Several skynet captains cooperated with these fishmen and were immediately eliminated.

Huang Yan Hangyu didn’t come at all.
"How about it?" Huang Yan asked, "Sun Chaosheng has a little brain problem but his strength is still good!"
Hang Yu nodded slightly. "Not bad!"
What do you mean it’s okay?
Sun Chaosheng’s strength in the first brigade of Skynet ranks in the top five and may not be the fifth.
If it weren’t for his high combat capability and potential, Captain Luo wouldn’t have recruited him to take over the post of captain of the tenth team who died unfortunately not long ago.
Six people haven’t come yet to relax.
All sides break at the same time
One fishbone javelin after another came from different directions.
Sun Chaosheng was the first to be hit by three fishbone javelins and suffered a lot of damage immediately. "No, there are more monsters around here. We seem to be surrounded! !”
Liang Dong retreated to his sister.
The light shield immediately became dim after blocking several javelins.
Ji Wen, the most vulnerable nurse protected by Huang Yan, was also shot by a fishbone javelin.
It seems that there are all sides!
It is preliminarily speculated that there are about five or six fisherman hunters.
It is estimated that there are three or four times as many fish men soldiers!
"Come back!"
"Find a breakthrough direction!"
Sun Chaosheng, Liang Dong and Liang Qiu gathered in succession.
Because it is foggy nearby, they can judge which direction is suitable for breakthrough.
Hang Yu had to do it.
He unhurriedly closed his eyes and launched a reconnaissance skill, Hawkeye.
A bird’s-eye view immediately covers the strong detection ability, directly penetrates the dense fog and gas, so that he can see the nearby situation clearly and mark the position of each group of fishermen.
Seven mermaid hunters
There are about thirty mermaid soldiers.
They take advantage of the situation.
Have the ability to destroy an entire Skynet elite group!
Hang Yu said, "Huang Yan, you go back and I’ll deal with them."
Several skynet captains all showed surprised expressions.
Judging from the current situation, the number of fishermen must be many elite hunters, even no less than five or six.
Can he handle it alone?
Huang Yan cried, "Listen to him! Withdraw! "
Hang Yu directly launched stealth from the team out.
Sun Chaosheng and Ji Wen look stupid. No way. Is this guy really going to kill him alone?
Although there are many fishermen around here, they are scattered. Is it not easy for Hangyu to deal with them at present?
A gunner with a pole wrapped around the light.
Shining disease shadow pike was taken out from the spiritual world by Hangyu.
Although paying more than ten green crystals makes him very sad, this weapon can make it the best way to kill these fishermen for a long time!
Xiao Bai sticks out his head again. "Do you want Xiao Bai’s help?"