This is the strategic goal.

Chapter three hundred and twenty-five Decision
The sudden battle has somewhat disrupted the planning of the workers and peasants’ army
Najenda thought for a long time.
She directly denied Mine’s suggestion.
"We’re not ready, and neither are the other."
Actually, both the enemy and the enemy are well aware of this, and it is precisely because they are not ready that there has not been much battle before.
Everyone wants to wait until they are ready to attack.
However, things are always unexpected and may come at any time. It seems that God doesn’t want them to prepare too much for such an accident.
"We still have an advantage."
Najenda thinks so.
"First of all, there will be chaos if the enemy Lord does not command; On the whole, we are in a favorable side in the situation of the secondary battlefield; Third, we have new weapons to suppress enemy artillery units; I think we should try our best to attack and let the imperial army’s defense surface collapse. "
"Well …"
Mine nodded.
Najenda’s words are very reasonable. Since both sides are not ready and the workers and peasants still have the advantage, there is no need to consider whether this battle will be fought or not.
"Then start to form an army."
God may cry.
There is a layer of dark clouds in the sky, and the rain drops keep falling, making it more difficult to March and fight.
But first, there was a gun battle.
The workers’ and peasants’ armies and the artillery units of the Imperial Army poured one shell after another at their respective positions towards each other, and the roar was endless.
Although the imperial army was equipped with artillery at the back.
But with strong manpower, material resources and financial resources to support them, the number of artillery is far more than that of workers and peasants.
This led to the suppression of artillery units of the workers and peasants’ army.
However, this is not important.
The sudden blow made the imperial artillery units dizzy and tried to fight back, but they could resist.
It has great advantages for the ground body 2.
Within a day, the artillery units of the imperial army suffered a devastating blow, which no longer threatened the ground forces of the workers and peasants’ army.
Therefore, when the troops were finished, the workers and peasants took advantage of the situation to launch a face attack
The imperial army did not have a unified command method to accurately adjust its troops to stop the workers and peasants’ army from attacking, and no artillery could suppress the chaos of the workers and peasants’ army. The collapse will soon occur
The workers’ and peasants’ army pursued all the way behind and soon approached the imperial city defense circle.
This is the last defensive circle
To break through this defensive circle, the last step is to attack the Imperial City, and the emperor and ministers will seize this war, which will come to an end. The rest is to pacify the world after the collapse of the empire.
imperial capital
In the base outside the city
The situation of the front line war was also quickly sent here.
"Oh, it’s really good!"
Seven nights nodded after receiving the news.
He didn’t think there was any accident. The imperial rule of the imperial city still didn’t see anything, but it was very obvious that things like "unpopular" outside the imperial city
The workers and peasants attacked many cities all the way, but they resisted and let them take over.
"At present, the imperial army has re-knotted the imperial city defense circle."
Red pupil sat and said to the seven nights.
Besides the two of them, there is Febrie, and everyone else is out.
Frontal battlefield attack here behind enemy lines naturally can’t idle intelligence collection, assassination and so on.
More importantly, stall Esdeath and keep her from getting out of here.
If she leaves the imperial city to direct the war at the front, it will be a great trouble for the workers and peasants’ army.
But the empire also has a way to deal with it.
It is said that recently, ministers have emerged and set up a new team to replace Esdeath’s hunters to deal with assassination forces like Xiao.
However, that matters.
Seven nights also didn’t put each other at ease is more note other things.
"The imperial city defense circle, and the number of regular troops and Yugoslav capital armies of the imperial city still add up to more than one million, and General Bude, the supreme commander of the imperial army, Esdeath, has not yet been solved …"
I feel a little sore after seven nights of talking like this.
"Red pupil, it seems that you have to act quickly."
Red pupil nodded.
General Budd is a problem, and Esdeath is also a problem.
The two strongest men in the empire are not so easy to solve, and although they are two men by force, they have been generals for so long, and the command is not an idiot.
Two people joined hands …
Well, I don’t think two people will join forces
But even if one person is in charge of the imperial city defense circle and one person is in charge of the imperial city defense, the imperial army defense will become more stable, and then the workers and peasants will have to collapse a few front teeth even if they can eat the imperial city.
"If you have confidence in dealing with Esdeath?"
Seven nights to ask questions
Red pupil is smiled.
"Of course, victory belongs to us after all!"
It’s victory
Red pupil has no doubt about whether he can win.
There is no need to doubt this.
"But the first thing we have to deal with is not Esdeath but General Bud."
She said so.
"Everyone thinks that we should deal with Esdeath first, but on the whole, Esdeath is not the main threat to the workers and peasants’ army. The main enemies are three emperors, ministers and General Bude, the supreme commander of the imperial army."
"Well …"
Seven nights nodded.
The minister plays politics, General Bud plays military affairs.
The minister played politics badly, but General Bud played the military very well. At least he managed the military affairs of the Imperial Capital and its defense circle very well.
Kill him. The imperial army can’t find a second one to replace others.