Although the hammer was ugly, it was still triumphant all the way, but in the end, he suddenly stopped, leaving two people. Instead of continuing to follow up, he rushed to wave to Miu Yi and two people ran to the depths of the alley.

Of course, it’s not that Dinghammer doesn’t want to kill the remaining two, but with his emotional excitement, his right hand obviously feels the excitement of Dinghammer and becomes out of control. If that arm is completely out of control, even Ye will have to work hard to make it recover. Although his right hand brother is Dinghammer’s most powerful card … he doesn’t want to touch this time bomb unless he has to.
Watching the hammer run away from the wall, the guy jumped up and walked up to those who were knocked down and shook his head. "You are still professionally trained. Even such people can easily knock you down with a bunch of losers."
The bald man was dug from the wall and was so weak that he went to the little man and looked pale and said, "Mr. Roger, his strength is unusual …"
"Of course it’s unusual. Why else should I invite you to try him?" Roger leaned against the wall. "He can do so much damage just by driving his right hand with a weak spirit. If he increases his spirit, I’m afraid none of you will live. I’m curious about his running mode. I have long discovered that he is unusual. It seems that he is really not a waste."
"Sir, I don’t think my shield has hindered him." The guy who was scheduled to hammer through the shield and then hit the ground came up with his chest. "I quickly made four shields, but they were all broken by him."
"This is also very strange. I have been observing him, but there is no specific analysis result." Roger nodded and smiled. "It’s actually quite good. I won’t feel chatted."
When Roger was chatting with these people, he was lying with Samuel in the cracks not far away, secretly watching the gang’s hammer teeth crunching and his face was red with anger, but there was nothing he could do. After all, he didn’t think he could beat that little brother, but he secretly told himself that this beam was over and that he would have to pull a list with that Sun one day.
"You have been treated as a test object. Although you can’t hear them, this pattern is based on this," Miao said slowly. "Those people are trained by professional security companies. Their physical ability to fight and recover is very strong, but their attack ability is very poor. The man chose these people to test you because he didn’t want to have an accident or was curious about you."
The hammer crushed a pebble in his right hand, and his eyes were full of resentment. "I remember. I’ll see with him!" "
When Samuel saw those people sitting up slowly after leaving, he didn’t say with emotion, "If it’s the peak period, I’ll include those people. Give me twenty seconds."
"Bragging just now, you ran away quickly, and that Sun Ting was fierce." Dinghammer was very wronged in his heart and sat on a stone with a tight frown. "Mom lives a breath and a tree lives a skin. Don’t let him fall into my hands."
"You don’t believe it, but why do you think Lampa lived to die of natural causes?"
"That his mama don’t sell! We are being bullied! " Dinghammer flew into a rage. "You fucking heart?"
Munai shrugged. "I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a line called Broken Jade, which means that the super soldier breaks his amplifier independently and then increases his spirit by ten to fifty times in a short time until his brain can’t bear it and dies. Do you think I can still walk away after one of my opponents, Long, is not inferior to mine?"
Think about it, Ding Hammer, I think it’s also true. If I can make those dazzling things as freely as those peerless masters, I will definitely be suffocated if I want to fucking hide them.
"Unwilling …" The hammer kicked a stone aside. "Mom!"
And suddenly the sound of the leaves rang "unwilling to do? This is the world, right? Miao "
"Ye Jie … why are you here?" The hammer turned to look at Ye. "So soon?"
"Of course, I’ve been not far from you, because after you came out of the tree, that mysterious spirit tried to capture you, but edman metal base can separate your own spirit from that spirit, but it’s almost violent." Ye went to the hammer with his own hammer in his hand, but he was just lost by the hammer and put on his gloves to isolate the spirit. "Samuel, it’s been a long time."
"Ye, you have grown up." Samuel bowed his head and smiled. "I am not too embarrassed to become like this."
Fixed hammer blinked. "Do you know each other?"
Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled. "My first teacher, Miao, was an S-class when she left the Arbitration Commission."
"SS class" Miao smiled and corrected Ye’s "twenty-five years old"
"Yes, you have been old for more than ten years." Ye shook his head. "If it weren’t for the hammer, we wouldn’t know when we would meet."
"Are you grown up? Don’t you want to hug your brother now? " Samuel’s eyes somehow turned out tears "I … I’m sorry"
Before Ye left, he patted the dust on his body. "Don’t hug Ye and grow up. Let’s go. Ye wants to invite Brother Miao to dinner."
The hammer then leaned in and put an arm around Ye Shoulder and put her aside. "Ye Jie … What’s the situation?"
Ye shook his head. "Maybe it’s luck that I met him again. It’s a pity that Samuel didn’t brag that he was known as the most aggressive super soldier in the whole Federation. Even the big arbitrator couldn’t stand Samuel’s blow."
After that, Ye turned to Samuel and said, "Where are your wife and children?"
Miao was stunned and then bowed his head. "Do you think I have the face to see them?"
Chapter 26 list famous
Although he knows something about Samuel’s past, he still maintains a sense of mystery, still drinks like a dog, and still unkempt.
He didn’t talk much. He left the balcony drunk after eating, and he still looked like a tramp regardless of his image.
However, when he was eating just now, he showed the leaves when he was eating, and he cried all the time, which made the hammer slightly uncomfortable.
"What’s the matter? Are you jealous? " Ye Duan walked to the window with a cup of warm water and looked at the hammer while smoking. "You shouldn’t be jealous of me."
"Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!"
Ye gave a heavy nod. "Hmm!"
"How powerful?"
Ye also directly replied that he turned around and took out a photo from a cabinet. She took a photo with that strange uncle, which was old-fashioned, but the image was still very clear. The head leaf was very young, about ten years old, and the strange uncle was not as old as it is now. At that time, he wore a neat white shirt and hung a bracelet on his forehead that was fashionable at that time, and his brown eyes were bright and dry, and his nose was high and his smiles were obviously those handsome young people with white teeth in kimchi TV dramas.
That guy always feels very high-end at first sight, whether it’s appearance or temperament. If no one tells Ding Hammer that the person in this photo is the same person as the tramp lying on the balcony, Ding Hammer will recognize which movie star or small country this guy is coming out of the palace.
Of course, Ye was almost the same as he is now, except that his chest was flat then …
"Hey Ye Jie, you can’t see it, but this chest has been turned over at least ten times in the past ten years, right?" Fixed hammer turned his head and looked at wearing a thin sweater leaf. "Women have changed a lot."
"You’re going to die!" Ye grabbed the hammer’s ear. "Ye Jie dares to speak ill of you!"
"Oh … ah … ah …" Dinghammer cocked his head. "I said it’s true. Please let Ye live."
Ye Chaoding hammer turned supercilious look and groaned, "You can’t catch Bai Fei like this, so you must show your vitality."
As soon as I got to Bai Fei’s hammer, I let out a long sigh and lay prone on the window with a sad face. I looked out the window and said with a self-deprecating smile, "Ye Jie, you see who I am. You know best who Bai Fei is without money, talent, virtue and face." High flyers, female genius, social elite, I found it. Even if I like others, it’s just like liking the stars in the shadows. "
After that, he flicked the cigarette butt out. "You see Ye Jie and I are so familiar, I won’t lie to you. What do you want me to do? Try hard. To be honest, I’m a gangster in my life. You let me follow you. I can barely live. What do you want me to strive for first? I’m sorry, I don’t have the heart."
Ye didn’t get angry, but she said in a gentle tone as always next to the hammer, "You are really a smart person, but I also know that there are some things that can’t be forced, but I always think so. You can’t be the first, but you can’t be bullied as a man."
Ye took the hammer with his left hand and gently blew on the back of his hand, saying that he was scratched when he jumped out of the window today, and he felt distressed and pressed the bruise around the wound. "I can stop it today, but I want you to see that no matter which world, your world or this world, there will always be people trying to think about what you get, whether you are the lowest and most common social bottom or not …"
"Unless I turn into a piece of shit", the hammer pointed to sleeping outside, "like this"
"Although awkward, I have to say that this is the case." Ye suddenly looked up at the hammer and then held his hand and pressed his chest without talking, so he looked at the hammer …
When the hammer was struck by lightning, I forgot to retract my hand, so I stuck my huge chest and didn’t respond.
After staying for about five seconds, Ye blushed slightly and put his hands on the hammer face, making him bend over and put the hammer on his forehead. He said softly, "You are not bad or bad. Ye Jie is a real waste. Anyone can hurt me. Can you protect me?"
Fixed hammer Zheng and then smiled gently, and a bitter surge in throat. In the past six months, the real hammer was not without psychosexuality, and it was not without pretending to be careless. It was true that when Ye grabbed his hand and put her papaya like a chest just now, the hammer felt a strange feeling from the bottom of my heart. Seriously, this feeling was not exciting at all. It was not as passionate as I ever imagined, but it made the hammer feel a little confused.
"Ye Jie …" The hammer bowed its head. "I … I may not be able to. I’m sorry."
"Then why not give it a try?" Ye gently put the hammer in his arms. "I have never enjoyed the feeling of being protected."
This hammer must be too much … It’s not just soft meat, it’s delicious! That kind of natural scent is a sharp weapon for females to attract males in nature. Most of the time, this smell is more attractive than the body. The hammer is so hard that he quickly shrinks his ass and leans back, trying his best not to let his naughty second brother touch the leaf body.
Ye obviously felt that she was slightly embarrassed to settle the hammer lightly, looked at it and then simply stood on tiptoe to settle the hammer and kissed it lightly. "Remember that there is still a need for you in this world, and whether you finally decided to leave, at least don’t let those who need you down."
With that, Ye Hong’s face turned away from the hammer, and he touched his kissed side face with a confused face. At this moment, the ham sausage came out from nowhere and screamed at the hammer’s shoulder, and then it licked the hammer’s face with a barbed tongue.
"Ouch ….." The hammer suddenly recovered and God picked up the ham and waved it. "Sick! Doesn’t it hurt? "
Ham sausage licked his lips and said in a rather obscene tone, "People need your medicine."