Destiny said, "I hope you don’t tell Panzhan where I live …"

"I can do this," Yu Long said, "but you have to give me some guarantees before I leave."
"guarantee?" Destiny Shinto "guarantee what?"
"Make sure all your words are true?" Yu Long suddenly said, "You have to swear by blood … don’t worry, it’s about what you told me."
"Do you have to do this?" Fate looked a little angry.
"Of course-!" Yu Long said, "I have to take you seriously, or I won’t trust you easily."
"Well, I promise you-!" Destiny nai said with a sigh, "in fact, you are kind."
For those words. "
Say that, she completed that blood oath to those statement according to Yu Long’s instructions.
Long Yu smiled. "With this, I am not afraid that you will lie. Even if you are the goddess of fate, you will violate your blood oath."
"Now you can go-!" Fate said, "I want to continue to restore my strength alone."
"I’ll walk past the horse," Yu Long thought for a moment and said, "I’d like to help you, if you don’t mind …"
"How?" Fate looked at Yu Long with great interest.
"Chaos Force and Dragon Spirit can help you-!" Yu Long laughed.
Fate nodded and said, "That’s true, but it’s hard for me to imagine that you will really help you."
"I’m telling the truth … Yu Long said," You can draw my strength from me now. Enough is enough. "
When this statement came out of fate, I was stunned for a long time and asked, "What can help me?"
"Because you are a beauty-!" Yu Long had a vague smile on her lips. "I’m so kind to you. I think you’ll be moved and I’ll be committed to you, right?"
“——!” Destiny spat softly and said, "Why don’t you have a straight path? In your eyes, my value is a bed."
"Ha ha!" Yu Long laughed. "You are quite self-aware. To be honest, so far, I think your value to me is your body."
"shame!" Fate hummed, "You are the most shameful god I have ever seen … I really don’t understand why people like you can be a baby."
"But … hum …" Destiny suddenly sneered and said, "Seriously, you can’t be called God in your current situation. Are you still far from God?"
"Nonsense!" Yu Long said contemptuously, "How come I’m not a wizard? I can’t be called God at that level."
"Witch God?" Destiny disdains to sneer at a few and says, "Can a witch be a god? Ridiculous is really ridiculous … Even the light god is far from the real god. As far as I know, the whole space can be called three gods … "
Yu Long asked with a cold face, "Do you mean you still have a battle with Pangu?"
Destiny continued, "The so-called gods can only be regarded as real gods if you have godhead. You are now a baby … There is still a long way to go before the baby is godhead. I advise you not to be complacent."
"So that’s it-!" Yu Long looked calm and turned to fate and asked, "How can I practice in the future?"
"It’s time for you to ask me at last-!" Fate smiled and said, "Is this a good thing?"
Damn it, Yu Long said crossly, "You’re not going to fish in troubled waters, are you?"
"What do you say?" Destiny smiled. "I’m learning from you … of course, I’m not as ashamed as you. I’ll tell you the practice method now. You can’t come to liu er in your ear …
Long Yuwen then walked past.
Destiny approached Yu Long lilac uvula and suddenly reached out and licked Yi Long’s abdomen in the man’s earlobe, and suddenly a flame rose.
"Ha ha!" Fate smiled proudly. "It seems that you are very sensitive to me, which shows that you are very eager to get my body, but I will not grieve you."
Yu Long was depressed. "Come on, don’t deliberately provoke me, but it’s not that strong. Don’t blame me if I can’t stand it."
"Hum, I knew you weren’t a good thing." Fate lightly angered me and immediately put the way of continuing to practice into Long Yu’s body.
Yu Long hurried to check and meditate after receiving those dharma formulas.
A moment later, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth and he said, "It’s true that the method of fixing truth is really exquisite … It seems that you are not so" in the Goddess Temple.
"Cut the crap-!" Fate said with a cold face, "I gave you the benefits, too. Now it’s your turn to give me the benefits, right?" I hope you can relax and let me extract your strength as much as possible. If you can help me regain my peak strength in the shortest time, I will be grateful to you. "
"If you are grateful, don’t say it!" Yu Long shrugged and said.