Little green snake root with cold personality is too lazy to pay attention to Pei Wende’s teasing.
It came slowly from the branch while spitting snake letters.
"Yeah, if you are human, this character will definitely be killed."
There was a tacit understanding when he saw it. Pei Wende quickly caught the little green snake and did not forget to spit out the arrogant character of a little green snake at the right time.
So the little green snake immediately wrapped Pei Wende’s wrist and hid himself in his clothes.
"Finally saved!"
"Whoops, I miss my dad."
"So are we done?"
It was not until this time that three stupid little civet cats dared to emerge from behind the tree and looked at Pei Wende at a loss.
Although there were many twists and turns, the three civet cats finally finished the stubborn old man and asked them to find Pei Wende.
It’s what to do after finding Pei Wende, but these three little civet cats have no clue.
"Are you the stubborn old man in Zhangjiacun?"
On the other hand, Pei Wende, who was psychologically prepared, was not surprised at the appearance of these three little civet cats who could spit out words.
Pei Wende knew that there were three strange things hidden in Zhangjiacun after the early Mandrill incident.
Nai met Pei Wende for the first time because it was not friendly.
On whether the three civet cats themselves or their adoptive father stubborn old man all tacitly avoided Pei Wende meeting again.
Of course, the three civet cats are hiding from Pei Wende rather than from Pei Wende’s inseparable little green snake.
Therefore, Pei Wende finally knew that the stubborn old man had raised three delicious spiteful little civet cats, and it was no longer clear.
"Yes, yes, my name is Zhang Wen Ding and I am the eldest brother."
"My name is Zhang Wenzhao and I am the second child."
"My name is Zhang Wenfu and I am their younger brother."
Facing Pei Wende’s question, three can distinguish civet cats by their colors, just like facing a teacher asking students, and introducing myself in an orderly tone.
"Uh …"
Pei Wende was surprised to stare big eyes, and he didn’t know whether he was surprised by the clever three civet cats or by their "orderly" names.
You can see from this name alone that the stubborn old man has high hopes for these three brothers.
"What happened to your mountain this time?"
It was not surprising how long Pei Wende turned the topic to the question he wanted to know most.
It’s certainly no small matter that the three brothers can let the stubborn old man let himself go.
Pei Wende is ready to block the enemy and have means to resist.
"Someone is trying to kill us!"
"Yes, we haven’t even seen them!"
"My dad said that they were all government officials and asked us to come to you for help!"
At the moment, the three civet cats are like real children, and their tone is full of grievances.
"Wait, you take your time and say it one by one."
Feel a slight headache and rubbed his temple. Pei Wende felt as if he had suddenly returned to the private school and read with those kids.
Good Pei Wende has enough experience to deal with this kind of kid, but he doesn’t show too much nai
"Let’s start with Wen Ding …"
Stretched out his hand and pointed to Pei Wende, the largest civet cat, who had just finished this sentence, or else it would be quiet.
"You just said that government officials how did they find you?"
Pei Wende’s clothes listen to the three civet cats and repeat what they said to themselves before. Little green snake’s eyes rarely reveal a new murder.
When I thought of Pei Wende, the murder in the eyes of Little Green Snake gradually faded away.
On the origin of those human beings that civet cats met before; after all, there are still some people in this world who do not reject monsters.
On the surface, he seems to be free and easy, but actually he is particularly interested in other people’s ideas.
Those villagers in Zhangjiacun who would rather risk offending the official and help the three civet brothers escape are also counted …
"PSST …"
Think of this little green snake and realize it.
Unconsciously, I was no longer the original Shan Ye who wandered alone. She was rejected and feared by all kinds of human beasts, but pursued the snake spirit.
It seems that the cold personality shaped by the experience of the past hundred years has been melted in a very short time.
After all, a year ago, the little green snake didn’t dare to imagine that it would be so close to a human being and even take the initiative to get into each other’s clothes to hide itself.
When meeting Pei Wende, the little green snake is a loner, a lone ranger and a mountain overlord.
Even if it is a monster of Shan Jun’s level, the little green snake never recognizes each other as his own kind, let alone a small role like the three civet cats.
However, after meeting Pei Wende, the little green snake has broken many "firsts" of her own.
Just like now, the little green snake was angry because of what happened to the three civet cats, but it was born with murder.
Before, the little green snake didn’t eat the three civet cats, so it was already in a good mood. It is impossible to feel the same kind of cognition.
Chapter XII Shannan West Army Rebellion
The sun is blazing at noon.
When Pei Wende officially arrived at the entrance of Zhangjiacun village, the peace had been restored here.
Judging from the movement of the village, there is no trace of "government officials" in the mouth of the three civet cats.
However, Pei Wende, who is very observant, has not overlooked some details.
For example, I left those traces and breath when I was fighting in Mandrill, but now I can’t feel them anymore.
From a distance, I saw that the whole village was just renovated, and the residual traces of mandrill were all cleaned up.
"Looks like a real professional."
Because he is a yogi, Pei Wende knows that it is a difficult thing to completely eliminate the evil spirits of mandrills.
I think Pei Wende tried to drive away the evil spirits of mandrill.
Cutting wrists and bleeding, chanting and chanting, but still can’t completely eradicate the mandrill monster.
But how long it took those "government officials" to "erase" all these anomalies.
In Pei Wende’s eyes, what those "government officials" did was not simply to exorcise evil spirits, but to obliterate all traces of the world left by mandrill from the root.
The normal vitality of heaven and earth is a wonderful rhythm, which flows and permeates each other like five lakes.
However, the rhythm that only practitioners can see in Zhangjiacun is forcibly "smoothed", leaving a "swing" like a dead silence.
In this way, don’t say it’s the evil spirits left by mandrill, even if heaven and earth are already flowing normally, they actively avoid Zhangjiacun.
Pei Wende doesn’t know how long this abnormal "smoothing" will last.