Sun Hao waited for about ten days for the selection day and finally

Ancient Mancheng emitted a red light.
A huge flag was erected in the huge stone square in the center of the city.
Bloody battle manqi
Manqi inserted into a huge stone pillar looks like a rectangular vertical wall hanging from the surface from a distance. Manqi is made of white with gold and red vertical stone slabs in the center of the square.
Everywhere in Mancheng, you can clearly see the flag standing high.
At the moment when I saw the battle flag, even Sun Hao felt inexplicable excitement and passionate feelings.
There is an impulse to vent in the sky, and the wild Xingtian strength can’t be controlled by Sun Hao to instantly and automatically circulate. Sun Hao quickly moved his knowledge to suppress it
While Sun Hao found that the barbarian soldiers in the pub had all slapped themselves * * * * and roared at the whole pretty city.
Bloody True Barbarian Bloody was inspired by a bloody battle. Sun Hao could see that every barbarian soldier in his eyes was full of blood and high morale.
On whether it’s a man or a woman warrior, one expression is ready to try.
Sun Hao also do as the Romans do, tearing voice shouted a few.
In the roar of the soldiers, the bugle sounded in the ancient barbarian city, as if it had experienced vicissitudes from ancient times, and the long horn resounded through the barbarian city, covering all the barbarian soldiers roaring, and the whole barbarian city was clearly audible.
The wide square around the bloody battle flag is filled with thick blood, and the airflow around it is stirred up in the horn, and the coverage is getting wider and wider.
Blood fog enveloped the whole square, and it was like a wild animal rolling and roaring in the blood gas.
On the one hand, the golden fence rose to the general position of the battle flag and gradually fixed. The bloody airflow around the fence was divided into ten pieces and gathered together.
In less than a wick of incense, the bloody air condensed into ten pieces of bloody floor, which was connected with the bloody battle flag. Ten tall and medium-sized rings appeared around the bloody battle flag.
Every ring has a hundred miles of Fiona Fang, enough for barbarian fighters to compete face to face
The change of the ring generation continues.
In the roar, the central square of ancient Mancheng gradually sank into a lot until the bloody ring was almost flush with the ground of Mancheng.
And Sun Hao’s Mangli Tavern and all the ancient buildings in Mancheng have also changed dramatically. The Tavern seems to tilt up as a whole and sit on a stone table. The barbarian soldiers suddenly find themselves sitting on a huge slope just overlooking the bloody battle ring.
However, the bloody savage flag is still erected high, surpassing all the buildings in the ancient ancient savage city, and the height stands in the middle.
At this time, the core area of ancient barbarian city seems to have become a huge grandstand, and generally stands high in front of the bloody savage flag, which is slightly shorter than the bloody savage flag and much higher than other barbarian cities.
A burly * * * Dai Long Horn helmet with a huge axe and barbarian warrior makin’s knife appears in the core area, hunching over Shicheng area and sounding like Hong Zhong all over the spot. "What are you hesitating about when the Millennium Grand Meeting is just ahead of the barbarian warrior’s double glory and peerless opportunity? Let’s be brave and timid. Let me see your style … "
A finger in the huge axe "pretty rolling selection war war …"
Huge circling around the central square layer by layer, and various weapons such as Shicheng axe and stick are waving, and the barbarian soldiers are screaming and roaring.
Ten huge wild beasts were driven out of the ring.
This is a stage for ten extremely powerful wild beasts with golden shortage level to fight stomach dishes, and it is also a stage for barbarian king bloodlines to show themselves.
Ten golden heads are constrained by the golden fence of the challenge ring, and they can’t escape. They can keep roaring and fighting with prisoners and animals.
In front of the challenge ring, a barbarian soldier with a slight bow on his back and arms over his knees and no weapons in his hand stepped on the drumming steps and walked towards the barbarian.
Sun Hao’s eyes can’t help but shrink slightly. The gold shortage in this challenge is very strong and has reached the peak level. Sun Hao can’t move five attributes. It won’t be too easy to meet this peak gold shortage.
I just don’t know if this barbarian warrior Sun Hao has seen with "Bi Meng" blood can pick it up.
The war broke out at the same time when the barbarian soldiers walked into the ring. This is a peak wild lion who suddenly opened his mouth and pounced on the barbarian soldiers fiercely.
When a barbarian warrior has his hands on his chest
The peak wild lion’s bite was blocked by the end.
Mouth a huge roar "uh-oh ….." Barbarian warrior before peak wild lion from the roar suddenly grabbed his hands forward and stretched out a pair of sharp claws thunder buckle the wild lion legs.
The wild lion’s strong physique and strength can’t earn the hands of barbarian soldiers.
Stronger than it seems, the golden power gushed from the barbarian warrior’s body, and his hands were held high and torn with a jerk, which was stronger than the golden famine being torn by living, and a piece of blood rained on the barbarian warrior’s head.
Head drenched with blood, one hand holding half the carcass of a wild animal, and the barbarian soldier walked around the ring fence pretty hard.
The field burst into warm cheers.
The peak of gold shortage and blood ignited the prelude of the barbarian savage war
Nick, a bloodline barbarian warrior in Bi Meng, did not continue to keep rolling after killing the peak wild lion, but was directly recruited by the ancient barbarian city layer in the core area
German, the wizard of the hollow, signed an employment contract with Nick, and both sides showed up in unison. Both sides were very happy to see that they were satisfied with the employment.
Wizards are slender and much shorter than barbarians. Nick german looks like a little guy, but he is much taller than Terran Wizards.
The greatest feature of wizards is that they always hold a luminous ball in their hands and look mysterious and blue.
There are no wizards in the virtual world, but the wizards in the virtual world are famous. Together with the witches, they are the important cornerstones of the virtual strong and ancient witches.
The virtual reality in the wizards and witches is mixed and complementary, but each of them has its own command institutions, even a family member has its own commander-in-chief, who divides it into two races, but it is actually two in one.
Sun Hao can also vaguely guess from the data of nine planets’s Li Department that there are two foundations of the virtual ancient witch tribe, namely, the virtual barbarian tribe and the virtual male and female witch tribe, which are slightly different from the Terran.
The three virtual terrans are all one race, and the virtual Terran has no vassal race.
I just don’t know if there are vassals around the Terran after the virtual reality.
Everyone is happy that Nick has joined the most desirable wizard clan of barbarians.
Then six Wang Man bloodlines appeared one after another to kill the wild beasts in their respective rings and successfully formed an employment contract with the virtual race.
Only Kuafu’s bloodline barbarian warriors were once again recognized by another wizard monk, while several of them were hired by other monks with stronger races, such as Fire Phoenix Lei Man.
These races are not weak, but they are worse than the wizards.
Barbarian king’s veins are gone, but there are still three wild beasts in the ring that have not been eliminated. Sun Hao can’t help but move slightly when he sees these three wild beasts ~ ~
Chapter DiYiLiuLiu 9 Stay cute pretty girl
The remaining three wild animals are also the peak of gold shortage, but because of the different sizes of wild animals, Nick is much worse than Nick in killing wild lions.
If you can kill these three wild beasts alone, do you have the opportunity to get the favor of the hollow family and get the qualification to go in?
But Ma Sunhao found himself thinking too much.
These three wild beasts have long been owned by the three noble men in the grandstand building not far from the core viewing platform, and they have made great strides towards the three challenges.
The three guimans are also quite tall and slightly shorter than Sun Hao in the pub, with a bare hand, an axe, a leather armor and a huge stick.
The three noble men were high-spirited and majestically killed in the ring.
The barbarian layer may have predicted this long ago, but it was not as expensive as him. The three wild beasts should be the prey for promotion.
The bloody battle flag is like a hunting ring. The three rings turn slightly during the war, facing the core viewing platform, so that the virtual family can watch the battle best.
Sun Hao lifted the stone table barrel and tore a piece of cooked meat to drink and eat meat.