Because at this moment, they have been attracted by the butch army to give up two hundred trench carts and hundreds of muskets.

In order to capture more muskets and ammunition, these Tatar cavalry are happy to see that their prey wolves directly pounce on the official road, and they have no idea of continuing to pursue the fleeing troops of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Soon, thousands of Tatar fighters gathered on the official road for several miles.
There are officials fighting for the muskets abandoned by the Tiger and Leopard Army, and constantly wandering around the trench cart to guess what good things the trench cart is loaded with. What’s more, directly jump the horse and climb the trench cart to see the specific situation of the trench cart.
Just when all the Tatars were attracted by these advantages, they didn’t realize that a matchlock hidden in the trench cart was risking a very dazzling spark, and this horse was about to burn to the end. The matchlock actually inserted a huge explosive bag around the explosive bag, which was filled with all kinds of gravel more than iron slag …
"Boom …" A violent explosion sounded like thunder.
Startled by the explosion, a ball of orange fireball has risen from a trench cart on the official road when Tatar looked at the official road consciously.
At the same time, the hot air billow was mixed with countless rubble and iron slag and swept around at a very high speed.
Deputy division commander didn’t say anything wrong. The power of 20 kg explosive charge plus gravel is definitely not covered.
The explosion sounded and the Tatar fighters were instantly located around the cart, just like their legs were instantly cut off, and they fell to the ground and their lives were uncertain.
Looking at the center of the trench cart, there was not a single Tatar in the seven battles in Fiona Fang.
Road it Tatar face sudden change just still excited facial expression at this moment directly shocked to cover gawk at the sight of the tragic picture after the explosion for half a day.
But at this moment, there is no time or opportunity for them to react.
The first trench cart exploded in an instant, and its 200 trench cart explosives exploded as if they had been discussed.
Soon the road stretched for miles and was covered with fireballs and smoke.
The first reaction in this series of explosions is, of course, that the rear side watched the war and did not participate in the attack on the Tatar Lord.
When he saw that the escort wagon Tiger and Leopard Army gave up the trench and fled from them without fighting, he could hardly see his familiar figure of Tiger and Leopard Army, and the Tatar Lord had a very bad feeling in his heart.
However, before the close victory, the Tatar Lord did not rest assured of this hunch.
However, the first explosion of the road suddenly sounded, which directly revived this bad feeling in his heart and became more and more intense, especially when the road exploded one after another as if it were not over.
This bad feeling quickly formed an idea in the Lord’s mind.
"Conspiracy" This must be a conspiracy of butch army against its own people … "
The thought of these Tatars’ eyes turned red directly.
On the side because of immediate changes also haven’t reacted from the stunned department big ordered …
"Still stare blankly doing we get … retreat A?vagho?a gold retreat …"
After the battlefield for several miles was calm again, the strong smoke that enveloped the official road also dissipated.
At first glance, more than 200 trench carts have just stopped at the road. At this moment, they have become invisible, and the shapes are very messy and scattered.
At the same time, there is a crater with a depth of more than three feet almost every five or six battles on the road for several miles. Around the crater center, there is almost a whole layer of corpses, including Tatar soldiers and Tatar horses …
Looking at the road a few miles away, it is a tragic picture. The face of the Dalai Lord turned red with anger directly.
Staring at a pair of eyes that can almost kill people, he cursed, "The cunning butch army, I must kill all of you … haven’t the casualties of the lieutenant been counted yet? I want to know the casualties we just suffered in the explosion …"
A Tatar general cursed by the Tatar Lord finally came to the Lord with a full head of sweat and a dignified face.
Against the Lord can almost kill eyes small report "general casualties slave has finished statistics …"
"Up to now, when we set out with yellow flags, there were 10,000 fighters, and there were 3,455 warriors left to continue fighting. The horses also lost two thirds …"
A face of angry Tatar Lord directly interface "that is to say, just in the attack, we lost five thousand fighters with yellow flags without even seeing the military shadow of Tiger and Leopard …"
"Is the general …" Lieutenant hurriedly answer and meet the Lord’s eyes continue to answer …
"More than 600 of the 5,000 warriors who lost their lives were killed by the guns of the Tiger and Leopard Army when attacking the Tiger and Leopard commissary car, and more than 4,000 warriors were killed in the explosion."
"Attack the remaining two hundred trench carts of the butch army. More than 5,000 warriors finally don’t come back. Even less than 1,000 people are almost destroyed …"
There are more than 3,000 people left in Dalai, who are shrouded in a low morale and are at a loss about their future direction.
Still keep grain around the car butch army positions broke into a burst of blood and excited cheers.
Because of their battle, they once again created a miracle of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Less than 100 people were killed or injured, and the troops were not dominant, and the terrain was not dominant, and the elite of the 5,000-strong gold was successfully eliminated
Looking around at a face of boiling blood, looking at a few miles away, there is still no sign of retreat. Telly, the commander of the Tatar remnants, did not miss this opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs up.
Although he knew that the attack and pursuit he received in front of the Tatar cavalry might not be successful, Telly still reached the attack order
Thousands of murderous tiger and leopard troops rushed out of the road with muskets like mountain tigers and rushed to stop a few miles away.
Chapter five hundred Huang Taiji vomited blood
In the end, in the face of the tiger and leopard army’s pursuit of victory, the Tatar Lord had to give up the bodies of the dead soldiers and withdraw from the battlefield in a very embarrassing way
When the Tiger and Leopard Army returned to the barracks with surplus grain and thousands of horses and meat captured on the battlefield, it confronted the Tiger and Leopard Army. Huang Taiji just received the news of taking care of the battlefield losses with yellow flags.
A face of heartache Huang Taiji asked after the whole battle, the calm face directly showed a heartfelt angry expression and cursed at the sight of a guilty face. "Don’t you know that greed can sometimes kill people? Can you say that those golden warriors who died in the war were driven to death because of your greed … "
"None of this would have happened if you hadn’t been greedy and directly destroyed the carts with gunpowder hidden in them by rockets, and the warriors of the late Jin Dynasty wouldn’t have died in battle for nothing …"
With more than 3,000 down archers in Huang taiji’s denunciation, it’s like beating a frost and eggplant, kneeling in front of Huang taiji and saying nothing, letting Huang taiji vent his anger on himself.
Maybe Huang taiji scold tired, big tent can’t hear Huang taiji sound after low head tartar Lord will dare to lift his head and then a face of murderous look guarantee way
"Please calm down. I know that I have failed to live up to Khan’s letter. Only death can calm all kinds of rumors in the army, but I beg Khan to give me another chance. I will die even if I die. I will die after the five thousand warriors with yellow flags take revenge on the battlefield …"
"The slave pleaded with Khan to give the slave another chance. With more than 5,000 fighters, the slave must cut off the logistics transportation channel of the Tiger and Leopard Army, prevent a grain from entering the military camp of the Tiger and Leopard Army, and eliminate the grain-carrying trench bit by bit. The Tiger and Leopard Army killed 5,000 warriors with yellow flags for revenge …"
Even if the front doesn’t require this, Huang taiji had this idea in his heart.
The reason is very simple. For Huang Taiji and the whole post-Xu Jin Guo, it is the only way to force the tiger and leopard army out of the post-Xu Jin Guo by sending more troops to cut off the logistics line of the tiger and leopard army.
In the eyes of Huang taiji, the commander of additional troops, this department is still the best candidate for the commander of additional troops, even though he has experienced a failure in front of him.
Speaking of the reason, it is also very simple. After a defeat, the state-owned Ministry in front of it has the experience of cutting off the logistics line of the Tiger and Leopard Army, and he knows how to get the maximum cost with the least casualties. More importantly, it will become more cautious in the next battle and will no longer be deceived.
Facing the Ministry’s request, Huang Taiji agreed without thinking.
Five thousand Tatar fighters once again set off for the logistics transportation line of Tiger and Leopard Army to take advantage.
Less than five miles away from the main force of the Dalai Lama, the military camp of the Tiger and Leopard Army got a new batch of food supplements. The Tiger and Leopard Army directly watched the Dalai Lama and retreated very arrogantly.
The Wei Zheng Institute did this for one purpose, that is, he was arrogant and severely stimulated a self-respecting Tatar. If the Tatar couldn’t stand this kind of stimulation and pursued when the Tiger and Leopard troops retreated, then the speed of pursuit was guaranteed, and the Tatar could give up the army to serve as a human shield for ordinary people.
In this case, the Tiger and Leopard Army can retreat and fight a big battle with the Tatars. Before quitting, they will leave a gift to Huang Taiji that they will never forget.
A generation of fierce Huang taiji deserves to be Huang taiji.
Although more than a dozen departments are clamoring for troops to pursue the retreating butch army with anger, it seems that Huang Taiji, the commander of Wei Zhengmu, has never agreed to watch the butch army evacuate after Xu Jin just like a military parade.