit the top of the head with a punch.
See the hidden king tough attack know emperor tree-lined mouth mantra even spit "mantra bucket! Who! ……”
Just when Emperor Zhi spit out four mantras, the hidden king’s arm stung the four overlapping mantras and shone brightly.
Can face a white pull ZuoYanFei hiding in the prison, even hope edge also dare not face this kind of attack, a flicker also chop into the prison.
Almost at 6 Can, three people hid in the prison, and the prison suddenly shook and roared like thunder. In the three holy cities, there was a bang, and the prison door was overturned by violent light.
"I grass!" 6 Can roars, a chest is stuffy as a blow, a throat is sweet, a mouthful of blood gushes out, and the blood rolls out of ears, eyes and nostrils, which makes 6 Can seriously injured in an instant.
"Don’t let people live. Just the aftermath of the attack can shock me into serious injuries?" 6 can hold the prison wall collapsed to the ground.
Then Zuo Yan is even worse. The power generated by the aftermath instantly makes the whole true fairy seriously fall to the ground and completely fall into a coma. Moreover, the swaying fairy baby seems to be a daylights out field.
And even the fate of hope is much better, just looking a little pale. Obviously, the strength of the hidden king and the knowing emperor is also out of her imagination, which reminds her involuntarily of 6 Can and she said that the thirteen emperors are not as simple as they seem.