In the eyes full of doubts and curiosity

Confused, puzzled and frightened
Especially those practitioners.
There is no power. Most people think it is some kind of strange art scene.
It’s like seeing some special weather
Only those practitioners can clearly feel what kind of destruction is contained in the distant force through their powerful senses!
That’s enough to destroy several creatures and let all kinds of extraordinary life, including demons, immortals and gods, be killed and injured with great strength!
And that level of strength has never existed in many years.
Once, there was a time when the Shang and Zhou Dynasties witnessed the Battle of Gods.
That "stopping teaching", "explaining teaching" and "teaching by people" are the moments when Buddhism, remote mountain practice, overseas practice and soy sauce play together.
That’s the last corner of the ancient world
It is also a turning point that that truly powerful demon fairy gradually retreat behind the scenes.
Since then, both those forces who suffered heavy losses and those who benefited have consciously converged their own [human world] contribution.
Therefore, the blow of "Three Burials of Tang Dynasty".
As soon as there is a world of eyes, there will be a reaction immediately.
Even if some people are not alive, people are not dead, and there is not even a weed, some will that has been sleeping for a long time has emerged in the desolate land.
The great world will rise?’
This "Buddha’s Light" contains "Buddhism". Why is there a strange smell … "
Familiar and strange power which guy is this … rising star? Change the old guy?’
All kinds of ideas can’t help flowing in their minds.
But after confirming that the force did not spread, it was confined to one place by the messenger
Many guys who have been looking forward to something big for years still feel disappointed.
After all, it has been silent for so long.
They have been lying dead for tens of thousands of years since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties.
They also hope to have a suitable opportunity to let themselves go to activity one.
Of course, there’d better be some fun for them to watch.
The music level is still a little short …
All the guys who woke up with a start were boring. After eating several cities to relieve their hunger, they turned their heads and returned to their old places to continue sleeping or practicing.
This providence favors the human period.
After all, this vast land is called the human world, not the demon world.
Even the "Heaven" and "Ghost" depend on it.
The supporting ancient demons need to continue to recuperate and recharge their batteries.
Until a round of heaven and earth changed.
Maybe only then will the protagonist groups in this world have a chance to change.
Only by that time will the dragon and snake fight for the land.
Chapter 121 [Tathagata] Distress
White clouds and thin white fog float here like gauze.
Let everything have a feeling of seeing flowers in the fog.
The colorful glow is like a thin ribbon around everywhere, which makes this place more beautiful.
And the center of the glory and beauty is the place called Lingxiao Hall.
Feel the movement in the distance
At the moment, the ministers and immortals here are not as carefree as they used to be.
Each face is more serious.
And that place surround by the immortals has two figure being watched together.
And they are "clairvoyance" and "clairvoyance"
Although all the immortals in [Heaven] have some means of investigation more or less.
But in terms of practical expertise,
These two are obviously experts in this field.
before long
It was only a few seconds after the incident.
Both put away their own "avatar" look respectfully toward the center of "dedicated hall" told.
"The initiator of the pursuit is [Golden Cicada] [Reincarnation]-[Tang Sanzang]"
"But as you expected, the situation of the other party seems to be completely different when making the Westbound Plan …"
"It seems … very crazy …"