Qiao Xinwei walked to the door of the kitchen, and the poached eggs smelled delicious and seduced the greedy worms in her stomach. She scratched her scalp and thought for a long time, but she didn’t know what to say.

Section 167
Jiang Hao turned his back to the door with a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. There was a fire cooking porridge next to him. He didn’t even hear her voice.
Jiang Hao herself hummed English songs gently and twisted her body slightly with the rhythm while frying poached eggs and twisting her ass.
Qiao Xinwei stared at her, holding her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing, and her stomach ached.
“? ?” Jiang Hao song suddenly stopped and his body became stiff. "Why don’t you leave behind me and don’t go into the kitchen without my permission?"
Jiang Hao learned what she said just now, but the tone was very different. This actually made Qiao Xinwei feel ashamed. She said apologetically, "I’m sorry I was scared by your sudden intrusion."
Jiang Haocai is not so stingy. "Uh-huh, I know you get up. Why don’t you come and cook breakfast for you? Come and eat."
"Then I’m welcome."
There are still small snowflakes floating in the gray sky. A dozen guards at the capital police headquarters are cleaning the thick snow.
Jiang Hao was wearing a long black windbreaker. He put his collar up, wore a military hat and boots, and walked in the snow. That heroic posture can be regarded as an eye-catching landscape in the snow.
"Chief Jiang, you’re here so early." The guards immediately greeted you.
Jiang Hao shook off his hat before wearing it. He looked at the guards wearing thin clothes and said, "Don’t wear more."
"Ha ha, thank you for your heart. I am on duty inside and lent my coat to Xiao Li outside."
Jiang Hao nodded and said little. He lifted his legs and acted quickly to the inside.
When asked a lot of questions, Jiang Hao answered truthfully, without shielding, hiding or exaggerating
"Chief Jiang can take a look at the record. If there is no problem, please sign it in the face."
Jiang Hao looked at the pen and signed his name. He asked, "What’s the situation of Director Jin now?"
"Now he has recognized Pansofi in the stage of collecting evidence, but there are too many people involved, and he has found the tip of the iceberg."
"so serious"
"Well, I’m not exaggerating at all. Chief Jiang, after all, you’ve been with Jin Jian for two years, and in the past two years, you’ve been in contact with other places for most of the time. This is the only case."
Jiang Hao sighed silently and said, "After all, it is also a credit to be nice to him."
"Well, we know."
From the police headquarters, the snow stopped completely, but the wind was stronger. The sun was faintly exposed, and it was still gloomy. Jiang Hao felt the cold and biting wind outside and kept scratching his face, which didn’t stop at all.
It’s not far from the opening place. Jiang Hao walked by. He walked along the road and the snow piled up into hills. The sun can’t melt without snow. When the wind blows, the temperature will freeze into ice.
This year, the snow came suddenly and strangely, and he suddenly had a bad feeling
The clerk looked at the mouth and then looked at the hand-filled form and asked, "Chief Jiang, your son’s name is Joe."
"Yes, why?"
"Oh, hehe, nothing."
Jiang Hao, who reported to the newspaper, also left and directly let people fuck in the background. Otherwise, he would need all kinds of certificates, seals and inspections. He rarely gives himself convenience, but this fact is annoying but he doesn’t want to be indifferent and run around in the cold.
"All right, Chief Jiang, you take it."
"Thank you" Jiang Hao took the mouth, and there was another person in that small room. This is a responsibility.
In the afternoon, Jiang Hao drove to the army Jin Jian, and things were already in full swing. When Jiang Hao came, everyone seemed to say that they had found a woman.
Officialdom is actually quite realistic. Everyone flatters and loses power. Everyone spits on Jin Jian, who used to be the supreme leader of this army compound. Now when he falls, he naturally becomes the biggest rat shit here.
Jiang Hao came here today mainly for one thing: "Did Xiao Fang submit my resignation report?"
A small aspect shows that "the report was submitted by the head of the report but was rejected."
"Yes, it was rejected at the first time."
It is not easy for Jiang Hao to resign with a frown. Now it is even harder for him to resign at this juncture when Jin Jian has an accident.
Xiao Fang said, "You can take a vacation as long as you want, but you can’t resign. The army needs a positive energy leader to manage and rectify it. You can’t leave at this time."
Jiang Hao was silent for a long time. He said, "I’ll think about it."
Now I’m playing crazy at home for a while, looking at the snow scene through the glass, clamouring for going out to play in the snow, and then playing with building blocks on my stomach, vowing to build a Great Wall.
Have you ever seen the Great Wall?
"I’ve seen it in the camera."
"Mom will take you to climb the Great Wall when it gets warm."
I got up and said, "Hello, Mom, will you take me out to make a snowman now? I’ve never seen so much snow."
Qiao Xinwei wiped his forehead. "Xi Bao, let’s stack the Great Wall."
After a while, the door rang. When I heard the sound, I ran to the door. "Dad, dad, take me out."
Jiang Hao’s coat came into the door with a wave of a cold wind. He undressed and said, "I can’t go. It’s so cold outside now. If I go out, I’ll freeze."
I’m not willing to pout and say, "When can I go out to play?"
"When the sun comes out, you can go out to play."
"Ah, when will the sun father-in-law be lazy and didn’t come out today?"
"That dad will accompany Xi Bao to play at home, so what does Xi Bao want to play?"
Biting my finger, I thought carefully and said, "I want to ride a horse."
Jiang Hao promised "good riding"
Thanks to being a soldier, dad has lost his physical fitness after years of training. If he were anyone else, he would really be broken by this bear child.
Riding in Jiang Hao, grabbing his clothes with one hand and patting his waist and legs with the other, shouting, "Drive, drive, hahahaha, dad, run quickly. Oh, why are you so slow? Drive, dad, hahahaha, hurry, hurry, go to mom."
Qiao Xinwei is both funny and funny. Jiang Hao is crawling all over the floor and circling around her. She is sweating with laughter. "Xi Bao is almost enough. Your father will be tired."
I’m saying, "I haven’t played enough, dad, run ten more laps."