Marchisio was a season winner and bought from Juventus. At that time, he bought half of the players and all of them belonged to him.

However, there are too many midfielders in Lazio, and marchisio doesn’t have too many opportunities to add marchisio, which is the kind of loyal Juventus. Now Juventus is in such a big trouble that marchisio will definitely go back to Qin Wang. Although marchisio hasn’t made a statement yet, Changsheng believes that marchisio will definitely talk to himself.
Even if Changsheng knew marchisio’s achievements in the future, he couldn’t keep the other side. He could trade marchisio for a part of the transfer and balzaretti.
Leigh vilani and giuliano giannichedda have confirmed that they will leave the team at the end of the season, and their contract with the club will expire on June 30, and they will never be satisfied with where they are going.
Leigh vilani has gone, giuliano giannichedda has gone, and Inler and ledesma have gone.
With marchisio gone, he needs another midfielder.
His target is midfielder nocerino, who plays for clotho in Serie B.
He made his debut in nocerino, juventus youth, and later became an Italian international. He did well in joining Juventus and AC Milan.
Such potential stocks are still hanging out in the second division in obscurity.
No one knows that he hides light.
But Changsheng knows.
Lazio’s competitor is Piacenza.
However, there is no doubt that a UEFA Cup champion team, runner-up in Serie A, and a second-division team compete for players.
Nocerino will definitely choose Lazio.
Chapter ninety Italian transfer
Always winning in the front line has a great ambition
He’s going to rob three people at once!
Whether it is to strengthen the team’s strength or to sell it at a high price in the future.
The first candidate is Santiago cazorla, who does not occupy a non-EU quota.
When he debuted in Villarreal, cazorla played in the first team of the Yellow Submarine in 2223, but at that time he was a substitute and only played twice a season.
But in 2425, he suddenly became the main player, especially in the UEFA Cup.
Then in 2526, cazorla continued his excellent state and also performed well in the Champions League.
Everyone thinks that cazorla will be the absolute main force in Villarreal and he will have a bright future in the Yellow Submarine.
But what everyone didn’t expect was that cazorla was sold to Virva by Villarreal at a low price of 600,000 in the summer of 26 years!
At that time, everyone couldn’t understand Villarreal’s brain attack. How could he make such a stupid decision?
Because no one would have thought Villarreal would sell cazorla.
No team has made an offer for the yellow submarine.
In the end, Janville bought cazorla for 600,000 euros.
At that time, the Spanish media commented that Villarreal executives were idiots.
Sure enough, Villarreal regretted it after a season. They bought cazorla back with a repurchase clause of 1.2 million euros.
I’ve heard of this story. In fact, up to now, he doesn’t know why Villarreal wants to sell cazorla at such a low price, which is excellent in the team.
He doesn’t know if Villarreal club executives will be stupid again at this time.
But that doesn’t prevent him from giving it a try.
Try to contact Villarreal and buy cazorla from them.
Of course, to avoid cazorla being bought back by Villarreal for 1.2 million euros after playing a good game by himself for a season, Changsheng will not accept the repurchase clause.
If cazorla can come, it will be the first step of the plan to strengthen the winning striker.
Cazorla is a striker and a midfielder. He is a panacea in the frontcourt.
At the same time, winning always requires a really strong center.
He glanced at two people in one breath.
But unfortunately, both of them are non-EU players and need to occupy the non-EU transfer quota of the team.
According to Serie A regulations, a team can have a non-EU signing quota in a season.
But Changsheng doesn’t want to introduce it by mistake. Who knows what will happen? What if it is intercepted by other teams?
A play still has to be in his own hands before he can be reassure.
One of the two players is Romedahl Fa Erkao and the other is Edison Cavani.
These two powerful strikers, who will be all-powerful in the future, will do their best to win. Now we must take them into our own hands, and neither sell them nor suffer.
The best way for a traveler to hoard in football is to hold all the less famous players in his own hands and sell them when they come out.
Fa Erkao and cavani are suspected to be the best among them.
Cavani’s performance in Naples later proved that he is a powerful center who can adapt to Serie A. cavani has attracted the favor of many giants, including Real Madrid, when he won the game.
Fa Erkao achieved the reputation of "Tiger" in Porto and became the top scorer in the UEFA Cup in a single season. Later, he went to Atletico Madrid and did well, scoring in La Liga after cristiano ronaldo and Messi.
Two strikers who are so excellent always win. Wouldn’t it be a big loss to watch the cheap ones being picked up?