In the hot day, there was a breeze floating in the thick forest of Yanzhang, and Xingqi’s eyes scanned the forest, and all the senses quietly spread around. Suddenly, Xingqi was in his heart, and a white figure was lying on the top of a big tree not far from his left side, exposing his eyes.

Xing Qi is still too excited to make his eyes look better than those of Zhu Li. Xing Qi-gen is afraid to scan the white shadow of the tree in the eye, for fear of feeling better. Looking at the white shadow in the corner is a beautiful white woman.
Let Xingqi breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the white woman is attracted by the men in black and the women in red skirts in the distance, but she doesn’t find herself. The star wizard slowly recedes towards the back and wants to quit the white woman’s perspective. Xingqi is quiet again.
Obviously, the ice flame thorns are lurking. Who are you going to ambush? Are these two women coming for Liudan? Star wonder couldn’t help but come up with such an idea. From the performance of two women, it seems that the ambush is a black dress person
Now Xingqi is faced with a difficult problem, but he can hide and watch two women solve the black dress person, and then secretly follow two women to find it, but at the cost of three six Dan.
Does he watch three six Dan slip away from his eyes, but he is extremely reluctant to give up three six Dan in his heart, but he can’t get it and can’t spit it out. The celestial rat haha has now reached the peak of Samsung’s imperial level, and after that, he believes that he will get six Dan and give it to hahahaha, which will surely break through the imperial level and reach the honour level.
Slowly, the breeze swept down the rocky camphor trees, scattered yellow leaves, stupid birds and insects preached the silence in the forest, and her eyes were alert. The woman in red dress approached and held a sword tightly.
"I’ll be polite if I move forward. And who are you and what do you want?" Looking closer and closer, the woman in the red dress opened her mouth a little hoarse and trembled with fear.
"I’m so terrible because I want to borrow something from my friends." The woman in red dress stopped with a smile on her face and a watery eye, and she was embarrassed to stroke a bunch of hair.
"I just want to borrow the Dan medicine you just grabbed from others." Hoo! With the words of the red dress, the red dress girl’s eyes suddenly burst out with a string of clear stripes, and the alert eyes froze like a dream, while the red dress girl turned into a phantom and rushed toward the stripes, and the cold chill swept away.
Too soon! When the murder happened, I let Tiao Kun wake up. I suddenly broke out in a cold man, but when Tiao Kun’s eyes were clear again, his eyes suddenly stared with horror again.
A woman in a red skirt with a thief’s eyes round is like a red shadow. A string of dozens of meters long red phantom of the opera rolls towards her, and her eyes can’t catch the speed.
A cold, murderous streak was so overwhelming that I didn’t have any courage to fight. Twenty meters and ten meters felt my life breath. As the red shadow approached and passed away, death was getting closer and closer. When I woke up, I found that I wanted to escape too late, but I couldn’t afford to fight against this red skirt woman.
The strong man’s sense of crisis directly stimulates the woman opposite the nerve. She is extremely scared, but she can’t escape this red dress. She will kill herself now.
"no! I have to live. "If death is in danger, the strong man’s dignity and years of comfortable life make the article extremely unwilling to die, and the article is driven crazy."
Zheng! Holding a sword tightly, I was held high by a long and violent firm but gentle sword, and I went straight to the red shadow in front of me, and howled two green jade boxes suddenly and violently shot out from my hand.
Although Tiao Geng wants to protect three six Dan, Tiao Geng has to save his life first. The other party is coming for six Dan, and he is defeated by Tiao Geng. Of course, he does not hesitate to throw out two jade boxes and wants to escape with them.
"Hum! Want to get the beauty "see article Kan so calculating red skirt female cold glanced at two into a meteor in two directions in the distance to the jade box but still to recover to know Kan.
Whoo! Soaring sword mans straight cut and truthfully cut to the long red shadow. The speed of cold autumn rain is too fast to go straight through the sword of touch of green. I can’t believe my eyes are straight into my heart.
"What, what, why don’t you go after those two six Dan" was pierced by the green cold sword, and his eyes were extremely looking at the chest sword and the sword-holder. It was difficult to open his mouth, and his face and hands were covered with frost, and pieces of ice crystals floated in the eye.
"Because you threw out two jade boxes, if I were three six Dan, you would die." The cold whisper came from the cold autumn language.
I see. My eyes gradually blurred, revealing my deep regret. It turned out that I was greedy and threw two jade boxes, thinking about leaving a jade box to kill myself. Should I regret my greed or hate the other party for being too greedy? Suddenly, I thought that Bai Yan’s face actually showed a smile.
Ga ga! After the cold autumn rain dialed the sword, Cui Yi became a crystal ice sculpture and fell straight down, but with a smile and a cold smile.
Ice and autumn rain threw two jade boxes at Yan Gao and were killed for a short time, but with this short time, many bucket statues in this area felt the strong momentum and fighting here.
Twittering through the thick ice crystals and smiling face reflected dazzling sunlight, and several powerful storms broke out and shot up rapidly from a distance.
Hearing the distant ice-breaking autumn rain, my face showed a sneer, and my hand flashed clear. I took the mustard from the ice crystals and turned it into a virtual shadow again, heading straight for a jade box.
Shout two jade boxes with two stars, and throw them like two sharp weapons, and fly to hundreds of meters away, while the ice and autumn rain turn into a red shadow and fly to a jade box.
When I was looking for the six Dan medicines and looking for the six Dan medicines, Xingqi could not resist my impulse. I was going to give up the three six Dan medicines invisibly again, but when I tracked down the six Dan medicines, I suddenly saw the ice and autumn rain. The speed of cold autumn rain made Xingqi’s eyes suddenly stare and settle down. For the first time, Xingqi met a master who was not at his own speed.
I haven’t woken up from the shock of cold autumn rain’s flash speed and decisive war. Cui threw out two jade boxes, and one of them was neither right nor left, and it was at this time that the white woman’s eyes looked up.
Chi chi! The emerald green jade box is going to be hot, and the forest has drawn a green track. The jade box is rushing rapidly, but it is stunned at this moment. It is fixed by a pair of soft eyes with white pupils and a pair of black and gold eyes intertwined through the thick forest of Yan Zhang.
Om two people’s faces changed greatly because they were shocked by Xu Yin cream and found that they could no longer hide, but Xu Yin cream was surprised by this strange surprise that suddenly appeared at the bottom of their eyelids. They didn’t find their hearts trembling, but they all rushed towards the jade box with a sudden reaction.
Whoo! The jade box rushed to the place where Xingqi came from. Of course, Xingqi has been found nearby. Of course, Xingqi will not let go of the direct flight in front of him. The explosion of speed and force made Xingqi fly like a wild leopard, stepping towards the tree and jumping straight towards the jade box.
"So fast! Turned out to be a statue of level soul beast "to win Xu Yin cream suddenly saw the outbreak speed of Xingqi again surprised. Looking at Xingqi’s motionless quarrelling with physical strength, Xu Yin cream kept Xingqi as a soul beast taxiing bucket statue.
"I really want to die and dare to grab Dan medicine from me, but even if it is fast, it will be even more lifeless!" Xu Yin cream to plain white pupil eyes flashed a cold light body and high-speed running a sen long soft sword from the sleeve.
Poison! As thin as drizzle and light rain drops to two bells, soft sword slowly unfolds with Xu Yin cream in her slender hands, gently breaks the boom and turns it into an innocent flowing water, and then grabs the jade box and rolls it towards Xingqi.
Bang! Xingqi grabbed the emerald box in one hand and captured it. After a while, he turned his head and saw a clear spring and a white stream. The dazzling silver light reflected by the sunlight through the leaves suddenly felt a new murderous lock on himself.
Whoo! The sword didn’t reach the flank, but it was cold and murderous, which made Xingqi feel the surrounding color as frozen. For the first time, he felt so cold and quarrelsome. Xingqi didn’t panic, but his eyes were plain.
Poof! The two men, Xingqi and Xu Yinshuang, were shocked. The silver sword was held by Xingqi’s hand, but Xingqi’s hand was cut. The bright red and hot blood slid straight down the cold sword, but it soon turned into long blood ice crystals.
"It’s so sharp, soft sword is so strong, and the ice is cold." The sense of wonder is that several fingers are cut off like veins, and the silvery white soft sword deeply stuck his jade-like bone to stop this silver waterfall sword.
"Good strong body should be cut straight into half the strength." Looking at the blood dripping Xu Yin cream, I felt myself. soft sword was stuck by the other hand. I can’t think of the self-remembering sword again. It’s no ordinary sword. Watching the purple youth Xu Yin cream flash across an amazing color.