"Miss is Hu Fu middleman? But LiuFu LiuWangZhou "snake people seemingly humble but show off tone.

Kyubi no Youko is a child prodigy. Although his back was chilled by Jin Xian’s verve, his legs were limp, but his superficial kung fu was not busy. It should be said that "I have heard a lot about the world … I have heard a lot about my daughter’s jade algae, but she is not a Hu Fu middleman."
"Miss Shan Ye has a bequeathed pearl, but she is not a Hu Fu middleman, but she is so talented and has raised such a spiritual object, which is really admirable …" The snake man lit the table and stood in the ear.
Saint in the ear is really scared to pee.
He’s shivering in the water with fairy tea and urine.
"My father … that is, King Liuyang loves Fa very much. I wonder if Miss Fang can give up this ink monkey?" Snake people say again
"The joke is that he is not a monkey, but a companion of mine. Second, since he is a partner, he has absolutely no reason to give it to others." Kyubi no Youko’s tone is fluent, and Jin Xianru is sitting opposite her!
Although he can be afraid, Kyubi no Youko’s psychological quality is excellent
She didn’t fight at all, but she was first-class in finding out what was wrong and knowing what was good. Now there is no premonition of anxiety, that is, there is no need to worry about it.
"My family see you baby is respect you don’t unappreciative! Wang! " This time, according to the conventional practice, it was time for the evil slave to appear. Sure enough, a kobold behind the snake man shouted at him.
"My daughter, although she is weak because of her relatives, doesn’t believe that there is no justice in this world and there is no law in the city. Can Liu Fushi bully the weak?" Kyubi no Youko’s eyes are red and she is in tears. I still feel pity. It’s no problem to go to earth to be an performing arts vase.
"Don’t be shameless!" The evil dog-headed slave stretched out his hand to take the saint from his ear.
Kyubi no Youko saw can’t help but worry.
Although the evil slave is humble, she is at least a fairy. Is her title Great Sage still separated from the fairy by nine fates?
Isn’t the paper just broken with a poke?
Tall? !
Kyubi no Youko looked anxious at Lin Chong’s eyes.
Don’t worry … Lin gave her a wink.
The snake man is obviously trying to perform a drama of "yelling at evil slaves and forcing beautiful women" at the right time.
Just then.
A sharp strong breeze came, and the dog-headed slave was knocked out of the teahouse for a second and broke a large wall.
The snake man turned his head in shock and saw another torrent, and the raven fell as fast as a waterfall until it reached a distance of a millimeter from his nose tip.
"LiuShi secret method! Thousands of machines! "
The snake man suddenly leans back to worship the fairy method, and when he leans back, he changes into a crossbow. The crossbow builds an arrow, and the arrow flashes and the stars lead to thousands of crossbows, which are like a storm.
Every bow is a golden fairy blow.
Although this Liufu world is unbearable, the immortal method is still quite sophisticated.
However, he met this one who is known as the sanctification of the flesh and the first in the life of the avatar.
See this ha ha a smile before the axe tail smashed away. Now the evil slave with the head of a dog is chopping at the snake with the blade of an axe. The world is facing a thousand crossbows, flying arrows, and a big axe is playing with embroidery needles. In an instant, these thousands of arrows will fly into the sky and penetrate through a thousand holes in the teahouse ceiling, and they will be arranged neatly.
Brush ~
Black axe stops snake man’s neck.
Although the snake man has repaired Taiyi, at the moment, he feels that the axe blade is sharp and straight, and he dare not move. Sweat has flowed from his forehead.
"I am Liu Fushi, and you dare not kill me!" Snake people scream.
"If you want to say so, I’ll try ~" Yang Jian, holding an axe of the gods, smiled and was about to start a axe to cut the head of the snake and suddenly got a meal in his hand.
I don’t know when it is cloudy outside the teahouse.
The dark clouds hung low and a huge snake head stretched out from the clouds. Most of the snake heads were golden, and the circles of gold lines stood in their eyes. When the red gold disk cloud looked in from the window, the huge God overwhelmed the whole teahouse, and all the immortals had the impulse to kneel down.
"Father, help me!" The snake world watched the giant snake scream like a savior.
"GeFang master dare all living city wanton waste is not afraid of … physical death? !” The sound of the giant snake descended into the teahouse like a thunderbolt.
"If the road is rough, take care of it." Yang Jian laughed. "If you want to die, you have to follow your son first."
Just now, the axe blade fell off and the snake fell off. A black snake head’ plopped’ with an incredible expression. He didn’t expect that flirting with a good woman could lead to fatal disaster. What’s the reason?
The snake man is Taiyi, and an axe can’t be cut to death. Yang Jian took the axe of the gods and was so meticulous that he cut off the head of the avatar one by one. The snake man screamed and screamed repeatedly, and he heard the golden thunderbolt exploding in the eyes of the huge snake head outside the teahouse.
"How dare you? !” The giant snake is roaring to offer a sacrifice to God’s magical power. Seeing the raw snakes everywhere in the teahouse, every snake has a short golden ring and its teeth are poisonous. Even biting the floor of life can turn wood into ash.
Looks like an avatar specializing in toxins.