A large number of people gathered here, men and women, old and young, surrounded the land. At the center, there was a tall and straight trunk tied to the ground, forming a strange pattern. At the center of the trunk array, a well-dressed old man with a red hat and dark skin danced slowly and kept singing something, and what was "Tower Lemond" came out of his mouth.

As the old man sings and beats, people around him gradually mobilize their emotions and sing a few words from time to time. Some older children can’t help but twist in place.
Like the old man who keeps beating slowly, these people are surrounded by black skin, but only a few people in the north of the circle are different from white and yellow skin 3.
There are four people with different colors of skin. If you carefully observe their posture at the moment, you can tell that the two people in the front are slightly higher, and the two people in the back should be lower, and the left and right sides will be slightly in the vault.
Look at the two people slightly ahead, one is a young man and the other is a handsome young man. That is much rougher, especially his hair, which is shaved on both sides and leaves a strange hairstyle like a horse mane.
The young man with mane seemed curious about the scene before him, staring unblinkingly at the beating old man, and after looking at it for a while, he couldn’t help asking about the people around him.
"Uncle Angus and Elder Khufu, what on earth is this?"
Half a body position away from the horsehair youth is a dark-skinned man with a strong body and a two-piece thin dress like others.
When he heard the young man with the mane, he grinned and replied, "This is a sacrifice to pray that our journey will be smooth."
According to the truth, shouldn’t we put some sacrifices? Can it be effective if nothing is sacrificed like this?
Norman thought so in his heart.
Well, that’s right. The young man with mane is Norman. The yellow-skinned people around him are Chen Qinghe and Qin Haozhang Han respectively.
After the Knights Templar made the drilling and diving plan, Norman himself had a good talk to say that these dragons didn’t expect that their desire to return to the mainland was too strong, saying that the process was much easier than he thought, and there was no mistake in the coming journey. Indeed, as analyzed by the Knights Templar, after drilling from the frozen mainland, there was no sea tribe, and then the journey was smoother.
As they gradually moved away from the frozen continent, the sea temperature did not continue to drop, but gradually increased! This made the original heart still have strong doubts, and the three dragons suddenly gained confidence and completely believed Norman’s statement, which really played a positive role in their later journey, because the wind belt in the second half was much more tortuous than Norman had expected.
The wind belt extending southward from the frozen continent is different from the wind belt extending northward. It is not a straight line, but twists and turns. There are still some forks in the southwest, and there are some dead ends. The Knights Templar has accurately guided the correct path for the analysis of the astrolabe. Otherwise, even if they can finally get through such a road, it will take a lot of time. It is also because of the evidence of temperature change that Norman said that the three dragons have greatly increased their confidence in him and unified the idea of "Comrade Long Aotian’s core". This is why there is no trip to discuss the wave when it is unnecessary.
After flying in this wind belt for more than ten days, Norman and his party finally succeeded in seeing the mainland, and they successfully verified and opened up this glorious road!
According to the original plan, Norman should inform the dragon of the successful opening of Glorious Road immediately after their landing, but Norman didn’t do so because they did successfully land in a new continent, but they didn’t know whether it was the southern part of the continent or another continent like the frozen continent. They decided to search some information first and then report it with joy. This is just an island, because the Knights Templar, according to their interpretation of the astrolabe, is unlikely, but it is still necessary to practice the final basis after all.
So Chen Qinghe and they finally became human beings, and together with Norman, they began to look for the trajectory of intelligent creatures to search for information on this continent, but the reason why they wanted to become adult was that their body dragon shape was too eye-catching and easy to attract human vigilance. It was better to keep a low profile at this pioneering outpost moment.
Yu Yan’s motorcade was the first intelligent creature Norman met, and they conveniently mixed in to explore the news.
"Dear Barton, I really want to say that the sacrifice is still with you!"
Norman’s black man came to see his excitement again. It seems that once the box is opened, it can’t be closed.
"Elder Khufu wouldn’t have known that Ta Lemond had finally returned to the prairie if Ta Lemond hadn’t helped you avoid the herd. The existing Ta Lemond blessed us that we would certainly be able to catch Christmas Day smoothly this time, and we shouldn’t have lost some people’s lives like in previous years. Thanks to Ta Lemond!"
Norman "uh-huh" casually replied.
The black uncle Angus said "Barton" was Norman’s current name.
The name Saint Norman is too loud. Although there are many people with the same name and surname, Norman really doesn’t want to be suspected of risk at this sensitive moment when he needs to be low-key.
Barton Octavian, this is Norman’s current name. He has also fulfilled a childhood dream and finally became Master Barton.
After rambling, Angus remembered something and asked, "By the way, dear Bartotta Lemond, what is it like?" It is said that he is as big as a hill when his head directly reaches the sky. Is that right? "
Norman casually said, "Well, that’s right. His hands are really as big as hills. Didn’t you see them?"
Angus was even more excited when he heard it. "That hill is really the hand of Tower Lemond!"
What Angus said about the herd and the tower of Lemond goes back to a day ago
Just yesterday afternoon, Norman and the four of them were flying low in this vast land looking for traces of intelligent creatures, but they didn’t expect to meet an unexpected scene.
Large tracts of darkness invaded from the other side of the sky.
As this darkness invades the earth, people tremble in fear, and even when they are flying so close to the ground, they can feel the tremor, which shows how intense the tremor is, and they can also see what the darkness is with the extraordinary vision brought by the burial of the Sun Heart Sutra.
It’s a torrent of herds woven together by several wild animals.
Zebras, wild horses, elephants, yellow quadrupeds with long horns covered with scales, and the ground bounces forward like a ball, and all kinds of unknown creatures are running wildly from left to right, pulling into a straight line that fills the horizon with no end in sight.
Herds not only exist one day.
Have you ever seen a bird, a flying sky and a herd of animals together to form this torrent, which will cover the sun and make it look like the sky is dark.
Before the herd arrives
The sound made by this huge herd is also a terrible footstep, roar, and the constant death of wild animals trampled by their peers. All kinds of sounds are intertwined and they rushed towards Norman first, like a sledgehammer.
This horrible scene is so desperate that it is beyond human power to resist it. In front of this scene, human beings can do nothing but feel weak.
But good Norman is not pure human, Chen Qinghe, and they are not human at all.
The best way to do this is to fly as fast as possible. Although the herds are overwhelming, there is no sky to ask them to fly fast enough to avoid the flood of the herds. But this is a flight for their lives. Can three of the four people in the field be pure-blooded dragons and let them make way for these beasts?
crack a joke
Chen Qinghe, after they became human, they all converged on themselves, Rowen, but after seeing this scene in front of them, they completely let go of the convergence and brazenly spread their breath out, hoping to suppress the herd in front of them with racial advantages and let these beasts consciously give them a way.
The dragon is born with effective racial repression. Several dragons are unscrupulous and give off breath. Those herds are afraid and unable to move in large numbers before they get close. Many of them are weak and even directly scared and kneel on the spot. Unfortunately, the power of the herds is far beyond the imagination of these dragons.
Even though many wild animals are deterred by the dragon breath, the herd can’t stop moving forward as always. The only thing that the dragon breath can do is to make many wild animals in the herd be trampled to death by their companions.
Trying to compete against the torrent of this herd with racial superiority, but fortunately Norman, they are all powerful wizards besides dragons.
Seeing that the dragon breath alone can’t compete with the herd, Norman changed his strategy and cast a 9-level spell. The advanced rock metamorphism wrapped several people and finally lasted until the herd torrent passed by.
It’s a little humbled, but it’s better than getting embarrassed by hand-to-hand combat with these beasts, and Angus said that "hill" refers to the advanced rock metamorphism of level 9 spells
The prairie has a broad vision, and Angus and his tribe also saw it from a distance, and they met Norman and them behind the scenes at that time.
From the azimuth, Norman and his family escaped from the herd, which surprised Angus and his tribe.
You know, the annual migration of herds, if there are creatures that survive the migration route of herds, how can these people live?
Seeing that the mage’s identity is about to be exposed, the law will continue to search for information in a low-key way. Norman has rich experience in lying. He casually made up a set of lies, saying that they were desperate when they met the herd. The day before, a huge mountain suddenly fell to protect them. Unexpectedly, this just corresponds to Angus’ tribal myth, and this scene just happened after being fooled.
Chapter four hundred and forty Lover
"Every year, the journey to Aarika is full of dangers. The wild animals scattered in the great migration are the most deadly and dangerous creatures. It’s good to meet two or three. If there are some fierce animals in the other herd, it’s a nightmare. Even if our tribal soldiers are brave and good at fighting, they can choose to retreat. However, Tower Lemond finally reappears. I believe that this year’s journey will definitely be safer than maybe no one will die …"
Angus could see that he was in high spirits. Norman kept talking in his ear. Norman took the opportunity to intervene and said, "What is Uncle Angus Tower Lemond?"
Angus took a look at Norman and nodded, "Dear Barton, when you look at it, it’s just that mainlanders don’t know that Tower Lemond is normal." Then he said in detail, "Tower Lemond is the protector of the grassland of Peng Keda, and he taught people to be like the prairie and he blessed the prairie, so that people can reproduce from generation to generation …"
Norman, who joined the team less than a day ago, didn’t know much about the place where they lived. Now Angus tells Norman that he finally has a general understanding of the land where he is now.