"Of course, I want to go to my soft, different degrees for many years and I haven’t really missed it." Huang Chengyan laughed and turned to Kang Peng and said, "Mr. Kang, please take a seat first and wait for the old man to meet the guests first and then introduce you to Mr. Kang." Huang Chengyan said that no matter whether Kang Peng agreed or not, he ordered the small school, "You transfer people here to strictly protect this house and forbid people to sneak into my house to ambush."

Huang Chengyan, the small proofreader, bowed down and promised to turn around and beckon to two or three hundred soldiers with knives and guns to surround Huang Chengyan’s house. Huang Chengyan greeted Kang Peng with a smile and went to throw Kang Peng there.
Kang Peng woke up for half a day and turned to rush back to the room. Last night, Wen Lu’s lingering room was panting. Kang Peng was about to say hello to Wen Lu, but Wen Lu first panicked. "A surname, our daughter was taken by the old lady Huang last night. I just went to the old lady’s room to pick up her daughter, but the old lady and Jane didn’t know where she went."
Kang Peng was surprised and then everything was white. It was obvious that Huang Chengyan had long recognized his identity. These days, he didn’t entertain himself, but he just stabilized himself and then found Jingzhou Shilin. He just wanted Dong Zhuojun to have a deep hatred. Shilin saw that he was killed and was killed in pieces by Dong Zhuojun’s hand. The cremation took revenge! To take Wen Zhen away is to worry about running away overnight and taking Wen Zhen hostage.
"Madam, things are very bad." Kang Peng analyzed himself and said it again. Wen Lu wiped the potion again. The dark face suddenly became more white than snow. "Impossible! The old lady treats me like a daughter, and the younger sister Yueying treats me like a sister. They won’t take my daughter hostage viciously! "
Kang Peng was anxious to persuade Wen Lu Huang Yueying to ring out at the door again. "Sister Wen, a surname said it was true that my mother and I were both benefited by my father." Kang Peng quickly pulled the door and a delicate and charming girl appeared in front of Kang Peng’s eyes. Although there was no such thing as The Story Of Diu Sim’s stunning beauty and Wen Lu’s beautiful heroic spirit, her long eyes like autumn waters made up for everything.
Although life is at stake, you can see that this stunning beauty and lewd bad student still opened her mouth wide. When the girl saw Kang Peng’s beautiful tits, she couldn’t help but frown. She pushed Kang Peng into the room and pushed herself into the backhand door. She didn’t good the spirit and said to Kang Peng, "What time is this? Do you still want to be mean to me?"
Hearing this familiar sound, Kang Pengba almost pointed to the stunning girl and stammered, "Are you Huang Yueying?" Kang Peng’s words haven’t finished yet. Wen Lu has kicked Kang Peng aside behind him and said to Huang Yueying, "Sister, you said that you and your aunt were both benefited by your uncle. How did this happen?"
Huang Yueying frowned and pointed to Kang Peng and said, "It’s a long story. It’s all because this old guy exploited and bullied the scholastic people at first, killing and looting, raising the status of mud legs and businessmen. My father hated him, and this time he couldn’t escape to my house. I think he is Jane’s biological father, and he has been hiding it for him because he was worried that his father’s adult was bad for him." Kang Peng added in his heart that I’m afraid you are mainly worried that I have mastered modern technology.
Huang Yueying continued, "My mother suddenly asked me to wash and dress up this morning to meet my uncle and aunt and my two uncles at the dock. I knew it was bad. Later, when I got to the dock, I didn’t expect it. My father really asked my mother to take Jane to my house to pick her up. What did my aunt take her? According to my estimation, my father has long recognized the identity of a surname, and has been forbearing to send it, and then called the scholars of Jingzhou in the name of celebrating his birthday. The purpose is to avenge the death of Dong Taishi in front of Jingzhou Shilin, and to blame other people for killing Dong Taishi. My family was retaliated by Xiliang Army. "
Huang Yueying said that Kang Peng’s face was livid, and kidnapping hostages has always been Dong Zhuojun’s specialty. I didn’t expect that today, he would actually repay his daughter’s body, Wen Lu, but her face was pale and her body was crumbling. "Then my daughter won’t be hurt by them?"
"The scholars shouldn’t hurt Jane" Huang Yueying shook his head and said calmly, "But it’s hard to say that my two uncles Cai Zhong Cai He" is Huang Yueying’s uncle, but Huang Yueying went to Cai Zhong Cai He also gnashed her teeth "My two uncles are greedy, lewd, despicable and vicious, even if I am a niece, they often make bad ideas, not to mention a baby in their arms"
Wen Lu plump chest falling together suddenly grabbed the sword at the head of a bed and rushed out to Huang Yueying to stop her. "Sister, you can’t go. My uncle brought a thousand soldiers. Jingzhou general Lv Gong Wang Wei also came together. You went to die." Huang Yueying again said to Kang Peng, "A surname will stop sister Jane and I’ll think of some way." Kang Peng just woke up and hugged Wen Lu.
"Let me go, I’m going to save Jane." Wen Lu struggled in Kang Peng’s arms. Kang Peng gently urged, "Madam, don’t worry. Miss Huang is extremely clever. She must have a way to save our daughter." Having said that, Kang Peng’s anxiety is actually as far away as Wen Lu. He knows that he can’t panic in this crisis, otherwise he can be suicidal.
Huang Yueying thought quickly and had an idea. "Sister Wen, I used to show you the array map behind my village. Do you remember the location of the stone array?"
Wen Lu nodded and said that he remembered Kang Peng but was frightened and blurted out, "Array! Is that the one who can’t get out of the array without knowing the array method? "
Huang Yueying was a little surprised and confused. "I know you are all over the sky, but I didn’t send that picture for two months. No one else has been in except Sister Wen. How do you know?"
Kang Peng touch his garlic nose low way "these you don’t mind the future have the opportunity to I’ll tell you, you still say your idea first don’t you want to let phase Wen Lu to hide in the array? What about Jane? "
Huang Yueying took a puzzled look at Kang Peng, but he couldn’t figure out what Kang Peng would know about her hair array, but he continued, "You asked the old swindler to leave Huangjiazhuang that day to go to Yongan to inform your army to meet you, didn’t you?" See Kang Peng nodded and Huang Yueying smiled. "There is hope. It is estimated that the old swindler should be able to reach Yong ‘an in a day or two. It should not be difficult for you to change horses all the way to break through the Huang Zu defense line. You can reach Huangjiazhuang in three days without changing people. Your Wen Lu sister will take some dry food and water to escape into the array and hide. I will go to the dock to find a chance to rescue Jane. You can meet in the array and hide for three or four days at any time."
"Sister, can you save Jane? Will you be in danger? "Wen Lu worried.
"No problem. With my parents here, they dare not hurt me. If I try to hold Jane, I will have a way to escape." Huang Yueying comforted Wen Lu and urged, "You should pack up and go quickly, or you won’t be able to come later."
Wen Lu doesn’t talk much and tearfully pack up some dry food and water. Huang Yueying is about to try to rescue Wen Zhen Kang Peng, but she stops her. "Yueying girl Xiang has never been kind to you. Your father is still sworn enemies. Why do you have to help Xiang so much?"
Huang Yueying looked back and smiled. There was a flash of light in the pupil like a ruby. "I helped you for three reasons. First, my father was naive and pushed the responsibility for killing you to other people’s heads. Your department wouldn’t seek revenge from Huangjiazhuang. I was born and raised here. Of course, I wouldn’t see Huangjiazhuang turn into a scorched earth; Second, my uncle is weak, and he can recite poetry and dance, and make ink heavy. Jingzhou, an adulterous villain like my uncle, will fall into your hands sooner or later, and since Liu Biao’s marriage in my family is bound to be implicated, I will save you now, and you will surely not bite the hand that feeds me in the future. Third, I haven’t finished learning your skills, and I can’t let you die. "
Kang Peng was moved to hold Huang Yueying’s small hand in the previous step and sincerely said, "Yueying girl, if you can save the girl who loves you, you must teach you what you have learned in your life."
Kang Peng rarely said a few words of sincere words, but Huang Yueying was ungrateful. He gently pulled out his little hand from Kang Peng’s big hand and smiled. "No wonder you didn’t even look at me when I was ugly before others called you lewd. Now wash your makeup and your horse will shake my hand. I won’t be easily succeeded by you like Sister Wen." Kang Peng’s kindness was regarded as a donkey’s liver and lungs, and Huang Yueying went out with a smile.
Kang Peng Wen Lu quickly packed up the water and food, and Kang Peng Ghost Dao was thrown in Maicheng. Without weighing the weapon, he conveniently grabbed the table. Wen Lu went straight to the back door. A group of Jingzhou soldiers were guarding Wen Lu. Then he put these mixed soldiers in his eyes and was about to break into Kang Peng, but he took her and said a few words in her ear. Wen Lu nodded and said that Bai Kangpeng was hiding behind the door. Kang Peng took out several firecrackers and threw them at the backyard stove. Nai Kangpeng’s martial arts was really bad. Wen Lu grabbed one and threw it into the stove. Those firecrackers were thrown into the burning stove.
"crack! Crack! Hey! " Those firecrackers made by Huang Yueying were made of black powder by Kang Peng’s advice. Although the purity of the material is not enough and the power is far less than that of the real black powder, the explosive sound is far better than that of ordinary firecrackers. The Jingzhou army outside the house did not dare to neglect and rushed in to see Kang Peng and Wen Lu sneak out of the door.
There are still many soldiers coming and going out of the Huangjia Courtyard. Fortunately, Wen Lu is quite familiar with the roads in the village. After taking Kang Peng around the village, he can see that he can get out safely. Kang Peng, who is clumsy, suddenly stirred up a group of soldiers. "Who?" The soldiers rushed over at once.
"Idiot" Wen Lu scolded 1. Kang Peng drew his sword to meet the soldiers. Seeing that Wen Lu was a delicate girl, he didn’t take it to heart. He shouted to take Wen Lu alive. Some of the womanizers rushed to the front. But Wen Lu just ran to the front and kicked the front soldier with a wooden handle and a steel-toed gun. After that, he straightened up and hit the back soldier’s head. Suddenly, he beat the soldier in the back with a full face of flowers. Wen Lu put the soldier’s head in front with a kung fu sword and fell to the ground.
"This bitch is tricky to call a person." The soldiers in Jingzhou saw that Wen Lu was so busy that he shouted and called his companions. In a moment, dozens of soldiers came to surround Wen Lu with Kang Peng and Wen Lu. It was nothing for these people. Kang Peng was miserable if she didn’t pay attention to them. He didn’t inherit the martial arts of Dong Boss. He was able to wave bronze candlesticks at random. Fortunately, Dong Boss’s natural divine power Kang Peng inherited a phone call. When he went to Jingzhou, the soldiers were afraid to get close to it, but for a long time, Jingzhou soldiers watched. Kang Peng won’t know martial arts, and each weapon will be divided into converging attacks and several pike spears will be stabbed to Kang Peng at the same time. A few iron knives will be injured at Kang Peng’s arm, and Kang Peng will be able to throw away the candlestick and dodge those Jingzhou soldiers. Seeing that Kang Peng has no weapons, they immediately rushed to Kangpeng with their swords and spears. Suddenly, an iron gun swept to Jingzhou soldiers, and the swords and spears flew half immediately.
Kang Peng looked back and saw that Wen Lu had robbed a Jingzhou cavalry horse, and Wen Lu shouted, "Stupid horse!" Relying on his wife for help, Kang Peng can’t help but have a fever. Since he came to this era, he has also thought about learning martial arts for self-defense. However, Dong Zhuo’s army has never lacked brave and arrogant soldiers, and he lacks political talents. Kang Peng can learn martial arts on his own.
"Don’t be dull and fast." The daughter of the egret was far from recovering to the best state soon, and she gasped after a few battles. She also dared not pester the Jingzhou soldiers again. When Kang Peng climbed the horse, she kicked the horse’s belly and the horse ate and ran wildly. The two of them went straight to the array and went to the back. The Jingzhou soldiers also screamed and chased.
Less than two or three miles out of the village, Kang Peng and Wen Lu shouted and killed many people, shouting "Catch Dong Zhuo and reward him with a thousand dollars!" "Don’t let Dong Zhuo get away!" "Fat as a pig, that’s Dong Zhuo …" And there are thousands of horses’ hooves.
"Shit, they recognized each other." Kang Peng was so anxious that Wen Lu comforted him. "Don’t worry about the array. It’s just in the Wuli Valley ahead. It’s safe there." That being said, Wen Lu snatched it from me, but it’s better than an ordinary war horse. It’s better than riding the black horse in front of Kangpeng. It’s more than 100 kilograms of Wen Lu and more than 200 kilograms of Kang Peng. It’s very hard to run and it’s more than half a mile behind. You can see the appearance of Jingzhou soldiers later.
"Drive!" The egret urged the steed fiercely, but the steed really couldn’t run fast. At this moment, the soldiers of Jingzhou Army had already put arrows behind them. Wen Lu suddenly heard Kang Peng scream like a pig and was so scared that he even asked, "What’s wrong with you, xianggong?" Are you all right? "
Kang Peng was shot in the back with an arrow, and I don’t know how deep it was. Kang Peng reluctantly said, "It’s okay. Let’s go." Wen Lu heard Kang Peng’s painful and cruel sword going back and forth. The speed of the horse’s buttocks suddenly increased a lot, but even after this run, the horse can still live, and it can still be left with the fate of the vegetable horse.
The steeds rushed for a moment, and the speed slowed down again. Wen Lu returned to the sword so repeatedly that he barely rushed into the valley before the pursuer finally got through. Just as he entered the mountain valley, Kangpeng saw the stream standing in front of seventy rocky piles rushing into the Xiang River, and the water mist smoke covered the rocky piles half hidden and half present. Kang Peng’s heart was shocked. "This is the historic array."
At this moment, Kangpeng Wenlu’s riding horse finally failed to support the force. Kangpeng and Wenlu fell to the ground at the same time, and the pursuers rushed to Kang Peng and Wen Lu without checking whether they were injured. They helped each other to run to the array, and the pursuers also clamored for rapid approaching.
Only a dozen paces away from the array, Kang Peng suddenly heard the sound behind his head and hurriedly dodged to the side. The tail of the gun slammed into Kang Peng’s shoulder bone and smashed Kang Peng in pain. It turned out that Jingzhou soldiers were ordered to capture Kang Penggang alive to stun Kang Peng before the tail of the gun. Fortunately, if it was replaced by a sharp weapon like steel knives, Kang Peng’s arm would be confessed.
"Don’t hurt me," Wen Lu called out twice in a row. He usually wanted to call out, but he was too shy to call Kang Peng a sword-splitting frame. Another handle hit Kang Peng’s fat head and the tail of his gun and shouted to Kang Peng, "You go in first." Although Kang Peng could and was too embarrassed to let his wife run for her life behind the house, she used her quick wits to hold on to the nearest horse with a horse neck and cavalry. He didn’t dare to cut himself. He was beating Kang Peng with the back of his knife, holding back his pain and breaking his gong. If thunder was thicker than ordinary people’s thighs, his Horses fell in front of Wen Lu, both men and horses. The horses immediately smashed the horses and went belly-up. Kang Peng took the opportunity to pick up the flowers and Wen Lu strode into the array before other pursuers reacted.
Kang Peng’s two fat legs just stepped into the array and found themselves without a sense of direction. I felt that the front, back, left and right were looming. I couldn’t tell the difference between the stone piles. Even the sky was covered by fog. I couldn’t see the sun, the moon and the stars. A few steps forward, I felt that the stone piles seemed to hit Kang Peng. I was so busy that I dodged to the side, but I really bumped into a pile of stones. It was painful to be stabbed by sharp stones. Looking around, those stone piles changed their positions, and I couldn’t find a way out or a route.
""xianggong ""don’t go anywhere. We’ll be safe. "Wen Lu leaned against Kang Peng’s arms and whispered," This stone array is divided into rest, birth, injury, du, scenery, death, shock and door changes repeatedly. No matter who comes in, it will go out. "
Kang Pengsong was about to release Wen Lu and Wen Lu, but she said in a coquetry way, "Don’t want me to want you to hold me like this." Wen Lu spoiled Kang Peng for the first time and scolded Wen Lu for being lazy, but his heart was better than happiness, holding Wen Lu in place and sitting against the rest Rao. Kang Peng sat on the ground and felt the whole array as if it were rotating. Seeing that Kang Pengzhi was dizzy and nauseous, he could close his eyes to make it a little more comfortable.
Quietly listening to the Jingzhou soldiers screaming for help in the follow-up array, running and stumbling Kang Peng Yi Fa Pei Huang Yueying genius, then Wen Lu closed his eyes in his arms and said, "Xianggong, do you think Yueying can save our precious son?"
In fact, Kang Peng didn’t have a bottom to comfort Wen Lu. "Don’t worry about Yueying’s talent. She will be able to rescue our daughter safely."
"Well," Wen Lu promised to gently move her charming body and try to sleep comfortably in Kang Peng’s arms. "Yueying’s sister likes to make machinery and hates being disturbed by others. She deliberately makes herself ugly than being afraid of being kissed by her …"
"Don’t worry," Kang Peng recognized Wen Lu’s meaning, patted her tender face and said, "She has saved my life for you and me and won’t beat her up."
"That’s not what I mean," said Wen Lu, whose tender face clings to Kang Peng’s chest. "On the contrary, I want you to take her to Chang ‘an in the future. Who else can deserve her except your cleverness? Besides, we can take care of each other with her by my side. "
Wen Lu blushed and spoke a phone call. Cai Wenji, another concubine in Kang Peng, could never speak. Kang Peng didn’t respond for a long time. Wen Lu was surprised to see Kang Peng. He was so tired that he went to sleep. Wen Lu felt distressed and caressed Kang Peng’s furry ugly face. In a moment, Wen Lu also fell asleep in Kang Peng’s arms.
Kang Peng and Wen Lu were woken up by the sound of Huang Chengyan. "Master Dong, wake up, there are many old friends waiting for you." Kang Peng and Wen Lu were in a daze and opened their eyes to see Huang Chengyan’s column and staff standing in front of them, while beside Huang Chengyan were several armed Jingzhou soldiers, countless knives and guns, which had also been placed on Kang Peng and Wenlu.
"Shit!" Kang Peng said to himself, "How could I forget that Huang Chengyan can also plan?"
Chapter 14 Trial of traitors ()
At the beginning of October in the fourth year of Chuping, the sun was blazing at noon next to the river, and the gray-yellow land was smoking. The autumn wind was rolling dead leaves and dancing in the sky, as if the history next to Luoshui in the past was repeating itself. The land in the middle of Huangjiazhuang was also set up with a high wooden platform. On the platform, there were more than one person and a high firewood pile was dying. Kang Peng was tied up in the firewood pile filled with kerosene, and a six-foot long bamboo hat was firmly tied to Kang Peng’s head. The green bamboo hat had the word Dong Zhuo, the national thief! The four pens are full of energy, and the ink is dripping, especially the’ thief’ pen is eager to break the bamboo, which shows the writer’s mood when he puts pen to paper.
There are hundreds of spirited Jingzhou soldiers on the third floor outside the woodpile center, all armed with guns and knives, and then there are as many as thousands of young scholars who are angry in Tsing Yi Confucianism. Although the sun is fierce, they can’t stop their passion, and they can’t stop them from coming from all directions overnight or whispering or yelling. From time to time, there are still exciters who want to rush into the circle and beat Kang Peng. Although they are stopped by loyal Jingzhou soldiers, rotten eggs and rotten cabbage keep hitting the outermost layer of Kang Peng’s body. Naturally, they are villagers in shabby clothes. Mud legs were driven by soldiers from all sides. They wore tattered farm tools and were weathered by the wind and sun for years, and their dark faces showed indifferent expressions. They were neither so excited as scholars, nor at all sympathetic to the big fellow who was about to die in the fire. The three States were different. These lowly farmers were not qualified to stand side by side with the scholars, so they had to keep the Confucian scholars at a distance of ten paces, otherwise they would wake up like raindrops of whips and sticks. They followed the gate system of the Great Han Dynasty for hundreds of years, and Jingzhou soldiers in groups were closely monitored in every room and lane of Huangjiacun Village.
Just after noon, the military bands on both sides of the high platform blew their horns. With the long and dull "whoops", the high crown regiment Jingzhou secretariat Liu Biao was in high spirits, surrounded by a group of scholars in fine clothes and jade, and sat on the high platform triumphantly. Those scholars first gave Liu Biao a gift, and then they sat on the left side of Liu Biao according to their rank. They were famous for their two great scholars-Cai Yong and Wan Fu, and they were qualified to sit on the left side of Liu Biao, and on the right side of Liu Biao, Jing Xiang, a famous scholar-Huang Chengyan Yanping, Kuai Liang Zurou, Two brothers, Kuai Yue Kuai Yidu, are both highly respected Master Jing Xiang sitting at the right of Liu Biao, and no one dares to doubt that there are people who are still qualified to sit down in this table. There are also representatives of the Cai family of the Jingzhou clan, Cai Zhong Caihe University, Yi Ji Yi Yibo, Xiang Lang Xiang Juda, Fu Xun Fu Gongti Jiang Xiajun, Sean Chen Zhonglin, Fan Pang Fan Mengbo and Kong Yu Kong Shiyuan, and other scholars with lower official positions or weaker family strength can stand in Taiwan, with the strictest hierarchy and the most power in Jingzhou.
"Dong Zhuo, do you know the crime?" Liu Biao, who is about the same age as Dong Boss, heckles the old desk calendar. Today, Liu Biao is full of energy and has a loud voice. At the same time, Liu Biao’s heart is even more excited when he loses his love more than half a year ago. After a while, a torch will be thrown into the firewood pile full of kerosene, and Liu Biao will be admired by Tianshi Linxue and thanked by the world. His name Liu Biao will also be enshrined in Dahan Temple forever!
Kang Pengli raised his fat head "Bah!" Trying to spit on the high platform yesterday, Kang Peng Wenlu was captured by Jingzhou Army at the same time. From that moment, Kang Peng was detained alone. I don’t know Wen Lu’s current situation. I don’t know if Huang Yueying has rescued his daughter who hasn’t loved him for several times. Last night, Kang Peng suffered the greatest torture since he came to the Three Kingdoms era. I hate him to the bone. Jingzhou Shilin suddenly selectively forgot the punishment, and the big man’s law incited Liu Biao to impose all kinds of torture on him. More importantly, Shilin personally manipulated the whip. Clamping sticks, soldering irons and tiger benches took turns to treat Uncle Wei Zhongdao when he was in Luoyang, and the Ministry of Means also applied it to him. Kang Peng was tortured to death and passed out several times. It was difficult to survive last night and this morning. Kang Peng was taken here and tied to this firewood pile, which was exposed to the hot sun for half a day. It can be seen that Shilin hated him deeply.
"Dong Zhuo secretariat asks you again, do you know the crime?" Liu Biao stared at Kang Peng again and asked, but now Kang Peng’s body hurts like a broken frame. The thick toad’s mouth is chapped and bleeding. He is forced to tilt his fat head and breathe heavily. He doesn’t even have the strength to spit on these scholars again. His misery is seen by Jingzhou Shilin, including Kang Peng’s actual yuezhang Cai Yong and Wan Fu who are not cheering and clapping their hands. There are those villagers who were forced by Jingzhou soldiers to attend the trial meeting. There are still people who secretly sympathize with this fat old man who was tortured and bruised all over.
Kang Peng refused to talk to Liu Biao. Liu Biao was greatly disappointed. He also wanted to count Dong Zhuo’s repeated crimes in front of all the scholars. He refuted Dong Zhuo and put him to death again. Then Huang Chengyan saw that Kang Peng’s predicament was attached to Liu Biao’s ear and whispered a few words. Liu Biao nodded and said, "Somebody feed Dong Zhuo some water."
A Jingzhou soldier brought Kang Peng a bowl of well water. Kang Peng gulped it down like a nectar. When the soldier saw that Kang Peng was injured and his fat face was covered with blood, he felt pity in his heart. Liu Biao didn’t speak, so he took courage and brought another bowl of well water to feed Kang Peng. He was about to feed the third bowl, but Liu Biao drank it. "That’s enough. Dong Zhuo doesn’t deserve to drink the well water that we have touched in Jingzhou."
All the scholars laughed and echoed that our scholar Dong Zhuo was a disgrace in Jingzhou at the same time, and Kang Peng recovered a little after two bowls of water belly and said to the soldier, "Thank you. If you can take a few words for Xiang to Yong ‘an, there will be a big thank you." The soldier didn’t react yet. Ma Liang had shouted, "Don’t let Dong Zhuo talk." The soldier quickly fled the woodpile to meet him. He was a Jingzhou Xiaolian slap in the face and a group of scholars swept over to ask.
Seeing that Kang Peng was able to speak, Liu Biao asked again, "Dong Zhuo’s secretariat asked you on behalf of the big fellow, do you know the crime?"
Kang Peng is full of scars ugly face smiled strength "liu table what qualifications do you have on behalf of the big fellow? What do you mean by ordinary people are a few pedantic parasites who can find chapters and sentences and are poor and poor? Or do most farmers and real big men contribute to the common people? "
Liu Biao was asked by Kang Peng and was speechless. At this time, Kang Peng’s old father-in-law Cai Yong fuels, "Liu Cishi is a royal Miao, and of course he is qualified to represent Tiancangsheng." Although Kang Peng is the only son-in-law of Cai Yong, Cai Yong hates Kang Peng the most.
"Yes, the secretariat is a clan of the Han clan, of course, it is qualified to represent Tiancangsheng." Liu Biao nodded repeatedly. "The secretariat represents Tiancangsheng naturally, including the common people of Shilin studies." Liu Biao said here that he found himself again. Dong Zhuo compared Jingzhou Shilin studies with the pedantic parasite Liu Biao, and admitted that Liu Biao was a parasite. Although he didn’t know it, it was not a good word to want to come.
Kang Peng laughed, although the sound of serious injury was very small, but anyone could hear the irony in Kang Pengxiao’s smile. Kang Peng laughed. "Do you represent ordinary people? You are a secretariat in Jingzhou, and you don’t care about being kind to the people. You will win over the gentry and sit back and watch the gentry exploit the people in Jingzhou wantonly, and let them suck the blood and sweat of the people. Your relatives cheat men and bully women in Jingzhou, and the people learn to eat and wear. Isn’t that the result of the people’s blood and sweat? But you still regard them as untouchables and don’t allow them to stand side by side. Do you call this speaking on their behalf? "
Kang Peng, who was seriously injured, said so many words in one breath and was exhausted. Liu Biao, Cai Yong, Wan Fu, Huang Chengyan, Ma Liang and other scholars with conscience were all flushed, but other scholars with parasites flew into a rage. Many parasites swore, "How can a traitor compare those untouchables with us?" "Nonsense, I didn’t wait for the sage to give directions to the kingdom of heaven. The people will be the people? " "Burn Dong thief to death …" All kinds of sophistry are different, which is like enough parasites to eat their hosts, and the poorest people in the outermost circle are gradually grateful to this fat old man who is about to be burned alive.