Bald man "…!"

The bald man didn’t come to help, but he was going to drive away a few useless people. This is the hard work of his own party.
"Well, I, Cai Guoren, can’t keep my word. Just give them the bear to eat, and then go find the prey!" Caitianlongkou way
"Yes!" The bald strong can endure way
It took a long time to catch a dozen rabbits and two sika deer again.
A line of people quickly washed and barbecued.
"Gollum!" "Gollum!" ……
They are already hungry, watching the burning rabbits and sika deer swallow their saliva and wait for the food to be cooked.
On the other side, four bear children each held a bear’s paw and kept chewing.
"Poof, poof …!"
Keep spitting bear phalanges and eating comfortably.
The state of gnawing meat and spitting phalanges makes a group of hungry Cai people want to kick the bear children and then grab their own food.
But now I can turn my back on the four bear children and try not to see four useless people.
Finally, the rabbit and sika deer got together, and each of them got a piece of meat, but how can more than 100 people seem to get a small and half full share?
I wolfed down my own meat, but my stomach was still growling.
Still hungry!
They turned away with red eyes only to see that a big bear had a pile of bear bones left at the moment.
Four bear children sit on the ground touching their bellies.
"Hiccup!" Lu Yixia burped.
"Without them, our food would be just right!"
"Eat food!"
"Pig demon!"
A group of Cai Guoren constantly complained in their hearts.
After eating, everyone hurried on again. Jiang Tai and his party sat in a giant crocodile to digest food, while others looked at four bear children from time to time with a bitterness.
It’s delicious!
Stop-and-go people marched for five days.
The four bear children left a deep impression on the Cai people.
Because these four bear children haven’t had enough to eat these five days, almost everyone has lost a few pounds. The only thing that makes them fat is these four bear children. After all, after eating, they eat roots and have no time to practice weight loss.
"Big, big, big brother will, will these four useless, let go, let go?" Cai Tianhu small to Cai Tianlong said
Cai Tianlong "…!"
Glancing at the scenery, Jiang Tai and Cai Tianlong could be silent, and finally shook their heads and said, "Take it back and let the king decide!"
"All right!" A burst of nai.
"How long will it take General Cai to arrive? It’s getting worse these two days, and his face has turned purple!" A Chen stay classes anxious way
"It’s over the front hill!" Cai Tianlong sink a way